GOP Whip McCarthy Says Immigration Bills Likely to be “Step-by-Step”

GOP Whip McCarthy Says Immigration Bills Likely to be “Step-by-Step”

“House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Sunday that immigration reform “is going to happen,” but declined to lay out a timeline for a House vote on the matter. McCarthy insisted that the House would take immigration reform on a step-by-step basis, and noted that President Obama said recently he was O.K. with that approach,” The Hill reports.

Biden Visits Illegal Alien Protest on National Mall

“Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit Friday to immigration advocates who have been fasting on the National Mall, lending White House support to the push for House Speaker John A. Boehner to take up the proposed immigration law overhaul now stalled in the House. ‘As my father would say, come hell or high water, we’re going to win this,’ Biden told the group, according to organizers of the fast, now in its 11th day,” the LA Times writes.

Immigrants Face Deportation After Sham Marriages Discovered

“Romanians who arrived in Idaho a decade ago face deportation after federal prosecutors say they entered sham marriages to stay illegally in America. Some were students, lured by work at the famed Sun Valley Resort. Some were friends, siblings or cousins from mountainous Transylvania. Since then, they’ve established lives in the U.S., buying homes, having kids and starting businesses. They formed the nucleus of a tight-knit Romanian community in south-central Idaho,” the Idaho Press reports.

Obama Uses S.F. Fundraiser to Push Amnesty

“President Obama continues his West Coast trip Monday, traveling to San Francisco to raise campaign money and talk about immigration. Obama, who headlined a pair of fundraisers Sunday night in Seattle, flies to San Francisco in the morning and visits the Betty Ann Ong Chinese Recreation Center to discuss immigration. The Democratic-run U.S. Senate passed an immigration bill earlier this year, but it has languished in the Republican-led House,” USA Today writes.

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    Speaker John Boehner said on 11/23/13 that immigration reform is absolutely not dead. This is very disturbing. I’m terribly afraid about what Boehner considers reform. Does he mean by immigration reform finally ending massive destructive and costly illegal immigration once and for all?…OR…Does he believe immigration reform means giving amnesty, legal status and U.S. citizenship to illegal immigrants? This is a fair and important question when you understand that Boehner and his right hand man, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, are pushing a dangerous and deceptive version of THE DREAM ACT amnesty that they call THE KIDS ACT.

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    IT WILL HAPPEN SOONER OR LATER…………….sooner our congress later the illegals’ descendants once in Congress!! HAHAHAH!!!!:)

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      You and the MSM

      Make the 5% Latino vote seem like 95%….but most open border pundits like you prefer not reading the facts just demanding your way like uncontrollable bad children.

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        Youo belong to the anti Civil Rights population of the past. like now for the illegals….you are and will be the minority….but there is caviar here…………… are below average, not even your profession can save you from being a 3rd World Citizen in the US……….

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    Unless that “step by step” approach guarantees e-verify in place for every job and a physical fence on the border, anything else is a no go. When are the Republicans going to catch on to the fact that the American public supports them on those issues by big margins.