FAIR Op-Ed: On Immigration, Republicans Should Beware of Democrats Bearing Gifts

In an op-ed published on the Townhall.com opinion site, FAIR discusses why Democratic calls for House Republicans to pass an amnesty bill would neither serve the public interest, or their own political interests.

“The problem for Republicans is that on the issues that Hispanics really do care about, they find the Democrats’ positions far more to their liking. Hispanics tend to be significantly poorer than the population as a whole and, not coincidentally, far more likely to support big government. Seventy-five percent of Hispanics in the U.S. want government to provide more services and benefits, compared with only 19 percent who want smaller government.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    We as a Nation cannot afford 10,000,000 illegal persons in this Country. Our government is out of money. We’ll essentially they have been out of money. That Congress allows a private bank (federal reserve) to continue to creat more money with the click of a mouse is deeply weakening our dollar. We have nothing to back up our dollar. The full faith and credit of the United States was lost years ago. This can be fixed if our politicians would do their jobs. There is no painless way to do this but it can be done. The most important thing that has to be done is there needs to be a comprehensive audit of all branches and offices of government that either receive or spend tax dollars, directly or indirectly. How Washington has allowed these departments unfettered spending is insane. Each department needs a line item by line item audit. You would discover billions of dollars on waste, fraud and corrupt misuse. All departments have taken their original intended mission statements and added responsibilities and privileges that were not approved by Congress. Next find ALL duplicated services and reduce all that overlap in responsibility. In doing that you now how a department head that knows everything regarding that particular issue. The Patriot Act has proven to be the biggest hoax and infringement on the rights of the American people for decades. We have hundreds of ABC agencies that delve into every aspect of private citizens lives. You award grants and funds for useless data research.. ie who care how long a ducks penis is or all of the other ridiculous studies. The government has gotten away from bidding contracts out to now just single sourcing to their buddies. This isn’t how our government was set up to run. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and reading the Federalist papers clearly defines what riles the federal government should play and what should be left to the individual states to control. Do we not have anyone in Washington that has not served and come out filthy rich. Congress and the presidents salary and all benefits are guaranteed to them forever. You people had a trade before entering office your salary should stop when you leave office just like the rest if America! Yes you served your Country but that doesn’t make you special with special privileges over the common man. Your jobs should be an honor to serve and help preserve our great Nation that you all are systematically destroying every day. Quit fighting over all of these new laws mad new appointments. The positions of the appointments probably aren’t needed anyway and enforce our existing laws before making more restrictive nonsense laws

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    I never ever thought I would admit to this, but I am hoping the Republicans will stand up to the Democrats and not even think of promoting Amnesty for illegals under any circumstances!! However lately I am not at all sure the
    Republicans will.
    I would like to see some assurance that they are against amnesty because I am a Democrat but have become so
    disappointed with them over their stance of this amnesty for illegals I have been thinking of switching parties. But
    if the Republicans are taking the same stance that doesn’t leave me much of a choice!
    It looks like our political parties are just two peas in the same pod. Just follow the money trail and we will find both
    parties at the same end of our search. Along with the big rich employers that want cheap labor and the pro amnesty groups that seem to never run out of money. These Politicians these days are not physically or mentally living in our world. So we will have to work very hard along with FAIR, Numbers USA ,and other groups that are on our side
    to shock them back to reality. Hope We Succeed!!

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    There needs to be a strong law when it comes to Democrats promise gifts to the illegals, or to someone that is on a government program because that is known they will vote for them which they have done for 70 years. That is called a conflict of interest. Also called bribery. The Constitution says that is not legal. When are the Republicans going to open there eyes.

    Anyone that is running for Office needs to take a test that they know the Constitution before being ELIGIBLE to run for office. For 5 years our Constitution has been stepped on to long. Everyone raises their hand to abide by the Constitution. I have seen to many trying to destroy the Constitution.

    Anyone on the Government payroll should be unable to vote (CONFLICT OF INTEREST). The voters would have a more even sane election.

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    God have mercy. This will be the final nail in our coffin financially. We simply cannot afford an amnesty. We already have a multitrillion dollar health care plan that we are going to be taxed to death on by way of all their sneaky rules. Even the so called Cadillac ins. the wealthy will have to pay a tax on their ins. All of the multimillion workers that are out of work and working will likely not get full (40hrs) of work so the employers won’t have to cover them with ins. People that do work now are not going to be able to afford hours cut and Ins. premium increases. Illegals will have their insurance covered and take away American jobs. This is a concerted effort to destroy this country and make us all dependent on the government. Please call your representatives and demand no amnesty period! They will say it is not amnesty, but it is. Go to NumbersUSA you can send free faxes and get latest info. Call your Congressman/and Senators Capitol Operator1-202-224-3121 If you don’t know your reps, operator will tell you. They will never secure the border, demand it before anything is considered! It’s getting to be the best place to go will be jail, you get free medical, meals and clothes, you can even go to school.

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    Giving Away Our Country to Invaders Doesn’t Solve Budget Problems for Either Democrats or Republicans

    It makes our economy much worse.

    It only solves their budget problems from foreign/corporate campaign contributers to the “puppet” politicians themselves. They are soooooo greedy.

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    Republicans chasing Latino votes is like a dog chasing it’s tail. Never going to get them because the Democrats will always out promise them. Any “conditions” that amnesty would contain for applicants to meet before legalization will simply become the next demand to be met, as in let’s just ignore those conditions.

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      If the Republicans past amensty I can only come to one of two conclusions. Either they are following their corporate masters in provided slave labor to the American market, or they are so sick that they will let the entire country fall in the hopes of making the democrates look bad.