Obama Administration’s Latest Policy Memo is Illegal

Friday afternoon, the Obama administration dealt another blow to the rule of law. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a new “policy memo” directing federal authorities not to enforce our immigration laws against a broad category of illegal aliens.

This time, the illegal alien relatives of active and veteran military servicemen and reservists will be allowed to remain in the country without the threat of removal.

Unlike the deferred action policy for young illegal aliens implemented in summer 2012, this memo allows not only a temporary reprieve from deportation but a status called “parole in place.” This designation will prevent an entire class of illegal aliens from being deported and allow them to apply for permanent residence and citizenship without having to leave the country – as is required by law.

What the president has done is categorically illegal. President Obama is not just ignoring immigration laws passed by Congress. He is outright violating the express instructions of elected officials and undermining the very government our military fights tirelessly to preserve.

In a statement, president of FAIR Dan Stein said:

“If the president wanted to exempt relatives of military personnel from deportation, he should have put a bill before Congress. Instead, he has once again chosen to bypass Congress and exercise broad powers not granted to him under the Constitution.”

President Obama’s political appointees at DHS have repeatedly issued directions to flout the law to benefit illegal aliens. When will the president respect our immigration laws? When will they be properly enforced? How can the House conceivably hand a massive amnesty to this president without any assurances that new laws will be enforced?

Dan Stein concludes:

“The Obama administration’s latest unilateral decision to change immigration policy demands that Congress act to rein in the abuse of discretionary authority by the Executive Branch, and hold the president accountable to enforce all of our immigration laws.”

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    Since the 2010 election, Obama has been slowly expanding the categories of illegal aliens who are protected, one group at a time. This is rule by decree, a kind of tyranny not allowed by our Constitution. He is playing chicken with Congress and the American people. Our elected representatives have a responsibility to pursue impeachment proceedings against any president who assumes dictatorial powers as Obama has done. We have a responsibility to demand that they take that action.

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    My understanding was that you have to be a legal resident to be in the armed forces. You can’t be an illegal alien and serve. Is that not true? Is it just not enforced? What is the truth, anyone?

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    They are not voicing there opinions against the families of the Armed Forces, Ready Reserves ore any one
    else that is seeking Citizenship, going through the proper steps the right and legal way. It is those that
    have come here illegally not going through the proper channels or procedures and not waiting their turn are
    the ones they and I are voicing our opinions against .

    It’s funny in a bad way that our house of representatives and the Country are ready to impeach a President
    that has done wrong against GOD, our Country and the First Lady by having an affair with another woman.
    Yet does nothing about a President that repeatedly breaks the law, makes his own law, then demands
    us to obey his new law his new ruling over the old law. Sounds like a dictatorship to me. The United States
    of America is suppose to be Democracy not a Dictatorship. Wake Up America!!!

    Illegal aliens do NOT !!!! have the right to protest or demand anything. They are not citizens of The United States of America, they are here ILLEGALLY and have not earned the right to those privileges. They should be deported immediately to the country that they came from and not be eligible to even start the process applying for citizenship until three years after there deportation.

    We should never have been rewarding Illegal immigrants in the first place. It is a slap in the faces of the LEGAL immigrants that have worked so hard doing the right things the right way to enter this country the way it should be done THE LEGAL WAY. By learning to speak and read English before becoming a citizen of the united states. STOP rewarding those coming into this country ILLEGALLY.

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    Why does this come as any surprise? This administration has ignored the immigration laws from day one and continues to place our country and our children at risk with his recklessness.

    My ex came in on student visa yet never went to school and worked illegally for three years (student visa fraud). Got green card by not mentioning her first arrest for theft (material misrepresentation). Failed to mention it again when conditions were removed (again material misrepresentation). Has acquired four additional theft convictions (crimes of moral turpitude). Denied citizenship 2 years ago but continues to reside in US and break our laws. Goes in and out of the country like she’s a citizen. Unfortunately I found this all out after the fact. It’s ICE that needs reform not the immigration laws. And yes, all these allegations (and the supporting documentation) have been submitted to ICE, USCIS, Homeland Security, Obama, and numerous senators and congressmen.

