Reid: “We have a bunch of insane people in the House of Representatives”

For months, true immigration reformers have been warning Republicans in the House of Representatives about the perils of going to a conference committee with the Senate on any immigration bill.  Having fought these battles for years and witnessed what happened in the Senate as it took up amnesty legislation earlier this year, we know the result of any such conference committee will be amnesty for the 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. (plus, by the way, many who were already deported).

Fortunately, it now seems that House Republicans are beginning to take these warnings seriously.  The deal struck by House and Senate leaders to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling came at a high cost for House Republicans, who got nothing on Obamacare and only received the promise of a conference committee on the budget.  Not surprisingly, since the deal was struck, we have seen more members of the House like Congressman Raul Labrador say that going to conference on immigration with the Senate would be “crazy.” (Politico, Oct. 16, 2013)   And just Thursday, Congressman Tom Cole (Deputy Whip of the Republican Conference) told reporters that House Leadership currently has no plans to vote on immigration this year.

However, if there are any House Republicans who are still thinking a conference committee on immigration might be a good idea, a preview is indeed available. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did an extensive interview with the Las Vegas National Public Radio station, KNPR.  In that interview, Senator Reid not only calls conservative House Republicans “insane” and “bullies,” he also makes it abundantly clear that he has no intention of negotiating with Republicans on any of the budget issues they consider most important.

So, if Republicans are thinking about an immigration conference committee with the Senate, they should consider this clip, in which Senate Majority Leader Reid calls Republicans who wanted to defund Obamacare “insane”:

KNPR:  “Was there no other way to break the deadlock earlier?”

Reid: “… It is really hard to try to be rational and logical with people who are illogical and not rational.  Take one thing as an example.  Albert Einstein said the true definition of insanity is someone who does something over and over and over again and expects a different result.  If Einstein is right, then we have a bunch of insane people in the House of Representatives.  And…we found that they voted 45 times, the same vote, always the same result, to defund Obamacare.  That’s what I was dealing with.  With people who are totally driven by Ted Cruz and these other people who are not in the mainstream of the Republican Party or in the mainstream of any party, except the Tea Party. And that isn’t what America needs.”

In the following exchange, Senator Reid says that he was too lenient in past budget negotiations and says he will no longer do business with “bullies.”

KNPR: “This is a very different set of affairs than from 2010, when Democrats made concessions in renewing the Bush tax cuts that year.  There were even a few concessions made in 2012.  Do you wish looking back on it you had said no concessions in those earlier negotiations?”

Reid: “Yes.”

KNPR: “Why? Why so? Why so? Is it just, is it just…”

Reid.  “…. If you give a bully a dollar today, they want a dollar and a half tomorrow.  You cannot do business with bullies.  And, it’s taken a while for all my caucus to come to that understanding.  And I think quite frankly, the President, the wonderful man that he is, doesn’t like confrontation and he likes to work things out with people.

KNPR: “So he, was he too lenient in those earlier negotiations then?”

Reid: “The President feels very good about having stuck to our guns and doing the right thing.”

KNPR: “So the President was too lenient in those earlier conversations?”

Reid: “Listen I was part of the deal too. I was too lenient. Don’t blame it all on him.”

Finally, if House Republicans thought the Senate might be willing to address their most serious concerns as budget talks continue this year, consider this clip:

KNPR:  “Ok Senator, but if I could ask, what would you want Republicans to concede on in order to come to some kind of an agreement, if you were willing to look at Medicare and Social Security?  What do you want from the other side?”

Reid: “You keep talking about Medicare and Social Security.  Get something else in your brain.  Stop talking about that.  That is not going to happen this time.  There is not going to be a grand bargain….  [T]he Republicans are going to have to retake their party or it will never happen. [Republicans] have their minds set on doing nothing, nothing more on revenue [raising taxes]and until they get off that kick there’s not going to be a grand bargain … There’s not going to be a small bargain….”

Call me crazy too, but no one listening to these comments could possibly conclude that the Senate Majority Leader has any intention of negotiating on anything.  Period.  And if this is how Senator Reid approaches the budget negotiations, why would Republicans ever expect him to approach an immigration conference committee any differently?  He won’t.  For Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Senate amnesty bill will be the beginning and end of all negotiations.  So, if House Republicans are foolish enough to go to a conference committee with the Senate amnesty bill, the only thing they should expect to walk away with is the Senate amnesty bill.

