Illegal Alien Protesters Put Demands On Citizens’ Taxpayer-Funded Resources

Amnesty advocates attempt to paint a sympathetic portrait of illegal aliens living in the “shadow” of the law.  However, far from the sidelines, those who have broken our nation’s laws are making aggressive demands for the rights granted under those laws.   Increasingly, these demands are being voiced through disruptive measures which show a disdain for the rule of law and lack of respect for the citizens who uphold them.

One of the ways illegal aliens have been disruptive has been by demanding the time of elected legislators at their offices and other events meant for constituents.  Recently, 44 illegal aliens arrived at House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) door, demanding to meet with the GOP leader without an appointment. The group was singing so loudly in the hallway that U.S. Capitol Police reportedly told them to keep it down and to stand along the side of the hallway.  Protesters even arranged a sit-in in long-time amnesty proponent Congressman Luis Gutierrez’s (D-Ill.) office, demanding that about 30 illegal aliens be released from immigration detention centers after they staged a protest walking across the U.S.-Mexico border without immigration documentation.  A similar sit-in was held at Rep. Henry Cuellar’s office (D-Texas) weeks earlier.  Illegal aliens also disrupted a town hall meeting with constituents that Rep. Pete Olson (R-Ohio) held.

Illegal aliens have also been arranging long drawn-out protests which put a strain on law enforcement resources.  In early October, unpaid Capitol Hill police officers were left to clean up the litter after a multiple hour demonstration on the National Mall.  In Arizona a few weeks later, illegal aliens protested immigration enforcement by placing their bodies in front of a bus carrying 70 detainees to immigration court.  Other protesters chained themselves to an entrance gate to the courthouse.

These protests by non-citizens strained taxpayer-funded resources and hampered the police’s ability to protect citizens in emergency situations.  Tucson Police Public Information Officer, Sgt. Chris Widmer, said, “we’re able to make sure we are ready to protect the citizens but something has to give.”  At the same time as the bus and courthouse protests, a local elementary school went in to lockdown. Although 10 officers were reassigned to deal with that emergency, there are limited law enforcement resources to allocate.

Illegal aliens already disobeyed the law.  Now, they are showing no respect for the rule of law, our elected representatives, and our law enforcement.  They want the rights of citizens, but at a heavy cost to everyone else.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    They are criminals, they are enemies of America. The bus should have run them over. I have worked with these rabid animals, that’s right, side by side harvesting and in potato processing plants. They invade our country, our communities, our culture. I know the truth of these animals , all I can say is arm yourselves, keep your young daughters in eyesight. I know what they represent, I know the danger. Innocents die or suffer daily at their hands , now, their violence and atrocities are on the upswing , as I knew would happen. They are criminals, plain and simple, willing to break our laws from the outset, running from their own gov who would hold them accountable. There are foreigners here who worked for years to get here legally, ask yourselves, what sets these new Americans apart from those who invade our nation? Think on it.

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    “As a moral matter … our nation cannot continue to receive the benefits of the work and contributions of undocumented immigrants without extending to them the protection of the law,” Dolan wrote. “Keeping these human beings as a permanent underclass of workers who are unable to assert their rights or enjoy the fruits of their labor is a stain on the soul of the nation.”

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    Our STUPID so called leaders in DC keep telling us that this amnesty will bring them out of the shadows.

    Shadows? What Shadows? Almost every month or two the illegal aliens hold a huge protest in some city and every year on or around May day they march by the millions on our streets demanding amnesty. The only shadows that they are in, is the shadow of the illegal aliens marching beside, in front of or behind them. All caused by the Sun, not by anything else. In too many cities, the local government joins in and march in the protests.

    NO AMNESTY! NO CITIZENSHIP for illegal aliens!!!!!!

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    There just isn’t no real understanding about why would our own politicians in congress want to just sell their own Americans out, like they just do not really exist! and why do they want to push for another country’s poor to become the majority of America! This by it self shows that it is because of selfishness and greed! These very same politicians have strong mind that giving amnesty or legalization to 11-30 million illegal aliens will really help our American economy! That it self is a bunch of bull, all it will do in reality is corrupt America in a terrible way. Because there are just to many illegal aliens roaming America, there will be just to much mistakes, a lot of sneaky underhanded going on, if amnesty or legalization is given to millions of illegal aliens who have invaded
    America, let’s face it millions of them are going to lie about them selves and their families, They learn to lie their way into America, lie to survive in America, their lies will just be on going with them, so many of them will get push through the systems regardless of who they really are, criminals or none criminals! and if they have any children, for sure they will get rewarded!!! It will be just like the 1986 illegal immigration disaster!

