Illegal Aliens Protests Become Increasingly Brazen and Aggressive

Imbued with a growing sense of entitlement to amnesty, illegal aliens and their supporters have become increasingly aggressive in pressing their demands. Among their new tactics is outright intimidation of public officials.

Earlier this year, a group of illegal aliens turned up at the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, sending a not-so-subtle message, “We know where you and your kids live.” On Wednesday evening it was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s turn. Some 60 illegal aliens and their supporters forced their way into the lobby of Cantor’s suburban D.C. condo to hold a loud protest clearly aimed at intimidating him.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Alfred Van Guilder on

    Why weren’t these “ILLEGAL ALEINS” arrested, and DEPORTED!!! If a LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN did something like this they would get arrested, or at least escorted off the property!! I WANT MY TAX DOLLARS WASTED ON CREATING JOBS FOR LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, AND I !! STOP WASTING MY TAX DOLLARS, AND YOUR ENERGY ON “ILLEGAL ALEINS”!!!!

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    Illegal immigrants go home. Hard working Americans, and immigrants who come here legally through the proper system have earned their right to be here. You have done nothing to earn citizenship in the United States. You don’t bother to learn our language or our customs. Most of you believe you are superior to us and a part of La Raza. Our government may be trying to give you free passes, but there are those of us who will not stand for this. We don’t want you crowding our malls, our schools, and placing a burden on our already scare food and water supplies. Go home and talk to your president Felipe Calderon and stop bringing your problems to us. Most of all, learn English if you want to be here!

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      You are correct when you speak about not wanting to learn our language or customs. You can’t even make or by a commercial call or by a product with out two languages being said or printed. Those that are serious about staying in this country go out of their way to learn and become a citizen. Just the freeloaders just want to bring their crime and live free her in America

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    Do these people have no shame? They come to this country illegally, get false papers to work, take jobs away from American citizens, are probably getting some type of government benefits they should not be able to get, but they still think they have the right to make demands and act in this manner. Imagine all the freebies and benefits they will demand if these spineless politicians do pass an amnesty? Or I mean comprehensive immigration reform. One of the big issues for these newly legalized “American citizens” would be being able to bring as many family members as they want to this country from their countries of origin. And if anyone tries to stand in their way, there will be more of these protests and the person opposing their view will be labeled as a racist or being full of hate.

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      This is our government’s doing. They have more freedom than we do. Racist is just an excuse for them, and everyone kisses feet to be “socially” correct. The word Racist if worn out. When someone has nothing better to say or wants to change the subject racist is on their lips. That word is distasteful just like people show how uneducated they are when the curse.

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    Black Slave & Native American Ancestry on

    Amen. I’m tired of every major store duplicating signs in English and Latin American. Either learn the language before you APPLY FOR CITIZENSHIP or stay where you are. You can’t solve your South American drug cartel problems because your “armed forces” (LOL) can’t defend your own borders. So you did massive tunnels and just funnel the junk and the immigrants here? I say alert U.S. citizens within a certain number of miles within the U.S. border and then bomb the daylights out of the border line with enough power to penetrate the surface and collapse any structure or tunnel underneath.

    Once or twice doing that will certainly discourage the drug runners from their current road map of distribution. Perhaps then Mexico can concentrate on building up its police and army enough to defend themselves.

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      You have to be aware of people in high place and with power make a lot of money on drugs, so the bombing or stopping drugs will never happen.

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    I am in agreement with your reader’s, our government has not only refused to enforce our immigration laws, they are actively providing support for the 12 million illegal aliens in our country. We must find a way to voice our opposition louder than the foreign nationals illegally occupying our country. I’m sure we have all seen and heard them marching down our streets, and crowded into one of our senate conference rooms, during a Congressional hearing.

    But, they were not protesting this time, they were invited guests testifying as to Their rights and the hardships they have to endure. Come on folks, this is just plan wrong! This was one of those bad daytime soap opera’s playing out in real life. What a show, unbelievable! They actually had a few congressmen in tears, while others offered up encouragement for their cause. One woman in particular almost had our lawmakers reaching for the checkbooks, because she might lose her scholarship that someone handed her. All while the cameras flashed and the event was being televised on C-SPAN, daytime television.

