12 Days of Amnesty: on the 3rd Day…

On the 3rd Day of Amnesty, FAIR reminded me…

Nearly 3 million illegal aliens were given amnesty in 1986.

12 Days of Amnesty: Day 3

When President Ronald Reagan signed the 1986 amnesty bill, it was estimated that 1.5 million illegal aliens would benefit. However, a total of 2.7 million illegal aliens emerged to claim legal status. And the domestic policy director in charge of President Obama’s current amnesty agenda believes the 1986 law did not go far enough.

Despite promises of increased enforcement after the 1986 amnesty, the U.S. is now host to at least 11.7 million illegal aliens.

Another amnesty like the one included in the Senate bill and promoted by President Obama, would only send the message that our country’s immigration policy is amnesty. Get here any way you can, keep your head down, and eventually you’ll be given the same rights and privileges as U.S. citizens and those who entered legally.

Let’s not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Tell Congress we’ve heard all the arguments in favor of “one final amnesty” before – and we won’t fall for it again.

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    not on my watch, get them the hell out of our country send them packing, do it legal or not at all. Time to fight back, take back and keep this great country great!! Shot them, leave them where they lay, send a message very clear and cold, you cross, you die!!!

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    The biggest laugher of all is the promise that there will be some kind of “strict background checks” on these people. Please. Paid for by who? Certainly not the applicants or the government.

    To do a decent comprehensive check would be expensive to begin with, much less untangling all the various false and stolen id-s and names they have used. No one will be paying for this, and like 1986, most applications will be rubber stamped. A Ford Foundation study found massive fraud in the 1986 agricultural workers amnesty program.

    And for the inevitable fox guarding the hen house angle, a lot of “advocate” groups will be the ones handling the applications. Just remember that the Washington Navy Yard shooter, although an American, was supposed to be thoroughly vetted for his security clearance and it turned out he had all kinds of red flags in his record. If we can’t check on someone like him, does anyone really think that we will check on 12 million or more illegals?. More fairy tales by the other side.