Speaker Boehner Hires Amnesty and Open Borders Advocate to Spearhead Immigration Effort in the House

Rebecca Tallent--immigration advisor to BoehnerIf it wasn’t already clear where the House Republican leadership stood on immigration, it is now. On Tuesday, Speaker John Boehner announced the hiring of Rebecca Tallent to be his immigration policy advisor. Tallent was most recently the director of immigration policy for the Bipartisan Policy Center, a business oriented group promoting amnesty and massive increases in permanent and temporary immigration. Prior to that she worked for Sen. John McCain and helped draft the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bills of 2006 and 2007.

Tallent’s hiring indicates that the only real difference between the Senate sell-out of American workers and taxpayers, S.744, and the approach we are likely to see taken by the House in 2014, is the number of times President Obama will be required to sign his name. It is evident that the Speaker’s step-by-step approach to immigration reform does not entail waiting for empirical evidence that our borders are secure and that immigration laws are being enforced before the demands of the illegal alien and cheap labor lobbies are considered.

In fact, Tallent’s prescription for ending illegal immigration is legal admission on demand. In an interview on C-SPAN in March, Tallent said, “The best things we can do for our border security is to have a realistic guest worker program that reflects the number of people who want to come every year.” In other words, immigration policy should be regulated only by the desire of people from other countries who want to work here and the desire of American businesses to employ them, without regard for the impact on American workers and taxpayers.

The hiring of Tallent confirms that Boehner’s refusal to conference on S.744 is purely a matter of procedure, not a repudiation of the Senate bill itself. President Obama and Senate leaders have already said that they do not care what bill serves as the vehicle to get them to their desired objective of amnesty and massive immigration increases, just as long as they get there. It is clear, as a result of Tuesday’s announcement by Boehner, that the legislative vehicle will be different, but the destination will be the same.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    The central problem is way too much LEGAL immigration. Amazing how many here still don’t understand this.

    And the woman who wrote: “If you want to come here, do it legally!” Are you kidding me? EVERYONE WANTS TO COME HERE. Just bc immigration is legal it’s good for America? Really?

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    this government has NO backbone to do the right thing for the citizens of this country.. Amnesty to millions and millions of illegals is going to put a huge strain on our welfare systems and how does this government thing we are going to be able to pay for all this.. right now we pay billions and billions of dollars EVERY month to take care illegals. WHY is this money not being used to our Citizens, for our schools, for our infrastructure, to help create jobs.. WHY are we taking care of illegals who disrespect our laws and trample on the rights of the citizens.. Obama is going to bring this country down into a 3rd world status…it’s on its way down now.. … cities being trashed by all the illegals who are here for the freebies and nothing else…they are trying to turn this country into another Mexico.. and what is this country doing to prevent it? NOTHING.. this country no longer represents the citizens.. they represent the illegals.. they will NEVER stop the flow of illegals because they continue to cater to them.. until that stops, you aren’t going to stop them coming here.. you MUST use 100% E-Verify, NO MORE Anchor babies.. if the parents are both illegals. NO MORE Auto citizenship..that is outrageous.. NO MORE handouts…emergency medical ONLY and deported.. it is time to do something for this country and the citizens and amnesty is NOT The right thing… This garbage of “they will do the work Americans won’t do” is an excuse to make it look like we need the illegals.. WRONG. After Katrina, an employment office sent 100 or so black people down to work construction in New Orleans area.. they were ready to go to work.. they needed the jobs.. when they got there were told they weren’t needed.. they hired illegals to do the work at less money.. this is WRONG… construction owner in Dallas area, told the RAdio station that the illegals were going out and under biding them at places and take the jobs…
    Time to stop this insanity… if they want to be here and live and work. DO IT LEGALLY…

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    Mr. Boehner, I understand that S744 doubles legal immigration from its current 1.0 million annually to 2.0 million while giving amnesty to 12 to 20 million illegal migrants. Do you understand that such an amnesty would flood America with over 100 million immigrants by 2050—a scant 37 years from now. How will we be able to water, house, work, feed, educate, medicate and care for that many people when we already suffer 48 million Americans who cannot secure jobs and live on food stamps? How will we maintain our environment and standard of living in light of those numbers. As an American citizen, I demand that you reduce all immigration to less than 100,000 annually and enforce the laws on the books to arrest, prosecute and jail employers of illegal migrants. That will help illegal migrants to go home on their own dime when they don’t have a job. Our own unemployed citizens can take those jobs at a living wage.