    We need all the voices we can muster, and replace all elected officials who have dishonored their oath of office, and soiled our Constitution by providing safe haven to the foreign nationals illegally invading our country. We need to know our government, You can find just about everything you are for concerning our elected official by going to They maintain a vase data base that you may access, copy, and distributed, by just following a few simple rules. Please let others know about this site, so everyone can see what their congressman has been up to.
    I am not an alarmist, chicken little, crying wolf, nor trying to be funny. I am a well educated 63 year old man semi-retired , (but I do provide consulting services for the military branch of our government, every now and then, how ironic) trying to inform the people who may be to busy with their own life to really know the sad truth, and the huge impact it is having on our country.

    Hope we wake up…….Soon

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    Isn’t it odd our government as pushing to give citizenship to illegal aliens who they have no idea just who in the hell they are? And with so many American citizens unable to find work, they’re pushing to give a handout to illegal aliens.

    Ain’t that a helluva government we have? I’m afraid we have too many idiots idiots who keep voting for the same congressional “employee” even though [their] congressmen keep giving their jobs away.

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      These are the people that Rush Limbaugh refers to as “low information voters”. They are greatly hurting our country.

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    Illegal aliens are just that; illegal aliens. Their ignorant protests proves their ignorance as they’re identifying themselves as illegal aliens more every day. It shouldn’t be too hard to throw them out of the country. Just cut off their handouts of illegal welfare and they’ll go home as fast as they can cross the border.

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    Its time to put this to rest . Illegals need to get in line or get out of this country. America is great country, but we can not allow people to demand citizenship that broke our laws. Time to stop with our tax dollars supporting this. Any polition or American supporting lawlessness needs to be stopped.

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    Why didn’t they have them arrested? Our current laws requires the deportation of Illegal Aliens. it is the LAW OF THE LAND.

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      You know darn good and well if it had been you or I show up uninvited and unwelcome we’d have been in jail damn fast. its all about money. BUSINESS leaders are pushing for amnesty because it means cheap wages for them to pay. ow the heck come people pay taxes but get no representation? Because I don’t feel like any of them care what I want. Wasn’t there something about taxation w/o representation

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    I don’t blame the illegal immigrant for coming to America, land of the free——free food, free schools for their kids, free medical care, tax free income! I blame our government for permitting illegals to openly live here and receive these benefits. All for the purpose of gaining Hispanic votes! The Democrats have become experts at this, forcing Republicans to offer equal or even better benefits! Only hope is to write letters to editors of newspapers, call your Congressional Representative and Senators,make it clear that you will actively oppose their re-election to office while they support illegal immigration.

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    What a big surprise? illegals becoming more aggressive and demanding. We have been had for so long and our so call leaders have become complacent and weak kneed so it will only get worse. Since the vast majority of illegals come from our Southern borders it needs to sealed period. Just try and go to Mexico and protest to the Mexican government and see how far that will take you as a US citizen. Try and get good stamps, housing and healthcare for free?

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    The only “right” these illegal immigrants have is the right to be deported. Any of these aliens that forcefully protest for any reason should be immediately arrested and deported back to where they came from. You can bet this would slow these protests in a big way.

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    Illegal aliens do NOT !!!! have the right to protest or demand anything. They are not citizens of The United States of America, they are here ILLEGALLY and have not earned the right to those privileges. They should be deported immediately to the country that they came from and not be eligible to even start the process applying for citizenship until three years after there deportation.

    We should never have been rewarding Illegal immigrants in the first place. It is a slap in the faces of the LEGAL immigrants that have worked so hard doing the right things the right way to enter this country the way it should be done THE LEGAL WAY. By learning to speak and read English before becoming a citizen of the united states. STOP rewarding those coming into this country ILLIGALY.

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      I totally agree with you . My parents and Grandparents came from across when selected and had to learn english and take and oath to the country. Because there was not jobs at times they had to work on the WPA nothing was free.

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      I agree with you 105%. What can we do to stop this nonsense. Why are they not being deported?

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      All over again the 13th Amendment,,……we have another Civil Rights issues at hand,,,,,,,,,………………

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    these people have a lot of gall demanding something that has to be earned! who the hell do they think they are? the come here knowing full well they are breaking the law, the sad part is that these spineless politicions will bend over for them, it sickens me to see what this country has become

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      who the Hell are you?……………..they have earned it by being abused by us all these years…………meaning by creating wealth and giving you the American Dream………….

