Obama Crossed “Constitutional Line” Says Witness at House Hearing

Obama Crossed “Constitutional Line” Says Witness at House Hearing

“Two constitutional law professors told Congress on Tuesday that President Obama exceeded his authority when he unilaterally extended the deadline for enforcement of the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act. They said he also “crossed the constitutional line” when he issued an executive order suspending enforcement of US immigration laws to prevent the deportation of immigrants who arrived illegally in the US as children,” the Christian Science Monitor writes.

“The law professors made their comments during a three-hour hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, which is examining a string of unilateral actions taken by the White House that critics say usurped legislative powers or bypassed limits on executive authority.”

Boehner Hires former McCain Staffer From Last Amnesty Battle

“Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has hired a veteran expert on immigration policy, a move that could signal a renewed House effort to act on the issue in 2014. Rebecca Tallent, director of immigration policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, will start her new job as assistant to the Speaker on Wednesday. Her arrival was one of several personnel moves Boehner announced Tuesday,” The Hill reports.

“The Federation for American Immigration Reform and other groups claimed the hiring was a sign that the House would consider an “amnesty” bill, despite pledges by Boehner that the House and Senate would not try to reconcile the differences between their bills through a process known as “conference.” Foes of illegal immigration had been concerned that this process would allow a select group of negotiators to include a pathway to legal status for illegal immigrants even if the House previously opposed it,” noted Fox News.

“‘President Obama and Senate leaders have already said that they do not care what bill serves as the vehicle to get them to their desired objective of amnesty and massive immigration increases, just as long as they get there,’ FAIR said in an email blast Tuesday. ‘It is clear, as a result of Tuesday’s announcement by Boehner, that the legislative vehicle will be different, but the destination will be the same.'”

1 Million Filipinos Could Get TPS

“Advocates are putting pressure on the U.S. government to grant temporary refuge to Philippine nationals because of Typhoon Haiyan. Only Filipinos already in the U.S. would be eligible for temporary protected status, which is granted to foreign nationals following natural disasters or civil wars. Recipients, who would include tourists and students with valid visas as well as Filipinos now in the country illegally, would be allowed to live and work in the U.S. for a designated period,” the LA Times writes.

“Aquilina Soriano Versoza, executive director of the Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California, estimates that 800,000 to 1 million Filipinos would be eligible for TPS, allowing them to work in the U.S. and send money to areas ravaged by the typhoon that struck the Philippines on Nov. 8.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    I’m a subscriber to this site and follow immigration issues closely. First, we are all immigrants, including the Native Americans. Thiscountry was founding by very smart forefathers who designed a constitution that has been modified over the years thru a legitimate process. The Fourteenth Amendment regarding citizenship was created for African slaves and their issue to establish that they was citizens. The interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment has been bastardized. If we go back to the intent of the Fourteenth Amenment a major problem is solved. You would not be a citizen of this country just because you were born here. You would need at least one parent to be a citizen or here legally with the intent of becoming a citizen.

    While illegal immigration is a real problem and needs to be solved for various reasons it is more difficult to solve than legal immigration issues. Legal immigration is a major problem that can easily be dealt with by acts of Congress. Example would be to limit immigrants to those who are needed, with jobs, educated and are disposed to assimilate. All others need not apply. Immigration policy should not be used to address social ills around the globe, it should be used for the betterment of this country. Current policy allows Somalis and other African immigrants without jobs or skills with a dispostion to not assimilate and be a burden on the welfare system to come in. That is absolutely crazy and is not racism. Allowing (white) immigrants from the Caucasus region with extremist views to immigrate is also crazy. This is not a race issue this is an issue requiring careful thought to what will help this country first and foremost. We can’t allow immigrates in because they have a fear of being abused in a relationship – that is for that person’s country/local to solve. We are a compassionate country but there must be limits or we will go into a giant sinkhole never to return.

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    Obama’s DREAM Act by decree, complete with published administrative procedures and a new federal form, is grounds for impeachment. His administration’s abject failure to prepare a working website for the Affordable Care Act 3 and 1/2 years after passage is criminal malfeasance. His administration’s failure to complete regulations governing the financial reform 4 years after its passage is criminal malfeasance.

    All of these things represent grounds for impeachment, the constitutionally mandated remedy for a president like Barack Obama.