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      This Rebecca Tallent is about as un-American and off target as you can get. She states that the number of guest worker permits should reflect the number of illegal immigrants who want to come to this country and the number of employers who want to hire them for jobs Americans do not want. If an American does not want the job then it is because it probably cost more to get to the workplace in gas than it pays. And having a guest worker program will just mean we will have guest workers AND illegal immigrants. The guest workers will be able to support illegals. And the social costs would be staggering. Do you think illegal immigrants don’t incur medical costs, welfare costs, costs for their children. We are a nation of laws but we don’t enforce them.

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    Jim in Virginia on

    The problem with Boehner and the Republican leadership is, they think all that conservatives are concerned about is the debt and deficit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I consider the illegal alien problem to be the most pressing in the country right now. If the Republicans end up caving on amnesty, then they will have successfully given the country away. There will be nothing left for conservatives to fight for, therefore, no reason to show up at the polls. The Republicans will continue losing elections until finally, they become irrelevant. They will become the Whig party of the 21st century.

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      Jim, I heard this myth from one of the talking heads on TV yesterday. Like you, I too think the problem of having our country under attack from foreigners who break in, our most serious problem. I’m ashamed of the party I’ve voted for since I was first able to vote. There is nowhere to turn now since both parties have become indebted to illegal alien supporters for votes and “contributions.” Seems we average Americans, who put our politicians in office, care little for what we think or do. The new chosen people are those who disregard our laws and will be the downfall of this country.

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    We are being replaced. Americans don’t want the jobs is BS. When they say Americans’ don’t want the jobs MEANS 20.00 job can be replaced by illegal or someone from another country with half the salary. Why pay an American 20 when you can pay 10 – 13.00. This is Americans’ don’t want the job. If you knew your workplace value was 20 per hour and they say the job now goes for 12.00. Americans’ don’t want it so lets bring in a foreign workforce.

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    Richard Dennis on

    Look’s like more guns are going to be bought for protection if it passes. Drug Cartel has a hold in some big city and if it pass we will have what Mexico has with Drug wars. Thanks again Washington for not doing your job to protect Americans.

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    No Hell no !!!!!!… Boehner must go !!!!! why are we rewarding these people with citizenship for breaking our laws…..
    while law abiding people are waiting in the line to do it right …Just dont make sense to me……
    We need to clean house and get those people out of office that do not support our immigration Laws already on the books ……..

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      I agree 100%…. Many are here to do the right thing. Get green and begin the process the correct way. WAY TOO MANY are only here for the freebies. They live five or more families to a small house and garage. They know how to get fake papers to work and where to get food which I always thought were for our poor. Not a fake story, I worked many years ago before a small effort was made to control this, A few owned many homes and rented EACH room to a different family. The joke was a person was called as Juan for a few weeks, then ooops he was Jack. Or they would take a vacation home to Mexico, after 2 weeks and no return, the company would get a call. Caught trying to get back across. May take a little time. DAMN fool company always had room for them when they came back…………………..

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    Instead of just commenting here, we should contact Boehner and let him know that we are watching him, know what he is up to, and tell him what he should be doing and what his focus and actions should be.

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      Waste of time, he knows what he is doing. Hope he has another job waiting or bo has rewarded him well enough to never have to work again. He and others need to GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Apparently, Spineless John, has developed the Dems disease of a warped mentality toward illegal alien invaders also?

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    Speaker John Boehner is quickly replacing Senator Marco Rubio as public enemy number one to those opposed to giving amnesty, legal status, and U.S. citizenship to illegal immigrants.