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        Black Slave & Native American Ancestry on

        Who are you? I have NO wealth due to these “invaders” (you know, entering another’s country en mass is is an invasion and considered an act of war BTW). Lawmakers time and taxpayers monies (like mine) is wasted so enormously hunting down underground drug railroads from Mexico to San Diego (yeah, that’s the American Dream). So where’s my wealth? I worked 47 years, starting at age 15 and serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and when I became disabled and asked for my PRE-PAID FICA social security benefits, I was denied 4 TIMES!!!

        Do you actually think making $10 under the table as a “lawn technician” or whatever B.S. label they use is paying for the cost of health care for an illegal? You must be as ignorant as you sound. It’s subsidized by your democratic socialist commander in chief, Mr. Obama. Have you ever seen footage of 24 mexicans stuffed in a minivan running a red light and slamming into the Subaru wagon. They scattered like roaches. And that’s what they are. We aren’t required to assist a country single handedly that only pollutes our cities with drugs and “gangsta” styles. You’re a fool and an idiot Tom, so wake up, take your finger off the period key and quite brown nosing Obama, Reid, Pelosi and HIllary. [edit]

        If you don’t like America being run by the Constitution, I’m sure you can think up a few communist countries that would welcome you in wholeheartedly.

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    Illegal aliens are the most boldest people in America, they sneak across the borders into America illegally, then demand an amnesty or legalization, In America we have no one to stop their foolishness. the bad part about all of this, all of what they do in America is being strongly force on American poor and middle class citizens! Our president continue to go over Americans heads to give them just about any thing that they want in America, Americans are in desperate need for jobs. We have many Americans and weak people in congress, who allow millions of illegal aliens to work in America with all their false paper work, while at the same time American are left jobless! legal and illegal aliens are in millions of jobs in America, the more Americans have to put up with illegal immigration, the more Hispanics who are bilingual will get hired, before any jobless Americans.

    Americans are force to watch millions of illegal aliens work in American and bring home paychecks, while they are terrible jobless, and are not getting any kind of help from no one, not by our own congress at all! There are millions of employment that have mostly nothing but legal and illegal aliens in their jobs actually now a days! they refuse to get them out of their jobs, they found excuses and strategies to keep illegal aliens employed, again while at the same time millions of Americans are left jobless, this is not fair or is it right! illegal immigration in America is being force down Americans throats by our own American lawmakers, what is so mind boggling is that these are very same people who throws in our faces that America have an broken immigration system, and they feel strongly in order to fix it that they should give millions of illegal aliens amnesty or legalization, they also believe that millions of lawbreakers would really help our American economy! Actually given millions of illegal aliens what they want in America, will be nothing but a nasty disaster, you could tell by what you see now, once millions of them get work permits that congress want to give them, they will be in the front of the line to just about every thing in America, and millions of Americans will continue to be jobless, it is bad enough that they are allow to work, get government incentives, get big income tax refunds, because they know how to lie, their children who are the majority in our schools, are allow to over populate our schools!

    Through this whole process of trying to give illegal aliens all of America, Americans are being put on the back burner in their own country. Our congress see nothing wrong with millions of illegal aliens over populating America, or them getting in the front of the line to Americans jobs, are just giving them work permits, to strongly put them in competition with Americans in getting jobs! As of now millions of illegal aliens are literately running America for their own convenience and could really care less for Americans who have legal status in America, illegal aliens have permission to just spit and walk all over Americans, and Americans are force to not do or say anything about illegal immigration, they are just being force to except it! Fixing this immigration system by an amnesty or legalization, is not fixing the system at all it’s destroying our immigration system and America period, it does nothing but destroy our America, Americans are indeed being force to watch our America being given to Mexico!!! Americans has been force to watch illegal aliens and all of their advocates sneakily set house for another country’s poor for years! Why in god name are millions of illegal aliens have jobs in America, while at the same time there are millions of jobless Americans??? This goes to show you how our own lawmakers have felled us, and are welling to sell their own Americans out, and will continue to fell us in the future when it comes to mass illegal immigration, illegal immigration are in the way of millions of Americans of ever really progressing in their own country! All that really belongs to Americans is being given to illegal aliens! This not a duplicate! This something that needs some attention!!!

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    And these are the type of people we want in this country? I don’t think so. Amnesty noe, what’s next? Making it illegal for an employer not to hire someone who doesn’t speak English?