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    Mr Reid is not being terribly honest. There were not 45 votes to defund the ACA previously, it was more like 2 votes for the entire package. There were numerous votes to defund or modify certain parts of the ACA, brought forth by both dems and republicans at various points as issues came to light, but to say that the republicans tried 45 times to block funding for the entire program is, I think, factually incorrect.

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    Memo to Senator Harry Reid: Giving amnesty, legal status, and United States citizenship to millions of foreigners who have violated our labor, tax, identity theft, and immigration laws is the true definition of insanity.

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    We as a Nation cannot afford 10,000,000 illegal persons in this Country. Our government is out of money. We’ll essentially they have been out of money. That Congress allows a private bank (federal reserve) to continue to creat more money with the click of a mouse is deeply weakening our dollar. We have nothing to back up our dollar. The full faith and credit of the United States was lost years ago. This can be fixed if our politicians would do their jobs. There is no painless way to do this but it can be done. The most important thing that has to be done is there needs to be a comprehensive audit of all branches and offices of government that either receive or spend tax dollars, directly or indirectly. How Washington has allowed these departments unfettered spending is insane. Each department needs a line item by line item audit. You would discover billions of dollars on waste, fraud and corrupt misuse. All departments have taken their original intended mission statements and added responsibilities and privileges that were not approved by Congress. Next find ALL duplicated services and reduce all that overlap in responsibility. In doing that you now how a department head that knows everything regarding that particular issue. The Patriot Act has proven to be the biggest hoax and infringement on the rights of the American people for decades. We have hundreds of ABC agencies that delve into every aspect of private citizens lives. You award grants and funds for useless data research.. ie who care how long a ducks penis is or all of the other ridiculous studies. The government has gotten away from bidding contracts out to now just single sourcing to their buddies. This isn’t how our government was set up to run. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and reading the Federalist papers clearly defines what riles the federal government should play and what should be left to the individual states to control. Do we not have anyone in Washington that has not served and come out filthy rich. Congress and the presidents salary and all benefits are guaranteed to them forever. You people had a trade before entering office your salary should stop when you leave office just like the rest if America! Yes you served your Country but that doesn’t make you special with special privileges over the common man. Your jobs should be an honor to serve and help preserve our great Nation that you all are systematically destroying every day. Quit fighting over all of these new laws mad new appointments. The positions of the appointments probably aren’t needed anyway and enforce our existing laws before making more restrictive nonsense laws

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    As I read this story, Harry Reid refuses to negatiate with the Republicans unless they are willing to accept his bills WITHOUT any modifications?
    You give me exactly what I want and then after everything is finalized and put in concrete we will discuss your desires. Where is the sanity in accepting that line of reasoning?

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      What makes me sick to my stomach is that ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS are breaking the law. Why are “We the People” supposed to give them a pass when it costs the tax payers of America, citizens, $500 Billion to $1 Trillion a year to support these illegal aliens. Wow! While our Veterans and American homeless and disabled are pushed aside to spend money on education, feed stamps, car allowance, HUD housing, health care and medical care for FREE, and bought and paid for by the American tax payer. Reid and those that support and agree with Amnesty should be tired for treason and sedition against the American people for allowing this invading force to live here off the backs of the American tax payer NOT our federal government.

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    Reid. “…. If you give a bully a dollar today, they want a dollar and a half tomorrow. You cannot do business with bullies. Hmm, I could say the same thing about him, Obama, and most Dems.

    This is just political football at its finest.

    The exact reason the GOP should not introduce a bill because then it would force a conference with the Dems. And, as Reid has said, “We’ll get our own bill anyway.”

