Judge Refuses to Deport Obama’s Uncle

ICEAgentsAt a deportation hearing on Tuesday, an immigration judge granted the president’s illegal alien uncle, Onyango “Omar” Obama, status as a legal permanent resident in the United States.  Although Kenyan national Omar Obama had lied about his employment, defied multiple deportation orders, and was arrested for drunk driving, Judge Leonard Shapiro found that the president’s uncle had “good moral character,” a prerequisite to obtaining his green card.

Uncle Omar entered the United States on a student visa in 1963 and remained in the U.S. illegally after his visa expired.  He was denied an extension of that visa when he falsely claimed he was employed, and was subsequently ordered to leave the U.S. three times: in 1986, 1989, and 1992.  Finally, when he was arrested for drunk driving in 2011, authorities discovered he was an illegal alien and the media identified him as President Barack Obama’s father’s half-brother.  After his arrest, he allegedly said, “I think I will call the White House.”

To permit Uncle Omar to stay in the United States, the judge applied Section 249 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which allows the Department of Homeland Security to adjust the status of certain aliens who entered the U.S. before 1972. The judge ruled that he had the requisite “good moral character” required under Section 249, because after his drunk driving arrest, he served probation without being arrested again.  The judge ruled that because Omar entered what’s referred to as an admission of sufficient facts rather than a guilty plea, his drunk driving did not constitute a criminal act that would disqualify him from obtaining a green card under Section 249.

Omar is not the only member of President Obama’s family who was an illegal alien that courts permitted to remain in the United States.  The same immigration judge, Leonard Shapiro, granted President Barack Obama’s Aunt Zeituni Onyango asylum in 2010.  Onyango had lived in public housing in Boston and ignored a 2004 deportation order.

The White House has refused to comment on the president’s uncle, but Uncle Omar sparked a controversy by mentioning his nephew at the hearing.  Contrary to White House claims that Omar and Barack Obama had never met, Omar Obama testified Tuesday that President Obama stayed with him at his Massachusetts apartment for a few weeks in the 1980s while attending Harvard Law School.

Uncle Omar is now allowed to get a green card and apply to become a U.S. citizen in five years, unless the Department of Homeland Security appeals the case within 30 days.

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    how do you go from a “deportation hearing” to “permanent resident”? i would guess that the most positive ruling in favor of the immigrant would be “stopping the deportation”…permanent residency is a process and granting in court hearing…this reeks of “favors”

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    Follow the money. Anyone hear about the Russian helicopter deal? Think the open mike comment with Obama and former Russian President Medvedev might just have a little import on the helicopter deal? So you don’t think the “black” hand (pun intended) might be in this “uncle” matter? Think Obama might just get some money from the Russians thru the back door and thru acquaintences for the helicopter deal. Maybe the judge is getting a new wing on a personal residence for free or a higherup judgeship. Obama and his administration are worse than the inmates in the local prison but they are not in jail but are in charge. Lord, help us.

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    The simple fact is, they were never going to deport him. Unless the person has committed multiple criminal acts or a serious felony, they get to stay. You should all start asking for all the immigration judges to be replaced, Shapiro is just one of hundreds of IJ’s that are lazy, stupid and have no clue on how to enforce the immigration laws. They are pathetic, look at Richardson in Arizona; take a look at his crap decisions. A joke! Sorry, just can’t stand the immgration system that keeps talking about reform when we have had one or more programs every 10 years since 1982, that allowed illegals to stay, the most recend DACA and 2001. Pathetic, we just should open our borders.

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    This is bad, we can’t even trust judges anymore!
    Hopefully someone will “pop” this illegal alien.

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    Odd how a lot of his relatives are Not Americans, foreigners that get “special” privileges apparently.

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    It is appalling how blatant our president, politicians and judges are when it comes to ignoring our Constitution.
    Even if our Forefathers who wrote our Constitution can’t stare in disbelief, I am sure they are rolling over in their graves at how our laws on these immigration issues are being ignored!! We the American citizens must find a way to counteract this misuse of justice!!

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    Daniel J. Wachter on

    If there is a question of politics being played here, welcome to America. I’m a democrat and I can not support these (without question) heavy-handed actions. I disagree whole-heartedly on how politics are more important and over-ruled than laws. The best choice for this Judge would have been to state that due to the political nature of this, the Judge and recues themselves.

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    It is NOT this slimeball (Omar) who is the great deceiver–it is the ‘illegal alien’ in the Whitehouse, who steadily usurps authority and makes decisions based upon what his communist/illegal alien appointments are able to achieve in their quest to destroy America. Who REALLY believes that the ‘alien’ is really a citizen of the United States Of America, and deserves to be POTUS? I didn’t think so. It is time to rid he and his fake-family from the Whitehouse, and send him packing to Kenya or Indonesia, where he HAS citizenship. It has been an absolute
    tragedy this past 5.5 years, and unless We, The People DO something (instead of just talking about it), you will find yourself in a detention facility awaiting execution.

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    I recall when he was arrested. He was driving a Mercedes or some expensive car yet had no visible means of support. I don’t remember what dear auntie was doing but it was also something illegal that caught the attention of the law.

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    Veronica Copple on

    Judge Leonard Shapiro found that the president’s uncle had “good moral character,” despite the fact that Omar Obama had lied about his employment, defied multiple deportation orders, and was arrested for drunk driving, Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

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      No, you’re not, Veronica. This action shows how little our “leaders” care about the law. We have a rogue government trying as hard as it can to “fundamentally change this country.”And, unfortunatly, they are succeding.

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        they dont care about the law because they are ‘above’ it. I thought everyone knew this by now *insert sarcasm here* thats why all these criminals are still in office :/

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    This is ILLEGAL The Judge should be fired
    Any laws this man breaks the judge and Obama need to be held accountable
    Our Country is being abused!

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      When is our Congress going to try these judges and the so-called president for TREASON? The whole world is laughing at us! No border security…the poor border patrol’s hands are tied by this administration and it has to end. Our country’s security is at stake here! Wake up America…let’s get organized and get rid of these traitors!

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    Remember he is from an “upstanding family” yeh right we know better than that. This judge does not even know good character if was drawn in a picture format.

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    So, what’s the surprise! Obama is a nasty person and, he is out to destroy this country on all levels; so, why are we not surprised with the news of Obama’s relatives got the ability to stay in the country!

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    Uncle Omar is now allowed to get a green card and apply to become a U.S. citizen in five years, unless the Department of Homeland Security appeals the case within 30 days.

    ——————-And unless he gets caught driving drunk again.

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      Well I guess its time to send his uncle a case of beer and some good Tennessee Whiskey. See how he behaves. It sure shows the court system is afraid of the White House. Equal justice for all. I wouldn’t be able to drive in my county if the same charges happened

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      Ali Hussein………..it is fine……………………….he should be allowed to stay….

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      Well well we see now that we have a judge who can be bought for a small some. So if any of you out there have raped or killed some one and you want to walk here’s the judge to go before.he’s already a crook and will be glad to help others seek un lawful justice Just ask for judge leonard shairo. You’ll notice i didn’t capitalize the letters to his name. That’s because there small time just like him.