The 12 Days of Amnesty: on the 2nd Day…

On the 2nd Day of Amnesty, the Obama administration gave to me…

Nearly 2 million illegal aliens eligible for deferred action.



In June 2012, President Obama announced that illegal aliens under the age of 31 who arrived in the U.S. before 16 would be eligible to avoid removal from the U.S.

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) estimated that 1.76 million illegal aliens could take advantage of the executive amnesty – which allows not only reprieve from deportation but also legal work authorization.

Since its implementation in August 2012, more than 450,000 young illegal aliens have received deferred action. Only 9,578 applications have been denied.

Unfortunately, Congress has not effectively reined in the administration’s abuse of executive power to grant amnesty to entire classes of illegal aliens. As a result, the administration continues to expand on unilateral changes to immigration laws and top White House aide – and former La Raza lobbyist – Cecilia Muñoz recently asserted that deferred action will be renewed “as long as this president is president…”

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    Rhonda Bickford on

    Illegal Not undocumented and it is extremely wrong to take from those who are Citizens and give to those who have crossed our borders illegally! Whether it be by action of the parent or not and the PRESIDENT IS wrong for allowing Children of Legal residents of the this country TO go hungry and homeless for these criminals.

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    The EOs Obama has signed are illegal…..PERIOD. Congress voted down the DREAM Act and all other legislation proposing Amnesty for illegal aliens. It’s against the law for Obama to circumvent congress’ votes and pass the very laws congress voted down. Obama’s self proclaimed authority to make laws is an impeachable offense. It’s dictatorship and needs to be swiftly dealt with by our Law Makers……..PERIOD!!!!!!!!

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    steve henderson on

    why hasn’t anyone who has “standing’ filed a lawsuit challenging the Morton Memo and the latest effort with illegal alien spouses of military people ?? what or who can do this ??