Beware of Happy Talk on Immigration

Beware of Happy Talk on Immigration

“Is immigration reform coming back from the dead? Over Thanksgiving, both President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) have indicated that the issue —which has meant amnesty, by any other name—is alive on Capitol Hill,” says the Heritage Foundation.

“Obama said last week that proponents of amnesty should be “thankful” for Boehner’s stated support for immigration reform and prompted laughter by comparing the complicated issue to a turkey that could be sliced up.”

Archbishop Dolan Presses GOP on Amnesty

“New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan is telling House Republicans to “get your act together” in passing comprehensive immigration reform. ‘This is the best chance we’ve had in fair and just immigration reform, it’s in your lap and we’re not going to let you off the hook,’ he said Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,'” The Hill writes.

“Dolan also expressed frustration with Democrats and the Obama administration for some of its policy choices during healthcare reform – ones he said exclude protections for “the unborn baby” and the undocumented. However, he says he is equally frustrated with the lack of movement of comprehensive immigration reform.”

The Part Justifies The Whole?

“One of the problems with any kind of omnibus bill is that supporters will argue the whole bill must be passed based on the claimed merits of specific pieces. This was the whole purpose of the DREAM Act: Advocates pointed to the most sympathetic group of illegal aliens — those who came here as children and did well in school — as an unrebuttable argument for amnestying all 12 million illegals,” says Mark Krikorian at National Review.

“Likewise with the religious hierarchs’ argument about amnesty more generally. The Catholic bishops and the National Association of Evangelicals argue that the claimed moral imperative for legalizing illegal aliens necessitates passage of a comprehensive bill that also doubles both legal immigration and guest-worker admissions. In effect, these men of the cloth have put themselves in the position of claiming that Congress is morally required to procure cheap, controllable labor for farmers and restaurant owners.”


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    So Archbishop Dolan is upset that Obamacare won’t cover the “undocumented”? Since those people are low education and low wage earners, then the American taxpayer should be subsidizing their healthcare, which is what will happen for those at the low end of the wage scale? How about the Catholic Church accept it’s responsibility for the situation they have created by urging these people not to use birth control and have more children than they can provide for?