So-Called Conservative Leaders Flood DC for Amnesty Push

Who is bankrolling the Pro-Amnesty "Conservative" Fly-in?With only four weeks left in the House, amnesty advocates are staging a last-minute Hail Mary legislative push. Billing themselves as “conservative” business, religious, and political leaders, hundreds of pro-amnesty activists are arriving in Washington to begin a week-long lobbying blitz targeting Republicans.

Unfortunately, their claim to conservative credentials wears thin when liberal, pro-amnesty special interests and big business are footing the bill for their travel and lodging:

National Immigration Forum: Perennial amnesty lobbyist. Donors include illegal alien union SEIU, Clinton and pro-amnesty donor George Soros, AILA, Sojourners, Chamber of Commerce, and the Ford Foundation. Setting up pro-amnesty front groups is their M.O. lately – they’ve also organized self-proclaimed Evangelical leaders to create the “Evangelical Immigration Table.”

Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook: Using the tech company funded to push for amnesty in order to piggy back expansion of cheap foreign labor. Also funding faux conservative group “Americans for a Conservative Direction” to run ads providing political cover for pro-amnesty Republicans.

Michael Bloomberg: The New York City Mayor’s Partnership for a New American Economy unites pro-amnesty mayors and businessmen to push message that U.S. won’t have entrepreneurs without foreign workers. Bloomberg’s PAC recently donated $1.1 million to Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign in Virginia.

Big Business & Agriculture: Constant supporters of amnesty and mass immigration for one reason – profits. The American Farm Bureau Federation, Chamber of Commerce, Marriott, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart are all supporting the “conservative fly-in” because they see conservative Republicans on the Hill as their last impediment to amnesty and the continued influx of cheap foreign labor.

So, will the Republicans fall for this charade? Only time will tell but the individuals flying into DC to push them on an immigration bill that will hurt Americans should at least know who they’re in bed with.

Update 10/29/13: The major events surrounding the “conservative” fly-in are taking place today. And, with that, the “Americans for Reform” have released their own graphic highlighting the sponsors  of the lobbying push.

McDonald’s, the National Restaurant Association, and the Western Growers Association were added to the list of sponsors. Unscrupulous employers of illegal labor, purveyors of low wage jobs, and their representatives.

Just last week it was reported that McDonald’s told a full-time employee that rather than getting a raise, she should apply for welfare. What a model company – surely sponsoring this conservative front-group and fly-in for altruistic reasons, not just to help pass amnesty to avoid actually having to comply with laws against employing illegal aliens or avoid paying a living wage to legal workers…


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    What gives with all of the SO-CALLED “AMERICAN” PEOPLE. Do you expect to still have FREE SPEACH,GO TO YOUR CHURCH,HAVE A GOOD ‘PAYING JOB’,and live like you want to? If you do it is time to help WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’ by not believing this LYING PERSON whohas taken up residence in OUR ‘WHITE HOUSE’ and anything that he will try to make or give to you. Get in touch with you State elected people and let them know how you FEEL.


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    And don’t forget these companies want more foreign legal workers to drive down American wages. There are provisions in the Senate amnesty bill to help them.

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    We should all make note of these companies and stop using them all together. I for one will do my best to keep from purchasing any products or services from these companies for the rest of my life!

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    The lastest obscenity from the progressive libaturds in our government!! This is all about getting cheap labor which they are getting already from the illegals in this country because the boaders are WIDE OPEN AND WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR THEM TO INFLUX EVEN MORE IF THIS AMNESTY BILL PASSES… Tell these money grabbing elitists NO on AMNESTY UNTIL THE BORDERS ARE SEALED!! PERIOD!! Don’t be fooled by these corporations folks they DO NOT care one idota for the poor and middle class the only thing they care about is the bottom line and the bottom line = PROFITS which are always going to be higher when the wages are lower!! THINK AND SAY NO TO THIS AMNESTY BILL!!

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    We need to fine and sue these companies/corporations that are blackmailing Americans. HIre the Legal workers or go to jail and pay high fines and penalties. It is that easy!!

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    None of these businesses support amnesty or a massive influx of cheap foreign labor out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s all the bottom line, show me the money. They don’t give one damn about the middle or working classes or minorities.

    You think Bill Marriott supports imported labor because it’s “good for the economy”? It’s good for him,. cheap labor for his hotels. Instead of paying a decent wage where some American moms could be maids and then be home when the kids get off school, he wants minimum wage workers with no benefits.