12 Days of Amnesty: on the 4th Day…

On the 4th Day of Amnesty, Congress did not end…

$4.2 billion in tax credits to illegal aliens.

12 Days of Amnesty: Day 4

Although illegal aliens are not authorized to work in the U.S., some have used a loophole in U.S. tax laws to collect billions in tax credits. By using an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), illegal aliens can file taxes showing minimal income and collect the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) from the U.S. government.

This $4.2 billion loophole should be an easy fix for Congress. Ensuring illegal aliens cannot further profit from breaking U.S. law is a no-brainer, right?

Despite the Treasury Inspector General revealing this problem in a 2012 report and numerous bills introduced, Congress has failed to stop illegal aliens from continuing to collect this tax credit and fraud continues.

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      If You Are Referring to IAs Moot Point Average Tax Bracket That Pays Practically No Federal Tax

      You’re wrong.

      If you’re referring to any Social Security paid in you’re also wrong. Legally, that’s a retirement program, not a federal tax.

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    What they meant about immigration reform is reforming the INS office in a way where it can process efficiently and effectively the very high volumes of pending petition cases filed in their offices around the world for many decades. It is due to lack of qualified personnels here and abroad, poor budgetary outlays and too much political pandering using the office as a mere tool for getting popular votes of would be immigrants by both parties. Illegal immigration has no place in this country because of the present economic conditions besetting the country like the 17 trillion dollars foreign debt artifically created by the existence of Federal Reserve Board and so far as a question of law is concerned.

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    Enough of the IRS illegal B.S. Who in D.C. Has the authority to file criminal charges for the tax agency’s release of Romney info to the WH, for intimidating conservative charity and political action groups, for illegal Mexicans getting child credits ( no name checks and not even living here; for gross negligence in sending hundreds of phony tax refunds to one address in Europe; for lying to Congress??? Abolish IRS and go to federal sales Tax!!!! Prosecute where the decision-making trail leads!!!!

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    why Rosa Redmond's on

    Why have we not stopped washington from throwing our money away on illegal aliens countries that hate us and trash like this if Obama wants to support this let Jim use his own money

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    Charles Connell on

    Why are we helping people take away from our country? The IRS wants to run/ maintain the health care system!?!?! Please stick to keeping tax money in the coffers, and pay down our $17Trillion.

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    It’s appalling what Congress does for people that broke into our Country and knows how to scam every government program there is!

    Politicians have become Anti-American Worker, besides giving illegals our money! Read what has happened to our citizens!