Veterans Struggle While President Focuses on Illegal Aliens

750,000 Veterans Are Unemployed. We need jobs not amnesty.

Post-9/11 veterans face a 10.2 percent unemployment rate – three percentage points higher than the national average – despite a corporate and government push to get vets into the workplace.

One food bank manager claims 40 percent of New York City veterans, 95,000 vets, require some form of food assistance.

This is food for thought considering 8.5 million illegal aliens are currently unlawfully employed in the U.S., and corporations from McDonald’s to Microsoft are lobbying for amnesty and an increase in legal immigration.

Today, the president honors veterans by laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. Tomorrow, he and Congress must honor their sacrifice by making veterans and other struggling Americans a priority.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    It is beyond comprehension that our government ignores the problem with illegals being hired on
    jobs in our own country when so many Americans especially VETERANS are unemployed!! This is
    a crime against our citizens, and it needs to stop!!! Just follow the money trail from all the big corporations
    to our politicians. We will all just have to stand together against them!!

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    That Unemployment Rate for Veterans Goes Way Over 20%

    When you track it just for Millenials or a lion’s share of the new honorably discharged veterans from the Mideast wars.

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    Like everyone else, veterans are paying the price for our wide open immigration policies in jobs.