Issa Following Obama’s Lead

Crane: Investigate Whistleblower Accusations at ICE Before Immigration ReformYesterday, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council expressed concerns in response to Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-Calif.) forthcoming amnesty bill. ICE agent and union president Chris Crane, implored Issa to look into the Obama administration’s rampant non-enforcement policies before passing new immigration legislation:

“The administration has ramped-up its non-enforcement directives, putting officers and the public in danger…I would urge House lawmakers in the strongest possible terms, including House GOP oversight Chair Darrell Issa, to investigate the whistleblower accusations of ICE officers and other immigration agents prior to the introduction of any legalization bill.” – Chris Crane, president, National ICE Union, Oct. 24, 2013.

The response to the ICE agents’ concerns from Issa’s office was decidedly similar to President Obama’s. Essentially, the Chair of the House Oversight committee has no interest in investigating whistleblower claims from ICE agents, nor does he have any intention of listening to their concerns with an amnesty bill:

“Rep. Issa has been a leader in seeking public input through the Internet on policy proposals and certainly welcomes any such input.” – Frederick Hill, Rep. Issa spokesperson, Oct. 24, 2013.

ICE agents and employees tell the House Oversight Chair that the administration is asking them not to enforce laws passed by Congress and they are more than ignored; they are completely disrespected.

Rep. Issa seems to be taking a page from President Obama. He’s pretending there’s no opposition to amnesty because he refuses to meet with anyone with any actual expertise in immigration enforcement.


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    When I was a teenager the teacher in my freshman high school sex education class taught that there is no such thing as being ‘a little bit pregnant’. Using the same logic….Congressman Daryl Issa’s preposterous partial amnesty plan is not a little bit of an amnesty….it is a full blown amnesty.

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    Issa you are one of the problems in government. You are a complicite criminal because you stand idle and knowingly and intentionaly allow the violations of federal laws. You are obstructing justice by turning a deaf ear to Americas law enforcement officers and causing them to violate and you to violate your oath of office. You will be voted out with other RINOS next ekection. Pack you bags you interloper.

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    Diana Reichardt on

    I have voted for President Obama in both elections and I am pleased with him for the most part but when it comes to the subject of illegal aliens we are at odds. I do not believe in amnesty for these people. In my eyes they have shown disrespect for our country and our laws. I have heard the rumors that Obama has instructed our border control to not deport any illegals they find and if this in fact is true, it needs to STOP. There is so much junk being told by the various factions so I am not sure whats real and whats not. All I can say is NO AMNESTY, enforce our laws and strengthen our borders. If people want to come here to live, do it the right way or stay home.

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    Me. Issa. I have has some respect for you and the way you stand up for what is right. Your view on Amnesty is not supporting the American citizens. Stop playing the partisan game, pleSe, and do what is fight for the Americss and their families so that we can get OUR American dream back which has been stolen by so many. Please.

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    There’s only one thing you need to know about Issa. He’s from California. Which means he has to pander to the Hispanic presence in his state. No matter what the president of the ICE agents union says.

    But then, anyone who does not look at California as a cautionary tale of where this country is headed is burying their head in the sand. If the politicians of California could have their way no one would be deported, no one would have to obey the law, and the border would exist only as a line on a map and nothing more.

    The good thing is that it becomes more and more obvious every year that California falls further into the financial black hole. Eventually they cannot raise taxes any more and they cannot keep cutting services. And then they will have to cry uncle and admit that you can’t import the poor of another country and make them eligible for all sorts of expensive social programs.

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      that’s all they are doing, letting the carteal get a foothold in this country. then we will have killing like mexico does. all because they [ illeagals ] can do no wrong