12 Days of Amnesty…the 12th Day

On the 12th Day of Amnesty, the country’s failed amnesty policy gave to us…

nearly 12 million illegal aliens.


Almost 27 years after the U.S. granted amnesty to nearly 3 million illegal aliens, there are 11.7 million illegal aliens living in the country.

Clearly, amnesty is not a sound immigration policy and if Congress once again caves to the same arguments they heard in 1986, the U.S. will find itself with either another insurmountable illegal immigration problem or an economy, society, and environment not worth sneaking into.

In these 12 days we’ve looked back at only some of the unsettling truths of our broken immigration enforcement apparatus. Enjoy your holidays with your families. 2014 will be yet another year in which we’ll have to stand up for an immigration policy that puts Americans first.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    And the problem is worse than 1986 in all ways. We have politicians who are willing to turn this country into an overcrowded slum for the sake of votes. What sane policy pretends that importing the poor and uneducated of another country and making them eligible for all sorts of social programs is a economic boon for this country? Maybe for business, but not the majority of Americans.

    Quite frankly, if anyone were honest, and honesty is not an attribute known to the other side, the majority of people coming here are coming from corrupt, violence prone societies. Case in point Mexico. Gangs, cartels, unsolved killings, corruption. And hypocrites on top of it, because they legally codify discrimination against those not born there or who do not speak Spanish as a first language. Most political offices are forbidden to those born elsewhere. whereas here we have one office, the presidency, that a foreign born person cannot attain. Glass houses, Mexico?