    This administration totes their “directives” as an attempt to preserve family unity. But when there is the constant, STATED, threat to remove children from the only family they have known for seven years by taking the kids out of the country that is not “preservation of family unity” but total disregard for American citizen children in favor of fraudulent foreign immigrants.

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    John Stevenson on

    President Obama has created a huge mess for us to clean up.
    I only wish we could impeach him now and undo all of his executions of fraudulent authority. We should stop the bleeding while we can.

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    Another illegal act, violation of oath, and grounds for impeachment! But who is counting any more? The fraud has successfully trampled the Constitution and the Rule of Law for five years and not one federal official has stood up to him. We have an oppressive tyrant fraud regime. How much worse can it get while the sheep sleep? Where has America’s back bone gone? Turned to jelly?

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    what the hell is wrong with that idiot in the whitehouse???? he really must believe he is king and the will of the people counts for nothing! we the PEOPLE need to stand up to this lunacy and try to get through to our congress or fire the whole lot of them and start over with THE PEOPLE saying and doing what WE know is right for our country to keep our hard-earned freedom free.

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    Obama doesn’t hold contempt towards congress, his contempt is for America., congress does nothing to stop Obama, cause they are a part of Obama. Obama is bad, he breaks down our constitution every chance he gets, but….. hes open about it, he doesn’t hide, he is in plain view of all America., its the sneaky little snakes that back him up, in all that he does, they are the ones we have to bring out into the open and expose them for who they really are, this is why Obama gets away with so much. America has to clean house…. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW.

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    We have an illegal president doing illegal actions that threaten our security. It is time that congress act to stop Obama and the Democrat ilk from doing more damage to our freedoms and our country. Our people must resist Obama’s actions before he declares himself dictator.

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    Impeachment,Prison,and hanging for teason is what Obama and all his followers should get, out with the illigals and out with Muslims, none of them belong here.

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    President Obama has become a threat to freedom and freemen everywhere. Mr. Obama has once again demonstrated his disdain and contempt for Congress, the judiciary, and the rule of law with the issuance of another ‘administrative edict’ (Policy Memorandum #662-0091) that incredibly orders an entire category of illegal aliens be given exemption from our immigration laws and be given the right to remain in our country. Alarmingly, as time has gone by, a power hungry President Obama has become more and more autocratic as he pushes his radical ‘open borders/amnesty’ mass immigration agenda.

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      Aren’t our immigration laws the laws of the land?
      It is outrageous how the Democrats keep yammering about Obamacare being the “law of the land” so they can’t delay it, can’t do anything other than execute it to the fullest, but when it comes to our immigration laws it is an entirely different story. They are all a bunch of hypocrites and liars.

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    charlotte wakefield on

    The Obama administration’s latest unilateral decision to change immigration policy demands that Congress act to rein in the abuse of discretionary authority by the Executive Branch, and hold the president accountable to enforce all of our immigration laws.”

    Barack Hussain Obama is guilty of treason, a threat to our nation, an enemy of the United States of America and under the laws of These United States of America, must be held accountable and pay his debt to society for the crimes of fraud and deception he has perpetrated against the American people. Let Barack Obama be tried in a court of law, and sentenced, as would any common criminal be!

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      Duh. With the likes of McConnell as our “leader,” what do you expect. I sure hope the Republicans of Kentucky kick McConnell out in the primary. What I know of Matt Bevin (McConnell’s challenger) looks good. No doubt McConnell has been doing his stereotypical mud slinging already. Mud slinging is bad enough, but when a bare-faced liar like McConnell just makes crap up, that’s even worse. Oh well, it’s up to Kentucky to save us from this despot.

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    So if it not law why is anyone enforcing it? If enforcing it is breaking the law then why are we not putting the ones who enforce it in jail? Stop all the crap and do not enforce a memo. Obama is not god or king of the USA. If he tries to enforce the memo he should (and anyone who helps him ) be arrested. Being President does not give you rights to ignore the laws or to make your own laws. Why after all this time and all these out right breaking our laws has he not been arrested and impeached?

