Hark! The Illegal Aliens Sing

Hark! The Illegal Aliens Sing | ImmigrationReform.comSpeaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) title was somewhat of a misnomer at this year’s Capitol Christmas tree lighting.  Illegal aliens rudely drowned out Boehner’s voice to disrupt an American holiday tradition on the west front of the Capitol.   Out of the shadows, these illegal aliens are seeking out the illumination of the bright Christmas lights.

The pro-amnesty Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) told The Hill newspaper that 50 “children will protest silently” at the lighting of the Capitol Christmas tree.  Instead, Boehner was heckled by dozens of loudly singing illegal aliens.  Protesters belted out a mockery of the carols by manipulating the refrains to inject their pro-amnesty agenda.  (Watch video here or below.)

The demonstration on the west lawn of the Capitol was not the only time the protesters have clamored for attention during the holidays.  Protests also took place at the offices of Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.), Rep. Scott Tipton (R-Colo.) and Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.).   Their loud singing was so disruptive that staff in Boehner’s, Cantor’s, and McKeon’s offices called Capitol Police.

Media coverage has been unfairly critical of Capitol Police officers, who have been merely responding to these unlawful protests.  In response to amnesty activists posting online a video of an officer responding to children protesting, the Capitol Police issued a statement saying, “The Department is reviewing the incident and wants to assure the public that the U.S. Capitol Police welcomes daily all people to visit and lawfully express their First Amendment rights.” In the video, a Capitol Police officer outside Boehner’s office appropriately told the loudly disruptive demonstrators, “This is a place of business.” He was right to say that, because these activists don’t seem to understand that.

Ironically, amnesty protesters also held a “Do Your Jobs” campaign during the Thanksgiving holiday, asserting that Members of Congress weren’t doing their jobs by not voting for amnesty. Yet these amnesty activists are the ones regularly preventing lawmakers from doing their official duties.  Members of Congress and their staff have a difficult time addressing the pressing needs of actual constituents if they are constantly bombarded by noisy illegal aliens.

Given that the immigration policy they advocate does not make sense, it’s no surprise that these activists fail to see the disconnect between what they say and what they do.  Although the protesters at this year’s Christmas tree lighting chose some perennial favorite carols like “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Jingle Bells,” they missed an opportunity to choose a song that would appropriately match the irony of their loud efforts that evening: “Silent Night.”

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    I am sick of these people coming over here illegally and thinking they own the damn country. Who the hell are they to demand anything from the taxpayer or American worker? It would be like me breaking into your house and demanding room and board. Where is ICE when you need them. These people don’t live in the shadows they marching loud and clear with their demands. Why were these people not arrested (at least) for distrubing the peace, and maybe being here illegally?

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    Rhonda Bickford on

    Another example of ungrateful criminals. You can’t help people who want to live off the efforts of others.

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    In my opinion illegals have NO right to protest, anywhere, at any time, or under any circumstance. That right is reserved for citizens only. I believe EACH and EVERY illegal involved in a protest should be taken into custody and deported immediately. It is very difficult for me to even comprehend or believe what I see with my own eyes what has happened to my own country.

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    How sad that our country has allowed this illegal alien invaders to break our nation’s laws and flaunt it in our faces with no regards for anyone. This illegal alien invaders should be deported on the spot. The USA government has failed the American people. Our government is a disgrace and the laughing stock of the international community. No one in the government has the cajones to stand up to Obama. The American citizen is fed up and things are gong to get really bad.
    This illegal alien invaders do not deserve anything that America has to offer, they are here illegally and breaking the laws of this sovereign nation. How can anyone justify compensating this law breakers.

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    By breaking into this country, these people have declared war. I’m all for sending troops to the border to stop them by any means. Meanwhile, every illegal here needs to be deported. This will never happen, however, because our government willingly allows the invasion and welcomes the lawbreakers, giving them every benefit they can. Vote the pro-amnesty traitors out.

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    I fear there will eventually be an escalation of violence against these illegals that come to this country and demand rights that American citizens have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to get and keep. Our dear leader and rulers could care less how we fell about the burden of supporting these lawless invaders. I cringe thinking about the MS13 gangs, drug lords and hard core criminals roaming our streets seeking easy targets and a free living on the tax payers dollar.

    We are surely on our way to a 3rd world banana republic nation allowing the illegals destroy our economy and our society in general. I’m sickened that I spent 10 years defending the freedom of two other nations so they could secure their borders and sovereignty but when I come home its a free for all. What happened to my constitutional right to be protected from foreign invaders on my own soil! Oh, I forgot that the constitution is now an option when it comes to our leaders help us defend it.

    This madness must stop or we will soon reap the whirlwind.

