Rep. Diane Black on ‘The ICE Shell Game’

Rep. Diane Black on ‘The ICE Shell Game’Over the weekend, National Review Online published an editorial by Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) that highlights one example of how the Obama administration continues to skirt existing U.S. immigration laws and to what extent they will go to in order to push their pro-amnesty agenda.

In “The ICE Shell Game,” Black covers the on-going struggle to stop the Obama administration from funding an illegal alien lobbyist position at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Rep. Black writes:

At a time when our country is $17 trillion in debt, the last thing we should be doing is using taxpayer dollars to fund a position whose primary purpose is to advocate on behalf of individuals who have entered our country illegally and in some cases broken other laws as well. This is why in the summer of 2012 I introduced an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill to defund this public-advocate position; it is why my amendment was passed unopposed by voice vote in the House; and ultimately it is why language to defund the position was passed by the Senate and included in the final Continuing Resolution that President Obama signed into law on March 26, 2013.

Last February, the Obama administration created a “Public Advocate” position for illegal aliens at ICE. The following month, H.R. 933, “The Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2013,” eliminated the position in Section 567, which stated, “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to provide funding for the position of Public Advocate within U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

President Obama signed the appropriations bill on March 26, 2013, but the position was not eliminated as Congress intended. In September, Fox News reported that the administration had simply renamed the position while maintaining the same job description and the same staffer.

In December, Rep. Black followed up by introducing H.R. 3732 to eliminate this position permanently, which she explains at National Review:

It is an outrage that federal bureaucrats think they can simply skirt the law, in essence ignoring the will of the people by playing a shell game and hiding ICE activities with a mere title change. To fight back, I have now introduced H.R. 3732, the Immigration Compliance Enforcement (ICE) Act. This straightforward, good-government legislation prohibits federal money from being used to fund any position that performs the exact or “substantially the same” functions as the former “public advocate” or the “deputy assistant director of custody programs and community outreach.” The Obama administration must be held accountable and required to follow the spirit of the law, not just the letter.

Like Black points out in her editorial, these actions are not unusual for the Obama administration. The tit-for-tat response of the Obama administration in this situation is just a small portion of what they have done to circumvent existing laws in order to get closer to their goal of a mass amnesty for illegal aliens.

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    Stuart A Smetters on

    The proper (and legal) definition of an illegal is actually Known Criminal as well as (due to the economic war that they have created within the boarders of our country while practising one assult after another on the American People) is a known enemy of the United States, Therefore every politician who has knowingly associated with any and/or represent even one in any means is in violation of his/her oath of office and needs to be forcefully removed for their act of Treason. (for example: consulting with a known enemy of…., got it Obama, Jerkson, and governor it.)
    Congress, in the very least, needs at this time to restrict Obama’s Powers as he has already shown his intent to destroy American by signing in the Dream act in defiance to all the powers of Congress.
    While we and congress said no, he said yes and dictated his intent to keep Americans unemployed while destroying the free enterprise system (China needs to give him a medal) Absolute power rules absolutely and Obama intends to defy the Constitution by declaring Absolute Power as opposed to the division of powers.
    The president may indeed negotiate a treaty, but congress and congress only has the authority to approve it and that is what the Dream Act is a treaty that Obama not only negotiated but put into law while congress refused it and said no..
    All employers (that includes managers with or without authorization of upper management) need to be charged and convicted for harbering fugitives whenever any hire a known criminal (illegal) and/or every landlord and/or individual who keeps even one hidden the way the law already requires. Stop authorizing hidden amnesty now and arrest (and remove from office) any and all protecting even one.

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    We are under attack. We are experiencing Mexican occupation of our country, aided by our own gov.

    Look for & identify the enemies of the true Citizens of the USA; those who benefit & profit from the Mexican Invasion. (Stop aligning the Mexican Invasion with immigration. Call them what they are,invaders. They are INVADING and occupying our country. They are an Invasion force. In So Cal/L.A., Mexican Gangs are in essence, clearing the way for more Mexicans).

    Those who benefit are the businesses that use them as a cheaper massive, on going, number of laborers, and the corporations that profit off of them and the 6 kids Mexican have. Imagine how much money WM makes on diapers alone.

    Look at at those who support the Mexican/Minority Invasion. They are profiteers. They are minorities who gain by flooding our country with even more minorities with the direct intent of out numbering the very people WHO made this country from sea to shining sea. Their move is a minority racism; which has been escalated by OBAMA as we can tell by the turn of events.

    The media has brainwashed us. The media is controlled by the corporations that profit off the Mexican Invasion. We have been hog tied, and SHUT UP by Political Correctness. We can not Protect Ourselves with words because of PC. This must be an outrage to us. The enemies must be confronted.

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      Diana Reichardt on

      Well said MS, I fear that if these illegals are given amnesty it will the end for the general population of getting a job let a lone a job that pays anything. This is the only reason so many “corporations ” are yelling for it to happen. It means cheaper labor and more profit!

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    Going threw with the AMNESTY, is DISCRIMINATION, to the United States People, who pay taxes and work, fight, and built this country to be PROUD!!
    If you want the Illegals to pay taxes???? It is so darn easy, when they go to get there Green Cards, finger print them and from that day on they pay taxes, and does not get any welfare or free government help for 7 years, until they pay into it! If they don’t like that then ship them back.!
    Finger printing will make them more honest, and if they they have warrents in their country and in the U.S it will be easier to find them. And then they can’t come back to get another green card under a different name and all, if they have been finger printed!!!
    I work with a lot of Illegals, and it is so wrong how they can get paid as much as I and still get welfare and Health Insurance and housing and all, free from the Government, but not I, and I pay taxes and they don’t!!
    How can they get Soc. Sec. later on in life if they never pay into it, and go back to Mexico and live of my money and the rest of the tax payers money!
    Plus we have them come to work there for awhile and then leave or get haul away, and then they show up years later under a different name, face is the same, but name is different!
    So Please No Amnesty!!

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    Grover Norquist has been one of the biggest advocates of amnesty for illegals. But what Mr. Norquist is most famous for is his demands that Republicans sign his no new taxes pledge or he will work to defeat them. He has been pointing out to conservatives that Ronald Reagan supported the amnesty of 1986, so therefore conservatives should be supporting this one.

    Leaving aside the relevant fact that 1986 was promised to be a “one time” amnesty, the reality is the 1986 amnesty impacted California more than any other state, and led those given citizenship to bring in more of their relatives over the years. The result is that California is now ruled entirely by the Democrats and with 10% of the electoral vote by itself has not even come close to voting for the GOP presidential candidate for a long time. And the result is one of the highest taxed states, and a growing minority vote that is not going to vote Republican.

    Norquist may want a fiscally conservative Republican party to survive, but the positions he supports on mass immigration are going to turn this entire nation into California. Ideological purity is one thing but you get the votes or you don’t. Immigrants vote for big government and higher taxes to pay for it. You can’t argue the reality of that fact.

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      Americans did not support “Reagan’s Amnesty’. Reagan pushed Amnesty through on his own. He was probably bought and paid for by the businesses & corporations that would profit..

      Americans also fought the Mexican Invasion in CA, in the 1990’s, by voting for Prop. 187. The will of the CITIZENS was over rule by a JUDGE in CA. THIS IS “JUDICIAL ACTIVISM”, working against the will of the people. The judge was probably bought and paid for by the businesses & corporations.

      We are constantly beat DOWN by the people in power, who are supported by the media.