Obama Targets Inequality But Ignores Immigration

Inequality ReportObama Targets Inequality But Ignores Immigration

President Obama’s call yesterday for combatting growing income inequality ignored the role of immigration in exacerbating the problem. While it was good to have him ignore his push for amnesty for a moment, it also was irresponsible.

As we and many researchers have demonstrated, one of the factors that has been fueling growing income inequality has been the massive flow of legal and illegal immigrants. (See “Immigration: Fueling U.S. Income Inequality“).

Obama noted that great progress was made in diminishing income inequality between the end of WWII and 1970. Then progress began to slow. While several factors contributed to this phenomenon, President Obama ignored the one over which the United States has the greatest control: immigration. During the period he extolled as the heyday of the American middle class there was a very low level of immigration. The immigration legislation in 1965 restarted mass immigration.

President Obama challenged those who object to his reform proposals, i.e., minimum wage increase, tax reform, etc., to announce their own agenda for combatting the inequality trend. An obvious alternative is to oppose the so called “comprehensive immigration reform” proposal that Obama is pushing, because it would increase the flow of foreign both high and low wage earners and further skew income distribution. The alternative would be true immigration reform that restores moderate immigration like we had between the 1920s and 1965 (but without the national quota system) when employers recruited women and minorities into the workforce because they had fewer foreign workers available.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Obama will continue with his lies and trying to force amnesty down our throats till he destroys the citizens and this country.. does he have a CLUE at all what putting millions and millions more people onto our welfare systems.. who is going to pay for this mess… he is already raping the citizens of their hard earned money with the garbage Obamacare… Wealth distribution is his solution.. he cares nothing about the middle class… he is destroying it.. he will drive more and more people into poverty with his projects.. it is outrageous … America is no longer the great place it once was..it is being trashed and these illegals come here and demand OUR rights, OUR jobs, they REFUSE to learn the language of our country and expect America to learn their language… billions and billions of our Tax dollars go to take care of these illegals EVERY month… WHY is this money not being used to fix our infrastructure, create jobs for the citizens, fix our schools, etc.. do something for the citizens and the country.. STOP catering to these illegals.. they should get NOTHING here but emergency medical and deported… this government represents the illegals and NOT the citizens anymore… it is outrageous… Citizenship in this country is nothing but words on paper anymore.. you can enter here illegally and get taken care of.. .. you will NEVER stop the flow of illegals..unless you use 100% E-Verify, STOP this Anchor baby giving them auto citizenship to babies of illegals (aren’t they smart enough to know that this is there way of getting more money and rights from our country), STOP giving them all the free handouts.. START giving them emergency medical ONLY and deport. Time to take this country back and start caring about what happens to our citizens..

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      In fact, forget even about the emergency care! Don’t you remember when the USA had practically eradicated diseases like TB? No more, no more. There is absolutely no screening of these people either. We have no way of knowing whether they are just ignorant mountain Mexicans, or terrorists from who-knows-where. Scarier and scarier!!

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    Obama is not interested in the plight of US citizen jobless and low income workers. His concern is in creating a larger Socialist voting base for the Democrat party. The low income workers and the takers are easily fooled by him when he preaches increasing the minimum wage and more handouts for the takers. They are generally of a lower intellect level that does not promote independent and critical thinking so they are easy for him. Good example: Look what happened with the unions who were all for Obamacare – until they found out recently what it was going to mean for them in increased costs and possible job loss.

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    On Thanksgiving Day the White House sent out a message condemning Republicans for their attempts to limit food stamps while more and more families depend on assistance. I sent an e-mail to the administration pointing out the same thing this article states: Fewer families might need assistance if the breadwinner(s) had full-time employment and how does the administration think that granting amnesty to 12 million (or maybe 20 million) immigrants is going to ease this problem. After I hit the send button my computer froze up. I Guess that kind of logic is not welcome at the White House.

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    Why does Obama continue to turn his back on Americans of African descent by flooding our country with legal and illegal aliens. Kind of like he dislikes people of his own heritage. Sad.

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    Obama didn’t ignore it…He tends to focus on one issue at a time. We have a major problem with wage distribution amongst American citizens right now. That should be his primary concern. Foreigners are not his major concern, nor should they be, particularly when Speaker Boehner has stated quite clearly that Immigration Reform ‘will not be dealt with this year..period!” and when there is a ground swell of support for a higher minimum wage. As much as I want to see Immigration Reform, lets face it, unless the heel dragging GOP House are willing to knuckle down and work on it, it won’t happen.

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    Obama Tells Us One Thing

    Then does the other. Obviously, Obama’s bent to overpopulate America worse and worse; and obviously the scarce jobs get scarcer with much lower pay.

    Obama does this with greenhouse gas too, Rolling Stone Magazine recently reported this week. He tells us to reduce greenhouse gases, then fracks away clean well water to get moer oil for his “blessed overpopulation” and the process he now produce more greenhouse gas than ever. More than Bush did.