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    What’s even more sad is that those people just wanted to be on TV and are using the guise of immigration reform to get a boost to the ego.

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    If law enforcement in this country would do their job and follow the laws, all those loud mouthed illegals would be rounded up, arrested and deported instead of demanding rights which they have none.. That was in the good old days. They know they are in control and are really pushing our buttons. When will this country ever wake up?

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    I still can’t believe that these ignorant people come here illegally and DEMAND things. It’s so sad to think that some day, they will decide who runs our (?) country.

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      E-mail the Speaker and let him know your crucial opinion. He needs to know what the citizens of this country are thinking about amnesty because he represents us, illegals are hoping we lay down and do nothing so the Democrats could pass amnesty bills under our noses. I am first generation Hispanic-American of legal labor working Hispanics. Illegals are renegade locusts who have come to control and dominate and their attitude of entitlement and arrogance has gotten this far along with greedy politicians, etc. Where I live in California they have literally monopolized all affordable housing and labor jobs contributing to the homeless population and they are ruthless, aggressive and unapologetic. The American dollar is worth a lot more in Mexico enabling them to “quickly” buy land, add additions to their homes, vehicles, etc. It’s not personal, it’s business to them. The women are even more ruthless and determined. Here they save job positions where they are working for greedy bosses for other illegal family members or those who will be smuggled in. Before they get to California they already know where they will live and who they will work for. They do this all out in the open because they know they can’t be touch. They drive around in large obnoxious suv’s, eat at the local restaurants and shop at the local grocery stores, etc. like their is nothing wrong. Meanwhile the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet. It’s pretty pathetic and ironic. Our government has turned their backs on us in favor of a people who do not respect our laws for personal gain. And the politicians are pandering for their votes. What the hell went wrong! Please don’t stop voting and email the Speaker and everyone relevant so they know what mainstream America is really thinking, don’t let illegals steal the limelight, they need to be drowned out by the voices and outrage of all the American people across the United States, illegals and stupid politicians and special interests groups need to know loud and clear that they have a fight against giving a bunch of renegade law breakers and criminals amnesty and that it will never happen, they need to know we will not lay down for this travesty against the Constitution, all the men and women who gave, and continue to sacrifice for our country, and the legal immigrants and all Americans who work and respect this country and our laws. They cannot come in and just take because they think they can. Not anymore!

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      It worked before in 1986, they think if they stand and protest long and hard enough that it will happen again. But because it’s not happening fast enough for them and they are “inconvenienced” here they are getting more aggressive and frustrated.

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    It’s disappointing to see these illegals cause so much trouble and disruption, yet, when I (a Republican and a lawful citizen), call Boehners office, his call takers usually rudely **** up on me so that they don’t have to take our calls and listen to our opinions on amnesty.

    It seems these Republican Politicians are more tolerant and polite to the illegals and their trouble making activities, then they are to Republican Constituents.
    Sad, but it seems to me that Boehner and many Republican leaders have more disdain for Americans then they do the illegals.

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      Tell these crazy fools in the congressional offices that you are an illegal ! They will probably be polite and attentive to you ! I plan to try this on my congressional offices. I wonder what Barbara Mikulski, Ben Cardin & Elijah Cummings will think …..illegal alien asks (demands) they vote against any amnesty !!!! I know that congress will vote for some kind of amnesty. THEY INVITED THEM TO COME HERE…….MY OFFERING THEM WELFARE !!!!!!

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      Go to “speaker of house.gov” select immigration and write out your opinion. I could only guess that the rude response is because his phone lines are probably jammed 24/7 with protests against amnesty, and rightly so. They all gotta go home, and stop trying to strong hold the arm of our government to give them their ill gotten demands!! Are they for real? Any other country would of arrested them then deported them. They need a rude awakening so they’ll start taking our laws seriously, like passing laws that will enforce the border more securely, mandatory E-Verify taking away the reason they illegally come here to work for greedy and dishonest employers who also ignore the laws for hiring illegals and who contribute to the jobless Americans and legal immigrants. Immigration reform needs to not only enforce and update the laws but also once and for all make it clear that illegals will not be rewarded for breaking and ignoring the law so you will be wasting your time and stay home, no tolerance, the gravy train has dried up. Illegals and the Democrats will ruin this country, they all gotta go!!

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      Beohner, Pelosi, Reid, and Lindsey Graham should all be booted out. I hope the people in their states have gotten wise and will get rid of them.

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    What a hoot! Speaker Boehner is doing everything he can do to win amnesty and U.S. citizenship for illegal aliens without losing his job. Even so he is getting picketed, heckled, and mocked by his new illegal immigration friends.