Democrats Block Amendment to Restore Veteran Benefits by Cutting Tax Rebates for Illegal Aliens

Democrats Block Amendment to Restore Veteran Benefits by Cutting Tax Rebates for Illegal Aliens

“Senate Republicans were unable to stop military pension cuts when Senate Democrats blocked a vote on an amendment to prevent the cuts by closing a welfare loophole for illegal immigrants Tuesday evening,” the Daily Caller writes.

“The two-year budget deal brokered by Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, would cut military pensions by $6 billion over ten years, leaving some Senate Republicans scrambling to stop the cuts.”

DHS Again Lowest Morale Federal Agency

“Federal employees who deal with homeland security matters remain some of the government’s least-satisfied, as overall workforce morale hit its lowest point in a decade, according to a report that began ranking agencies on such issues in 2003,” the Washington Post writes.

“The Department of Homeland Security, a perennial bottom-dweller in the “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” rankings, marked its third consecutive year of decline and its second straight year of being last among the 19 largest agencies.”

Investor Visa Program Draws Concern Over Security

“A federal program that allows foreign investors to obtain a U.S. visa by investing large sums in U.S. commercial projects is raising security concerns, particularly over whether the program can be “infiltrated” by potential terrorists,” Fox News says.

“The new concerns about the decades-old EB-5 Immigrant Investor program were raised by the Department of Homeland Security, following questions related to whether two Iranian operatives might have been trying to participate. Those operatives were allegedly involved in a network exporting items “for use by ‘secret’ Iranian government agencies” — and “appeared to be involved in a series of international assassination and terrorism operations,” according to an internal memo by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”


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      It should be clear as glass by now that the Democrats have no higher objective than pandering to Latinos, and especially to illegal aliens. On every issue, they accommodate and cater to lawbreakers, over the interest of American citizens.