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    BY THE PEOPLE : FOR THE PEOPLE: means exactly that :
    There is no magic wand, no knight in shining armor to ride in and save yourselves from the self- inflicted misery and reign of terror on the citizens by corrupt criminal elected leaders. It takes millions of united citizens to help save this nation. Apathy and misguided single issue syndrome by the VOTERS destroyed this nation by allowing the ramped criminal corruption of our elected leaders.
    Become a leader: it is a civic duty to contact your elected leaders and get 10 more people to continue to contact your elected leaders to apply pressure on them to do their job. “By the people” .
    Social media complaining is not a solution and not a winning strategy: It is just a symptom of folks pretending to be concerned and involved: self-delusion > self- inflicted misery:

    Jan 2nd gather 5 most reliable people you know and volunteer for candidate’s campaigns in your district .

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    it is a civic duty to contact your elected leaders and get 10 more people to continue to contact your elected leaders to apply pressure on them to do their job .

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    educate everyone you know : Citizens are so scammed by lack of coherent message:
    1. Illegals are NOT Immigrants: they are criminal foreign invaders:
    2. legal migrant workers, legal skilled workers, legal foreign students are not IMMIGRANTS either. They are “guests”… they must leave when their Visa’s expire:
    (should they fail to leave they are then criminals and NOT Immigrants )
    3. Immigrants are law abiding foreign nationals who honor this country’s generous invitation to go through a process to become “legal” USA residents and ultimately under the guidelines USA citizens: Should they fail to follow all of the laws, they then can become illegal immigrants.
    Illegals are criminals, they do not respect this nation, its citizens, its sovereign nation rights and they break the laws every single day they are here:
    They have zero character, zero morals, zero values: they lie , cheat , steal, deal drugs, engage in black market activities, murder, rape, destroy , and exploit.
    We do not need future citizens who have zero character, zero values, zero principles, zero integrity , zero respect.
    everyone needs to keep repeating these facts . copy paste and keep passing around the facts:

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      Kathleen Brady on

      Larry is right, I think…at least in part. I believe what he says is correct in the sense that WE THE PEOPLE, as a Nation, with one mind, heart and soul, do NEED AND WANT TO defeat the MOST CRIMINAL ADMINISTRATION AND PRESIDENT EVER! Is Criminal Aliens a huge issue? Oh yes! With 20M + LEGALLY here, are still out of work! The BALLS this administration has shown i.e. Allowing a Mexican Free speech Protest, while carrying THEIR FLAG, makes my BLOOD BOIL!, all while keeping our Veterans out of their Memorial was nothing less than OUTRAGEOUS!

      The Fraction that these issues cause (Pro/Anti abortion, criminal aliens, political labels – far left, far right) are All DIVIDERS, that KEEP US(A) separated, instead of focusing SOLELY on taking our country back.

      Granny is right too… It just seem to me that Larry is on to the ONE thing that needs to be our ONLY Issue, ok there are TWO, PUTTING GOD BACK IN OUR COUNTRY, AND THE SOLE AIM TO GET THESE CRIMINALS OUT OF OFFICE! As far as I am concerned, not only does POTUS need to go, but so does Boehner, Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, because they were all complicit, and are most of the Senate and House, on ObamaCare, and Boehner’s conscious decision to hire this ‘expert’ to force criminal aliens that AMERICANS have defeated, over and over and over!

      Keep our eyes focused to TRY and stop this immigration hi-jack, fight for it…but the REAL PRIZE is coming together to get the criminals in our Government OUT OF OFFICE! If you have enough energy for both, YAY! But, we need to make sure we FLOOD DC for impeachment, and since we believe it would pass the House, those states that have Dem Senators, call and call and call! Media Pressure, on and on and make it THE ISSUE!

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    I like Obama, but I do not agree with, giving the illegal’s amnesty at all. They don’t respect the laws nor the people of this land of American. They come here to make money. They drive around here drinking their budlight beer in their cars. Driving cars from other states.

    The police here in Oklahoma City can not do anything to them. Now the Mexican Cartel is herein Tulsa Oklahoma, and say they are going to whatever they want to do. And no ones going to stop them. With Crystal Meth. It was on Koco 5 News about two weeks ago. And Amanda Taylor the Anchor woman from Channel 5, was very careful, not to mention to much about the Mexican Cartel. Enough is a enough they do not belong here in American. President Obama. They do not belong here, not and lease you make it much more harder for them here.

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    the american people had better wake up before it is to late and get the present admin.out of the white house they have got this country on a down hill slide and they do not care as long as it fits their agenda .they do not care one bit about the american people .i for one do not want to live in a socialist country and that is where we are going

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    Unlawfull executive orders are only successful when a gutless Congress refuses to take action to block these orders. Guess hoping for votes from immigrants (both legal and illegal) is more important than upholding our Constitution and our laws. The more Our Leader gets away with issuance of Executive Orders, more emboldened he will become.