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    Thank God! Let us hope that Reid’s conduct and words on radio interview will ‘seal the proverbial fate’ and convince House Republicans against the issue of conference on Amnesty! Hey, whatever it takes, I say, especially at this boiling point. All I can say is Mexicans in California are getting good and mad, and with advocates prodding at them to go out there and demonstrate in the streets, cause civil disobedience–they do as they are told. Very Pavlovian, this bunch. And with 3mill ‘uninvited guests’ it grows more and more intense, it is almost palpable. We have the most to lose and yet, the rest of the country just sits back and watches! That is what it seems like, at least. This state is going down the toilet fast! Just about everyone in State Legislature is pro-illegal, even the Mayor of Los Angeles and Governor of California! Bring back that action—Shwartzie! S.O.S.—-save our state! FAIR

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    Are we or are we not a Nation of Laws? The debate gets lost in this amnesty debacle with cheap labor and profits. The real debate is those that have come to this country ILLEGALLY and have not gone through the established process of LEGAL immigration. I think that we can all appreciate one’s desire to improve their conditions in their lives and the ability to provide for themselves and their families but this should be accomplished through established legal means. This entire problem has been created by the Federal Government with their refusal to enforce the law for the sole purpose of political gain at the expense of the American workers and now funded by big business in order to obtain cheap labor. We have forgotten our birthright as Americans! My how far we have fallen.

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    The President has ONLY 3 duties of the office of the Presidency.
    1. Foreign Policy
    2. Commander of Arm Forces
    3. Sign in Laws

    Any thing else or stepping on the toes of States are out of bounds. He is Federal only one part of the Legislation which he does not have the right to rule over the other 2 legislation. He also can not deceive the public and get away with it,
    or change law. That is an impeachable act.

    If this country does not open their eyes there will not be a Constitution, and then you will not be able to vote for anything ever again!!!

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      What about our Rule of Law, Bill of Rights and Constitution? Should we just eliminate our laws too?

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    You mean Harry Reid, the same Senator who twenty years ago supported ending birthright citizenship for those born to illegals? And now that, shall we say, the demographics in Nevada have “changed”, good old Harry has seen the error of his ways and recanted that. Another sellout who would walk over his grandmother to get a vote.

    And he and Senator Chuck Schumer are always so concerned that not enough Indian tech workers are admitted to this country. So much so that he and Schumer have had meetings with the executives of Indian tech companies to address their “concerns”. Not the concerns of American tech workers, mind you, but how many more Indian tech workers can we import. And not so coincidentally, the big American tech companies, who want all the imported cheap no-benefits labor they can get, contribute to both of them in substantial amounts.

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        SWE your webpage posts are not considered journalism….are personal opinions completely off the bowl……………….the issue here is globalization………..and yes you have Germany, etc, etc opening manufacturing sites for cars………..but make no mistake the outsourcing of the jobs were done BY US……not the illegals…the illegals have been generating wealth for us before you and I came to this world…………………………..

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          Tom, If Supporting American Citizens First Before Your Blessed Illegals

          Isn’t considerred journalism, perhaps you need to move to the illegals’ homeland(s) and get out of America. Your other allegation that illegals built America before I was born is also false. Legal Americans, not illegals, built America.

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          One simply HAS to reply to the mindset and words of Tom Jones. You and the rest of the libbots are all onto the game of complaining that anyone who advocates against your positions IS NOT A JOURNALIST and therefore not worthy of consideration or of protection of first amendment rights.

          Bite me.

          SWE has much more truth than do you. You cannot seem to see that EVERY SINGLE ADDITIONAL IMMIGRANT at this point, legal or illegal, is another nail in the coffin of the financial futures of American Citizens. That you are MORE CONCERNED about the welfare of those who live in pesthole nations than you are in maintaining a nation HERE that has a future and that can afford opportunity to ITS OWN. If we tank our economy trying to intake all the huddled masses, we will become nothing more than a huddled mass ourselves.

          And we will pave the way for the dictatorial aspirations of certain politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle and the demise of freedom here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Harry Reid has turned his back on all that is good and light, and has become evil continually.

          Republicans should simply wave this page in front of the camera any time the “journOlists” ask why they aren’t willing to negotiate. Takes TWO to tango.

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            Painesghost………….every single immigrant that has come to this place has given you the American Dream if you had the inspiration. aggressiveness and talent to accomplish….it appears you have failed….just like SWE……simply put.

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            I can assure you Immigration Reform will happen…………..once you become old you will still be in denial…yet the life you have is also partially thanks to the illegals,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,go and bite yourself…Bubba!!