Are You Traveling with the Pro-amnesty Lobby?

When you’re traveling over this Thanksgiving holiday, are you staying or eating with the pro-amnesty lobby?

Hotel and restaurant chains are among the most vocal supporters of a mass amnesty and expanded legal immigration, because they have the most to gain. By funding pro-amnesty campaigns and employing lobbyists to press the House to take up amnesty, these companies are hoping to line their pockets with profits from employing foreign workers.

It might be time to consider who your money is going to on this most American of holidays when companies funding the amnesty push are putting their bottom lines ahead of what’s best for our country and workers.

Traveling with pro-amnesty companies?

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Let’s See; Red Lobster Also Allegates Its Seafood is Wild Alaskan

    Last I read, 70% of the restaurants lie about “wild Alaskan” seafood, that is, its actually i.e., Chinese Contaminated Tub Fish; also called “farmed”.

    As they feed us like Mercury tainted seafood, they also feed us amnesty too….seems related to me.

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    Interesting. Today’s Washington Post carries a story about a national strike by low wage workers, including those in the “hospitality” and food service industries. The goal is to raise wages to $15 an hour and one of the leaders in the strike is the heavily-illegal-alien union, SEIU. If these companies think amnesty will get them cheap labor, they’d better think again.

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    Disney, makes me sick.

    The happiest place on earth is using it’s power and money to make the rest of the country a third world sewer.

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    “Remember me? I broke into your house! Now I demand a law that forces you to adopt and support me! It is only just! After all, it was your house I violated!”

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      Besides and more importantly we invited them to stay here we never really cared until after Sep 11 2001

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      Fred what do you do for a living?…you a twisted and vivid imagination??…..too much weed…..