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    How could a lawfully elected President sign an Executive Order allowing children of illegals brought to US by their parents be allowed to stay in the country? The children did not set foot on dry land on their own, but were brought by their parents. Is this transaction legal? The President is doing everything to fulfil his promise during the campaign to the Spanish. and he is helped by the Speaker, a conservative!

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    These three articles (Obama exceeding his Constitutional authority, Boehner hiring Rebecca Tallent and especially the possible granting of TPS to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos) highlight the grave risk our country is facing from rising immigration. Granting TPS to all Filpinos in the US would be like granting FEMA aid to Americans living in AZ or CA for “Superstorm Sandy”.

    TPS for Filipinos who happen to be here when the hurricane occurred is just a clever, easy excuse to grant green cards and a pathway to US citizenship to one million people. BTW, one million people is roughly the population of the entire state of Rhode Island (1.05M, 2012). It’s time for the US to say, “ENOUGH!” to these scams and abuses of the law and runaway immigration.

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    Every vote for a Liberal puts our country at grave risk. Liberals have gain notoriety for twisting the language of the law in order to advance their agenda. And this is a disaster waiting to happen, or is happening now. What you see here is not a coincidence but a consequence of Liberal ideology and core “values” of the Democratic Party.

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    I just read the Obama crossed constitutional lines twice what will be done about this, nothing as usual.

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    Does anyone think that this president cares about the Constitution that was written so as to be understood by the people, not so that people like Obama, a lawyer could re-interpret it so it fits more to his way of thinking? We the people of the United States are sick and tired of lawyers and Scholars interpreting the Constitution and then telling us, the people it was written for, that the founders didn’t mean what they wrote for WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, but instead what they think the founders meant.

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    So Much of the Reason for ACA

    Is directly tied to overpopulation lowerring wages; and healthcare opportunity too. This is the golden patch to distribute the wealth so that lower wages will pay the elderly health bills too [????]…..did these surface level open border thinkers look further in the future? Who’s gonna pay for all the overpopulation they desire now, when they age? Who’s gonna pay for all their older “chain migration” relatives that are include the already elderly and already live in America.

    In Seattle I see it every day….Microsoft’s insourced techs on the cheap from India and their “chain migration” turbanned fathers/grandfathers, wanderring the streets on foot [or bicycles], waiting the 5 years to go on government medical supports. They purposely stare at me when I drive by them BTW.

    It works for Microsoft’s bottom line and stock profits short term [somewhat and not effectively I’d add]; but is destroying America’s ability to buy personal computer purchases simultaneously; i.e., Windows 8 is a failed insourced tech developed system “crashing PC plane” spinning toward the ground to explode.

    But we got comparably dinky profit X-Box games to keep MSFT alive….LOL

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      The elderly middle class are paying, along with middle class, and along with the young people are paying for everyone else thru our taxes. He is doing his d mdest to break our backs with immigration and healthcare. When he talks about redistribution of wealth, he is talking about taking from the middle class, not the wealthy, remember he is now wealthy and he is not taking from himself! There are only 2 classes of people who count: the wealthy and illegals . Giving TPS to1 mill people is crazy and it will not be temporary, it will be permanent; those who came from other countries brought their elderly parents for Americans to take care of, then odama will push for 33 million plus from south of the border, this country is quickly becoming a real mess. The few who have jobs, lost their insurance because of the arrogant britch in the WH, yet expected to pay for their healthcare and everybody elses. we have too many Americans out of work and now these 1 mill Fillipinos will look for work and probably get it. The libs are trying to block conservative votes and conservative votes are the only thing that can possibly save this country. Obama has bypassed the Constitution more than twice.

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    There’s only one thing that you can count on with certainty when it comes to “temporary protected status”. Which is, there is NOTHING temporary about it. We have “temporary” programs still in effect after thirty years. Just another lie by the same lying advocates on the other side. And it will only lead to all their relatives coming here for “visits”, and this administration will ignore it when they don’t leave.

    Which underlines the first story on here. How this president is ruling by fiat. There have always been a certain amount of executive orders over the years, but what is happening now, especially with these immigration issues, is not any clarification of policies. These directives are completely changing the intent, and plain language, of the laws passed by Congress.

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      Just to note, one of the law professors who testified in the House hearing about this administration’s over reach of power is Jonathan Turley. He is a widely known and widely read constitutional authority, well respected by his peers. He is generally liberal but is not afraid to say what he feels.