The 12 Days of Amnesty…the 10th Day

On the 10th Day of Amnesty, Secretary Napolitano was sued by

…10 ICE agents.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 12

After years of the Obama administration dismantling immigration enforcement, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents had enough. Ten of them united to sue the then Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton.

The ICE agents claimed that the DHS leaders violated federal law by using prosecutorial discretion to grant administrative amnesty to broad classes of illegal aliens. The agents argued — and a Texas district court has agreed — that the deferred action program for illegal aliens under 31 years-old forces them to violate federal law by prohibiting them from arresting or placing in removal proceedings every illegal alien they encounter who is not clearly and beyond a doubt entitled to be admitted to the United States.

Understandably, ICE agents were concerned that this non-enforcement was not only illegal but dangerous. However, many feared that any effort to speak truth to power would leave them without a job.

The lawsuit helped highlight an oft ignored problem. Though the judge found that the directive protecting “DREAMers” from deportation was illegal, the agents were not given “standing” to challenge its implementation. In short, ICE agents must break federal immigration law because the administration illegally ordered them to.

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    Foreign aid to Mexico up, and reduce it to Saudi Arabia. The aid has to be spent on food in rural parts of Mexico, so they depend less on remittances money. Currently in the US billions are spend on the children of illegal immigrants through the free and reduce lunch programs and emergency health are. It would be cheaper to spend it directly in Mexico. Another suggestion to get some Mexicans to go home and others to not come.

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    Immigration law is whatever this administration says it is, no matter the plain language of the laws passed by Congress. We now have a fourth branch of government apparently. One that consists of “executive orders” that clearly contradict settled law, and no one seems to have a problem with this. This president said that Congress had to pass the Dream Act. They didn’t and he subsequently put all the provisions in place by executive order. He did what he said he didn’t have the power to do. You can’t believe a thing he says.

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    There needs to be more the just a law suite filed against Napolitano & HLS. There needs to be criminal charges filed for failing to uphold the Constitution, their oath of office and failure to enforce our laws. Criminal charges for aiding and abetting criminal activity as a Public Official. From Obama on down his regime there must be charges filed and prosecuted, including the Attorney General Eric Holder. He has refused and blocked charges and prosecution of criminals and their crimes ever since he’s been in office. We need someone to clean up our Federal Government the was Gov. Palin cleaned up the crime and corruption that was rampant in Alaska when she took over as Governor. Obama, his regime and a lot of those in Congress are the most corrupt criminals ever assembled.

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    Michael McGregor on

    So, the courts recognize the problem but refuse to do anything about it!!! So much for Justice in America!! Justice is gone; freedoms being taken away!! So much for the “Land of Liberty!”!!!! America! The land of the Traitor’s and infiltraitors!!!!!