    Our own politicians have no real respect for their own Americans at all, if they did there would not be any illegal aliens in our American jobs, while there are millions of Americans left jobless! These very same politicians decided to block all laws so illegal aliens could just roam America freely, get jobs without real background checks, while at the same time Americans are push to go through the whole nine yards, to get jobs in their own country, Americans are strongly required to have back ground checks! There are millions of illegal aliens in our jobs, and their employers do not who they really are, they do not know rather they have criminal records are not, if any American were to have some kind of discrepancy on their background check some misdemeanor or felonies, employers will not get hire them,. Millions of Americans has been replace by millions of illegal aliens, and our lawmakers do not care any more! I guess Americans need to start protesting and marching our own streets of America, to stop this illegal immigration insanity in our country America, to stop this stupid amnesty or legalization, in reality no illegal aliens have rights in America, Americans must take America back before it is to late, America needs strong immigration enforcements, stronger deportations, a strong law that would stop illegal aliens from using our American birthrights, just for the sake of making their children born in America instant American citizens for their own purpose!; must stop illegal aliens from riding on the back of their children, their children here in America also help them pave their way into America, They use their children to get their way in America because they know that our American politicians are strongly lenient when it comes to children!!! They are to lenient, they are so easily to let their compassion get in the way of our Americans laws, this is why America is in the predicament with millions of illegal aliens taken over America and running America the way they do! Americans are strongly punch to endure this terrible mess! so force to be in competition with illegal aliens who are not suppose to be in America, and will continue to be in competition with them with the president Amnesty or legalization he wants to give illegal aliens, he doesn’t care that America will change in to Mexico!! So this would be nothing but just giving America to Mexico!

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    We all better start looking at both parties when it come to immigration because they are dancing to the drum of Big business and the Tech companies and the Church leaders who most do not agree with them on this issue. They have a vested interest to make sure this amnesty goes through because it lowers wages and benefits and allows flooding of the labor markets to increase competition for jobs. That along with increasing worker visa over the 1 million a year they are taking in now will raise unemployment and put poverty at all time highs.

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    Really, I am sure every one who has responded (except perhaps for Rahat) will be happy to donate an extra hundred dollars or two to help support these undocumented who need our assistance. Also I do not understand why this is in English as most illegals refuse to use it. To paraphrase our illustrious First Lady. “For the first time I my life I am ashamed to be called an American”.

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    If I’ve said it once – I’ve said this a million times –

    Remember this – when a politician says there needs to be “reform” on anything (!!) –
    this means they need more money & power. Period.

    Example #1 – Immigration reform
    Example #2 – 0bamacare
    Example #3 – Foreign policy
    Example #4 – Public education
    Example #5 – Voter ID laws
    Example #6 – Michelle 0bama’s nutritional rules & regulations
    Example #7 – Career politicians
    Example #8 – Executive orders made without senate or congress
    Example #9 – Muslims/Muslim Brotherhood in the WhiteHouse/congress/senate/whitehouse staff/

    There’s more – but you get what I’m saying.
    It’s getting pretty lawless around here.

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    These illegal aliens are NOT undocumented workers. They are criminals,having broken U.S. laws. Why the holy hell do we pay attention to their demands? The ones who protest the way the illegals did in this story should all be arrested and deported immediately.Who are they to demand a damn thing? U.S. citizens should demand from our lawmakers ALL these illegals in this country be deported. Too expensive you say? How many billions of American taxes are spent on these people a year on such things as healthcare,housing,unemployment or whatever. It would in all probability cheaper to get rid of them than try to support them. Send them to such places as Iran,Iraq,North Korea,etc and see how many would be welcomed like they are here in the sucker U.S.

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    American1forall on

    Good article. It makes a great argument for enforcing our immigation laws and deporting these iillegals. Why not hire a sanitation truck to clean up the trash – i.e. bottles, backpacks, food wrappers, illegals – truck it all to the border and dump it on the Mexican side. If the trash comes from another country, dump it on the Mexican side and let them deal with it.

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    Let’s not forget the billions of dollars that undocumented workers pay into Social Security. This money is in a “suspense file ” because it can’t be matched to anyone, some have said it’s propping up Social Security. When and if they become citizens they will not be able to touch this money which is fine with the undocumented population. To them it’s the “price of doing business.

    If you still think they don’t pay taxes think about the following:
    Millions work for major corporations such as the “fast food ” industry. They have taxes taken out of their checks just like everyone else.
    In fact the US. Government gives them an ITIN number which can only be used for paying Federal and State taxes.
    In other words we want their contribution to tax revenue, but make giving them legal status almost impossible.
    Be reasonable …. We need them in our country !

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    no matter the reason those foreigners came illegally to the USA by sneaking into our country. This is supposed to be a “country of laws” and those coming or staying here illegally are disobeying the law and should be removed and returned to their country. And anyone aiding those illegals should also be prosecuted for their acts. What possible reason is there that the legal and working Americans should be supporting these people from other countries, and there are in place laws for emigrants to apply and legally immigrate. Furthermore any elected or appointed official in our government that refuses to enforce our laws must be held accountable.

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    Folks, you must call your representatives and demand that E-Verify be made mandatory immediately. This removes the incentive to come here and those that are here will have no choice but to leave.

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    ********! I served in the United States Military for 30 years for the right of American Citizens. I pay taxes for American programs for American Citizens not for illegals. There is no place in these United States for illegals to resides and us the taxpayers resources. We, the taxpayers did not nor will approve illegals using our funds.

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      After hundreds of thousands of American citizens bled and died to create this country and to protect our lifestyle, these people, who have NO history here, feel they can DEMAND anything? It’s outrageous.

