White House Meets with McDonald’s, Marriott, Not ICE officers

White House Advisors on ImmigrationThe Obama administration continues to court support for amnesty and mass immigration from big business execs. Yesterday, the White House hosted the CEOs of Marriott, McDonald’s, and State Farm – the first two are already solidly in the pro-amnesty camp, having sponsored the “conservative” fly-in last week.

Despite numerous letters to the administration and recently House Oversight Chair Darrell Issa, ICE officers’ concerns and whistleblower complaints are being ignored during the amnesty push.

The National ICE Council is now taking its complaints to the people who seem to be making our immigration policy – CEOs and amnesty lobbyists. In a letter to CEOs, big business campaign donors, and groups like La Raza, union president Chris Crane writes:

“Only influential and affluent groups and wealthy individuals like you were given an opportunity to provide real input on our nation’s new immigration laws…”

“While this legislation may satisfy your personal financial or political objectives, it undermines immigration enforcement and worsens the immigration problems currently experienced in the United States…”

“As you fight for special protections and legalization for violent criminal offenders and gang members illegally in the United States, certainly you must realize that in doing so you sacrifice the safety of every man, woman and child residing in the United States…”

In closing Mr. Crane requests to meet with the CEOs and lobbyists who believe they know more about immigration enforcement and what’s best for the country than the ICE officers who deal will illegal immigration every day.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for their response.

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    If Congress passes this amnesty bill you can kiss the USA goodbye. It’s just a step in Barry’s plan to take over as dictator, and he has (so far) had absolute support of Congress on all of his usurpation on office.

    Does the members Congress feel it will kill them in office if the pass it? If they feel they will not have to run for re-election after Barry takes over as dictator, they will pass it. They love that power.

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    Just because all these business and illegal aliens advocates want amnesty or legalization for millions of illegal aliens does not make it right, they all are so foolish and simple minded, they refuse to see all the nasty corruption this amnesty poison will bring to America, They have completely lost respect for their own Americans, what American citizens would do this?? They might as well be in Mexico helping this millions of country poor! They tend to just want to much in America for millions of lawbreakers, because of millions of illegal aliens in America, and all our American broken laws, our American laws are double standard! Illegal aliens are allow to do so many things in America, while Americans can not! We in America have no more supreme courts judges on American side any more, actually Americans hardly have any laws on their side at all. they all tend to kiss illegal aliens butts, Americans welfare has been forgotten about, as a matter of fact to these very same people Americans no longer exist! so let’s give America to Mexico is these very same people attitude!

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    I live in mexico s most northen state California .Here Mexicans run the state. Americans take it up the ***. the government federal and state want these for cheap slave labor period.

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    Of course CEO”s of big business want the illegals here,the illegals work for much less than american workers.
    The illegals get the benefits while americans get the shaft. Seems like big business runs the government.

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      Yep, you bet the illegals get special treatment, this is because illegals put American’s out of work, and drive wages down for Americans. These CEO jerks want slave labor, and if the democraties (and sadly some republicans) have their say they will get it. At that point the country will fall into third world status and we will be in great need of a revelution similiar to the one they had in France a couple of centurys ago.

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    Obama is just picking up where GWB left off. Nothing like giving amnesty to a permanent welfare class.
    It’s sickening….I give this country 20 years before brown people are the majority.

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    No Amnesty! If they pass the “STUPID AMNESTY”, then I feel it is Discriminating aguinst the people of United State. Why do they want them out of jail in the first place??? If it is to make them citizens, so they can pay TAXES,,I got a fix for them, if they live here, work here then tax them, and they don’t get no Walfare! I work with alot of Mexicans and ect and they don’t pay taxes and gets help from the government on housing and walfare, and they make more or the same as me, but they don’t pay taxes and no health insurance, cause they get that from the government. Tax them with their Green Cards!!!! Or send them all home…I’m so tired of the government thinks they have to kiss all Illegal Immigrants! I’m crying Discrimination! ” STOP THE AMNESTY!”

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      They even defraud the IRS with filing tax returns with 15 or more tax returns with the same address and filing with many dependents that are not here and have never been in this country to get the deduction of the children tax credits

      Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) this afternoon. Illegal immigrants “will have to pay back taxes and pay for their citizenship.Which the bill only requires they pay their recent taxes and a small fine to buy citizenship in our country, –

      About half of all illegal immigrants pay some form of federal taxes. $2.6 trillion
      An estimate of costs that could result from putting roughly 10 million adult illegal immigrants on a guaranteed pathway to citizenship, made in 2007 by the Heritage Foundation. – See more at: http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2013/01/28/21-Surprising-Facts-About-Illegal-Immigration#sthash.Ii3qhAnK.dpuf

      and that’s just the begining

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    I am so sad, what happen to retirement, it is gone. America pays for people to have babies and illegal people!! My mother knows a illegal that lives in Mexico that has a daughter that lives here, he comes across the border and gets free health care, really!!! Who needs health care reform, they already get it for free!!!!!

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      It’s true, I am 71 years old and have worked and paid my taxes all of my life, but illegals have more rights and get more health benefits than my wife and myself. It is not right, these people should be sent back to their country of origin and file to come to our country legally and wait for a spot, then come in and work for what they get.

      My wife and I live on a very small payment from Social Security , we worked all of our lives to earn. Now the illegals are coming into our country and getting free medical that we can’t get, and we worked and earned the right to have. It is not right. All of you people go home and earn the right to live in our country.

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    We ” the commoner” have to get busy making our Congressman and Senator’s know exactly how we feel. We may have to resort to boycotting these companies that are i favor to amnesty. Another thing how is it that Obama is our represenitive and he is carrying the torch for the illegals. Is’t he supposed to be for the American people.. We have got to get loud , very loud in letting Washington know that amnesty is not an
    option. We don’t neede to have more competition for jobs that are scarce. We don’t need anymore people living off food stamps and we don’t need anymore welfare. If there aren’t enough jobs avaliable then why in the world does Obama want to add more people to the already crowded job market.

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    I honestly don’t understand why they want to reward illegals. These CEO as well as Washington needs to be the ones to guard the borders. It won’t take them long to cry uncle and run with they’re tail between their legs. If they do this,, it will come back to haunt them. Illegals are breaking the law & the laws on the books are being ignored. WHY???? Isn’t there anyone in Washington that isn’t afraid to stand up & say enough is enough & enforce the laws?

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    You think Bill Marriott really cares about anything but cheap workers with no benefits for his hotels. Can anyone be that naive.

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    We’ve Become a Nation of Low Wage Servitude

    Where McDonalds and Hotel Maids have replaced American manufacturing. American engineers for what’s left of “assembled in America” [with lower waged non-union blue collar pay] have already been outsourced out of the country.

    Sad, very sad.