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      No law is actually a law unless it is enforced. Immigration laws aren’t laws because nobody is enforcing them. And laws that require presidents to carry out laws are laws either, because the lame Congress won’t even make an issue of ti, let alone actually impeach the bum. But let’s be real here: the immigration laws haven’t been heartily enforced for many decades, including under Bush 2, Bush 1, and Reagan; the enforcement has been getting more and more lax over the years, to the point now that the only way to be more lax is to actually invite illegals to come.

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    Seriously you guys, what a bunch of idiots to even voice your opinion against this…this reprives the family of the following people:

    Those serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces
    Those serving in the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve
    Those who previously served in the U.S. Armed Forces
    Those who served in Selected Reserve of the Ready Researve.

    At the least respest our armed forces.

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      The intent of the law is good and should be put into a bill then signed by the president. Then it would be policy not a memorandum.
      This president has no respect for the law. He’s above it. He’s brazen and doesn’t care about procedures nor the constitution.
      If W (the idiot) had gone around the Constitution, would you be so forgiving?
      Wake up and see the precedent this incompetent dictator has established for the next radical to occupy the office.
      May the gods protect us all, including those who refuse to see.

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      we do, but it must be within our laws…a bill to congress must be given. period, not matter who benefits.

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      In what way are the people posting here being disrespectful of the armed forces? I am a veteran and am all for the military and veterans. But am totally against this. Do you think military personnel getting out of the military in the near future who may have served and risked their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan should have to compete with newly legalized illegal aliens for jobs? And even if they didn’t serve in a combat theatre. These veterans are highly competent people, but if they joined straight out of high school and were in a combat job in the military such as infantry or armor, they have no higher education that is transferrable to a civilian job. So that means they will have to compete with illegals for jobs. Do you think that is idiotic?

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      I am a retired Senior Service Member and I object to your statement.
      Those of us who HAVE served understand Law and the Constitution…. Those Service members who are immigrants also understand what the complications are should they violate the law…. I sincerely doubt you will find ANY Service Member who endorses this act of Mr. Obama.

      Without the Rule of Law there is anarchy and destruction…

      By his act, Mr. Obama seeks to overturn the Rule of Law, circumvent the Constitution and get whatever he wants – as Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen – we fought to protect the Rule of Law in our Country and some of us were injured, some of us died for that cause.

      This cannot be allowed to stand.

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      I respect the armed forces. The armed forces are sworn to uphold the constitution and obey the laws of the land. Aiding and abetting a criminal alien if reason to court-marshal them. These “fine” men and women of our military ought to tell their mother, cousin, sister, (or whoever) to obey the law of the nation they supposedly are fighting to defend.

      If you really believe this crap about giving illegal alien relatives of service members full amnesty; why not let EVERY military member exempt their family members from the laws of their choice. I bet some would like to grow pot w/o fear of being arrested; others might like to disobey all traffic-related laws; still others might want a pass on counterfeiting money.

      It makes no sense to excuse someone from following the law for no other reason than they have a family member in the military. Gee gads.

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    This is an outrage! He has violated our constitution in numerous ways it’s time for Congress to start Impeachment action against him! Believe me, there is a more sinister idea behind this immigration plan of his….Who’s one of the groups that helped write it; La Raza.

    In an article by Conservative Action Alerts, La Raza is made up of many radical groups that aim to abolish all immigration laws and teach “La Reconquista” in schools to Latino students. In essence, students are taught that Europe STOLE southwest America from Mexico and that this region must be “reconquered.”


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    Diana Reichardt on

    I supported the electing of President Obama but I DO NOT SUPPORT this!!! I feel the illegals need to be shopped home. They have disrepected this country by coming in illegally. If you truly want to be here. Come her the RIGHT WAY! Enforce our LAWS and strengthen our borders. Shame on you sir. You are supposed to be looking our for the citizens of this country!! get it together!