A Heckled Obama says He Can’t Stop Deportations – But He Already Is

President Obama apparently planned to give the same tired amnesty stump speech yesterday in San Francisco. He claimed his version of “immigration reform” could and should pass Congress. He talked about meeting with CEOs and accepting Boehner’s piecemeal approach – as long as all the pieces he wanted were included.

Then, he was interrupted by a protester yelling, “Stop deportation!”***

Here we go.

An unflustered President Obama responded that if he had the power to stop deportations and keep families together, he would. But, unfortunately, he has to get immigration reform through Congress: “…if, in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress then I would do so. But we are a nation of laws.”

That’s a good line that we’ve heard in varying formations before. And it’s true. President Obama can’t completely halt deportations through executive action – but he’ll be damned if he won’t try.

Already, this administration has advised immigration officials to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. Young illegal aliens are getting legal status and worker permits. ICE officers are told not to remove illegal alien parents, relatives of service members, and a number of other groups of people who have purposefully broken our immigration laws.

Perhaps we can accept the president’s assertion that he can’t circumvent Congress as a signal he and his advisers are actively looking into new ways to unilaterally change our immigration laws. It seems that every time he makes the declaration, yet another category of illegal aliens is given a free pass to stay in the U.S.

***Surprise! The protester is a 24 year-old illegal alien. According to reports from the San Jose Mercury-News, Ju Hong came to the U.S. at 11. It wasn’t his first time protesting. Hong is an amnesty activist well acquainted with causing a scene.

He was arrested in August “for interrupting the UC Board of Regents as it approved former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano as the new UC president.” Hong was also arrested – and risked being deported – in 2011 for blocking a street during a rally against Secure Communities – a program that fosters cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities to remove criminal aliens.

This all begs the question – how did Hong get into this event? He’s been arrested on multiple occasions. Was it a set-up to allow Obama to claim he would not (again) make an end run around Congress?

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    The board that Obama lets an one in no out . All that have commit crime ,Felonies need to go though Courts , only is not treason only If judges rule all that enter America illegally. Obama each time let one person stay was obstruction of Justice , If Felony then any one is guilty of comprising and is a FEDERAL offence 10 years to live as to If offence is treason can be live, Obama has broke million of lie to all of America and has problems now as to Law Of Constipation . To obstruction of Constitution and Bill of Rights is live are can be shot by Firing squad .as per 1953 American army shot in firing squad because of leaving the battalion and caused..other to be killed . Eisenhower

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    When is someone (ACLU;WASHINGTON; ETC.) going to do to stop the ABUSE OF POWER BY THE PRES. OBAMA???????

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    I Didn’t Say That Says Obama

    RE: ACA implementation allowing you to keep your existing health care coverage…

    Same thing with amnesty, he says he can’t unilaterally stop deportations, but he has anyway [illegally].

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    I’m sure that the protestor’s native South Korea would never tolerate people there illegally. Same old story, he and his family entered on short term visas and failed to leave. And we reward this behavior.

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      Leland it appears your forgot why we do……………we are the USA different from the rest of the world and in debt to immigrants/illegals for our life style and successes….