Obama Says Don’t Let Health Care Problems Distract from Amnesty

Obama Says Don’t Let Health Care Problems Distract from Amnesty

“President Barack Obama gave immigration reform advocates a simple message Wednesday: Don’t let Obamacare get you down. In an Oval Office meeting with eight Christian faith leaders, the president said he remains engaged on immigration legislation and hopes the reform effort can get a fair hearing despite his other political problems, several faith leaders told POLITICO,” Politico reports.

“Obama’s exhortation came during a meeting just hours before his administration released the first batch of Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers – a figure the White House had for weeks telegraphed as far lower than expected.”

Biden Pushes Amnesty This Week

“Vice President Joe Biden will head to Atlanta this week to promote the need for an immigration overhaul during a naturalization ceremony for new U.S. citizens. Biden will speak at a naturalization event Thursday at The King Center in Atlanta, the White House said. About 8,000 new U.S. citizens will be naturalized during 120 ceremonies at the beginning of November,” Fox News Latino writes.

High Tech Lobby Backing Amnesty is a Sign of Principle?

“In a remarkable political evolution, the heavyweights of Silicon Valley and the rest of the industry put principle before profits. Rather than push for their narrow self interest and back solely changes to high-tech visas and green cards, the tech industry tied itself to the push for comprehensive immigration reform. Entrepreneurs and tech executives connected the absurdities they experience in recruiting and retaining talented foreigners to the struggles of the Honduran janitor and Guatemalan nanny who haven’t seen their families for years,” says Michelle Quinn at the Mercury News.

More Illegal Aliens Involved in Border Stunt Deported

“Another three activists belonging to the Dream 30 group were deported over the weekend, La Opinión reported Monday. With the return of Edgar Torres, Karen Hernandez and César Ortiz to Mexico, the total number Dream 30 activists deported comes to five, with another four remaining in detention in El Paso. The rest have been allowed to remain the United States provisionally, either a broad form of discretionary parole or to pursue asylum cases,” the Huffington Post writes.

Bankers Lobby Endorses Amnesty

“The banking industry’s top lobbyist urged GOP lawmakers to support the bipartisan Senate immigration reform legislation as essential for business and the ‘most Republican of causes,'” the LA Times writes.

“Frank Keating, a Republican and former Oklahoma governor, said Monday in a Los Angeles Times op-ed piece that ‘it’s time to open the doors to immigrants to boost the economy.'”

Illegal Alien Lobby Sets Up Protest Tent on National Mall

“Prayer and fasting might be the push needed to get Congress to agree on something.
Beginning Tuesday, a group of faith, immigrant rights and labor leaders holed up in a community tent set up on the National Mall. Just blocks from the Capitol, they’re fasting and praying for Congress to pass [amnesty],” WTOP reported.


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      I read it and it is not a big deal…..if you can not read it and you belong to COngress then it is time you leave this land…………..Boehner is a loser & a drank without any American in him…………….

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    If you read the comments to Frank Keating’s article in the LA Times [most of which completely disagree with him], they point out the facts that prove him wrong, including him saying “you cannot have open borders for trade but not people”. The PROBLEM is that almost every one of the “free trade” agreements we have signed, in spite of all the promises, has brought us trade DEFICITS and lost jobs to those countries. Why would this “open borders” for individuals be good for American workers?

    Keating also claims that immigrants don’t come here for entitlements. Whether they do or don’t is irrelevant at this point. What we know for a FACT is that when they come here and have US born children, those children become eligible for welfare at very high rates. You cannot have a modern welfare state and then insist that allowing in millions of undereducated low wage people is a workable formula.

    And the healthcare mess is proof there will be no reasonable effort made on who is and who is not eligible for amnesty. Virtually everything will be rubberstamped. But apparently with a lot of administration supporters it’s not just fool me once, it’s go ahead and fool me as many times as you want.