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      Many of my family members have served also. What gets me is that there are about 12 million illegals living here that are not required to serve in the military and/or sign-up with selective service, but our young adults have to sign up. Not only are we feeding them, housing them, giving them healthcare, they are being protected by our military and THEY do not have to make any sacrifice. It is ******** Richard!

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      Richard, I agree with you. The illegal aliens don’t have any high Moral to ” CLAIM” RIGHTS, in our Country. First, they didn’t have any respect to OBEY the American law. They abuse Economically the American System, They lie all the time to get a job, when they fill out the papers for a JOB. They don’t Speak English, some relatives always is their helper. They always say they are cousins and relatives. ( MEXICANS). Don’t hire Mexicans for your yard, etc,etc.


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      It is high time we start throwing employers who hire these criminals in jail. We also need to cut every bit of taxpayer benefits illegals get and if you are illegal, so is your kid (we need to change the baby anchor law). What scares me is that the more time that goes on when we are not holding employers accountable and cracking down on illegals at the borders the more of them that come in. Eventually either amnesty will be forced on the American people or there will be a civil war, these illegals think we owe them anything they want and as this article shows, they are already becoming disruptive.

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      Yes, I absolutely agree with you.The poeple who come here illegally actually make a mockery of United States immigration laws.They show disrespect for those who are waiting paitiently in the line for their visa number.They deserve no sympathy .They should be deported.

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    They don”t want citizenship, they want handouts. Why don’t they arrest them and deport them. Their already breaking the law.

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    If legal citizen pulled these stunts they would be arrested. Why tolerate this behavior from illegals????
    Throw the bastards OUT of our country before we no longer have a country to call ours.!!!

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      Juanita Gervais on


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    I suppose law authorities are too afraid of illegals and their supporters to arrest these protestors. When did our leaders decide that they no longer cared enough for this country to stand up against its enemies? And these people are definitely the enemy. Why don’t we call “Immigration Reform” what it really is…”Immigration Surrender!”

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      Illegals break our laws,criminals who murder our citizens and still they are given aid and support when they come here and when they have sanctioned protest and stopped the bus and chained themselves to the gate,and they stage a sit in.Why do they not get arrested.I recently read where Mexico has been arresting other Illegals who enter their country illegally but when the Mexican government encourages their citizens to break into our country they are told they will be given aid to remain here.Ice no longer does their job,because Obama needs their numbers to destroy our economy and drive down our hourly wages of citizens.It is projected that amnesty will cost Americans 6.3 TRILLION dollars and it could go higher.We cannot afford to give amnesty! The last time we gave them amnesty they(Democrats) promised to seal our borders with a fence Congress passed.Still no fence,fewer and fewer deportations and Obama has been releasing Illegals back into our country,most of them with criminal records.Now Obama has been allowing Illegals to just walk across the border claiming that they are in danger of their lives from drug cartels that Obama and Eric Holder has armed through Fast and Furious a gun running scheme that has killed hundreds of Mexicans and Americans alike and are still murdering citizens and law Mexican enforcement,and are given hotels to stay in until they have a hearing to decide if they are granted asylum!

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      Immigration is very sensitive and repairable issue. since 23-25 yrs Republican rich leaders are playing dirty game with innocent famalies,Children and elderly people.Every body in America is Immigrant .This country belong with Immigrants.All prosperity and development is due to hardworkers of immigrant community. Those oppose Immigrant reforms they were basically immigrants. They are selfish and greedy to avail all facilities themself. Obama belong with poor and needy section of society.He feels that to seperate famalies and not to give rights is great injustice. It is against Human rights. Those leaders against Immigration Reforms,they are enemy of America economy,progress.

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        Yes, we are a country of immigrants — LEGAL immigrants. Those who break our laws to be here, to work here and remain here don’t belong here.

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        rahat khan – yes, most of us have either ancestors or were ourselves born in another country. we applied at the appropriete authority to come here LEGALLY, waited for permission, came and swore to uphold the laws of this country.
        we had to provide for ourselves, were prevented from asking for assistance and if we could not had to leave after five years of living here – and with no conviction of a crime or disrespect for the laws, applied for citizenship – one of the proudest days of my life!
        none of us ever asked for hand outs, assistance for children not born here nd nobody would have dreamt to have a child for the purpose of being accepted here. my daughter was born in another country than the USA – that did not give us as parents any right.

        the Republicans will fight for the laws of this country – and all of us appreciate that. obama hates America and he will do anything to destroy it. he does not help you either.

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    Let them continue. They just make themselves look bad in the public eye. Sooner or later there will be a crackdown because they think they can get away with anything.

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      Its Like Obamacare

      Once the real costs of cancelled present insurance plans are realized or, in this case, the bad PR the IA demonstrators cause; open border politically correct IAs will become horrifying to the CURRENT amnesty supporters too. When the harsh reality truth is exposed.

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        You meant MITT ROMNEY CARE all smells REPUBLICAN………………..yet everybody blames Obama… if in 50 years we are best off……then you guys will be on the wrong side of history….like the Civil Right opponontes whom many now have a sit in COngress……………