Democrats Start Attack Ads Against GOP Over Amnesty

Obama Plans Amnesty Speech for Monday

“President Obama is expanding his planned fundraising trip to San Francisco on Monday with a visit to the Betty Ong Recreation Center in Chinatown “to deliver remarks on the importance of taking action to pass commonsense immigration reform,” the White House said Wednesday. The White House provided few details, saying more information would be forthcoming,” the San Francisco Chronicle writes.

Illegal Aliens Invited to Facebook Hackathon

“Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg brought undocumented immigrants to Silicon Valley to “hack” for immigration reform. Twenty immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children began taking part in a 25-hour “hackathon” Wednesday at LinkedIn’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters,” the LA Times writes.

“The young software programmers broke into small groups to spend all night coming up with new applications as part of an effort to put the spotlight back on what they say is an urgent need for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

Democrats Start Attack Ads Against GOP Over Amnesty

“The Democratic National Committee on Wednesday released two videos online — one in English and one in Spanish — attacking House Republicans for not addressing immigration reform before the end of the year. The new videos, part of the DNC’s “GOP: not fresh, not new” digital campaign, accuse the Republican Party of obstructing action on immigration reform in Congress,” Politico reports.

“The Spanish-language video also draws attention to overwhelming Republicans support for an amendment offered by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) that would have ended a Department of Homeland Security policy that allows for delayed deportations for young, undocumented immigrants.”

Amnesty Lobby Targets Feminists by Promoting Nanny, Housecleaner Visas

“The women’s rights community is not giving up on [amnesty]. Though the bill that hurtled the Senate is likely dead in the water in the House, women’s groups took to the National Press Club on Tuesday to focus attention on the impact immigrant laws have on women—using the star power of feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem to propel them forward,” Time Magazine says.

“Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) and Congressman Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.) were also among Tuesday’s speakers. Hirono said a number of women’s issues aren’t taken into account in reform legislation. Though there are provisions geared directly at easing citizenship for those employed in the science, technology and agriculture fields, there are no protections for domestic workers, the majority of whom are women.”

Illegal Aliens Seek to Join Tuition Lawsuit in AZ

“Two college students are asking a judge to let them help defend Maricopa County Community College District from a lawsuit that seeks to block the district’s policy of providing in-state tuition to young immigrants granted deferred deportation by the Obama administration,” the AP reports.


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    America is the Most Diverse Ethnic Country in the World

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    Why should America, the shining diversity “top dog” example for the rest of the world; encourage it either?

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