House GOP Leaders Drafting Immigration Principles

house_hallwayOn Wednesday morning, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) informed House Republicans during a closed-door meeting that House leaders “are working on a standards or principles document” on immigration reform.

Boehner’s brief comment was made at the beginning of the meeting, and he did not delve into any details about what the principles would be or when they would be released.  A Washington Post reporter tweeted that the document’s release date is “weeks away.” Some sources say that Boehner’s goal is to present the document at the upcoming GOP retreat on January 29.

The timeframe for acting on this principles document by moving on specific legislation is also unclear.  One report noted that Speaker Boehner is expected to wait until “after consultation at retreat in late Jan[uary], maybe even primary season” to act on the principles. Republican Members of Congress in the cloakroom reportedly told the press that Boehner’s remarks do not mean anything is coming to floor soon.  However, one House GOP Congressman expressed a different understanding.  Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said, “I got the impression that it’d be sooner rather than later.”

Boehner’s immigration policy advisor Rebecca Tallent, who previously worked for Senate Gang of Eight member John McCain (R-Ariz.), is coordinating the effort with House Republican leadership, such as House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.).

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    This is not about amnesty, but it is about the devil in the WH: he now proposes to eliminate from Medicare the following drugs, antidepressants, antipsychotics and drugs that suppress the immune system to prevent the rejection of a transplanted organ….Gee, