The 12 Days of Amnesty: On the 1st Day…

As Congress prepares to end its legislative session and the year draws to a close, FAIR reflects on the state of immigration.

12 days graphicOn the 1st Day of Amnesty, the DHS revealed to me:

1.2 million visa overstayers!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has lost track of 1.2 million visa holders, according to a Government Accountability Office report published this year. That means over 1 million people who entered the country legally could still be in the U.S. illegally after their visa expired.

This is a huge part of our illegal immigration problem. 40% of illegal aliens currently in the country originally entered legally.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem that’s already required by Congress – a biometric entry-exit system. Since 1996 Congress has mandated an entry- exit data system for airports, seaports, and land ports of entry. The PATRIOT Act required that system to be biometric.

In 2014, Congress must act to force DHS to stop dragging its feet and finally implement the entry-exit visa tracking system required by current law.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Our president is too busy making laws (congresses’ Job) instead of doing his job enforcing laws. He needs to be fired now, not in 2016. 2016 is three years away leaving a lot of time for him to really screw this country up

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    It is disgusting to me that this administration prevents Immigration officers from doing their job. I know the have been prohibited from doing bus checks on the interior and are not allowed to do worksite enforcement. The problem is compounded when sanctuary jurisdictions feel the need to limit federal immigration law enforcement on the streets. Please enforce the law!

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    Exactly when did illegals become more important in OUR country than Americans? Imagine us doing what they do here if we were in Mexico- and that’s how it should be here. If we showed our $$$ here like they do we would be arrested, what’s wrong with this picture????? It’s because of our government we are now second here, to criminals who entered OUR country illegally. God bless America, what went wrong here? Unless we get on the phone and drive the traitor republicans who have turned their back on us insane with our calls- all we can do is sit back and watch our country be destroyed. Call them, please! I do and I hope and pray for the future of OUR country that you will too! And MERRY CHRISTMAS to all Americans!!

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    …and when 2014 has begun, at what point do we, the people, hold our Congress responsible for not implementing entry-exit system!Seems to me we have the solutions, yet for some reason, greed or other factors played a role in either ignoring this legislation or holding g off for a while! and, at taxpayer expense.

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    Years ago when I had an office, I used to see Mexican ladies walking around with 3 – 5 small children tagging behind them. Many of these ladies pretended that they could not speak English. If a baby born in the USA is automatically an American citizen, doesn’t that almost mandate that the entire illegal family stays? I believe that GOD gave us ways to prevent pregnancy when the world had enough people.

    I hate to think that the US could, in the future years, become more like Mexico because of these illegals who come in and don’t care about breaking our laws. I also have heard about illegals who go to our free medical places. A nurse told me that they go to the Emergency room on Friday nights because they cannot turn them away.. I don’t know if that is the same way or not. Maybe someone could comment on that.

    We would be better off giving Mexico a million dollars to feed them in Mexico.

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    Diana Reichardt on

    You know I am; sick of how things are being handled with it comes to the illegals in this country!! It is time for our government to ENFORCE our laws and quit ignoring them!!!

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      What is even more maddening is that these same politicians who are trying to hand out amnesty to the illegals would gladly prosecute and imprison you or I if we committed a crime.

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    I would imagine it is NOT the USA’s obligation to keep TRACK of a person who wants to become a Legal Citizen.. It is their responsibility to report into Immigration. And if that becomes too big a problem for them that shows a REAL incentive to DEPORT these people immediately.. As NO one is getting away with anything.. A repeat of disrespect is what Should NEVER be rewarded AT ALL..

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    Florida is awash with illegals. Where I live they are taking construction jobs from higher wage Americans.

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    Our government could do a lot of things to stop illegal immigration and make it hard for people to stay here without permission. Like e-verify made mandatory for every job. Like secure driver’s licenses. Some states already have a system that requires several forms of secure identification before you get a license. Other states make a point of giving licenses to illegals.

    We have a combination of political and business forces that encourage and pander to illegal immigration. Until the majority of voters wise up to this and demand change, these things will continue.

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      Texas will give a drivers licenses to illegals and if they cant read English they supply a interpertor to read and tell them the ans. to mark. americans aren’t even getting the ans. to test like illegals. but Texas loves all the illeagels they can get. our state and citys have open arms for them.

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      Leland, all of us and all of our friends should contact our U S Government officials and DEMAND that E-verify be used for EVERY JOB in the USA. That should stop some. Also, since the Constitution requires people to speak English, we should all WALK OUT and LOUDLY SAY,. You Must speak English to be an American, I will shop at stores who hire AMERICANS who are required to speak English.

      Mexico has so many natural resources, it is a DISGRACE that they cannot feed and control their own citizens. Most Mexicans are very good people. .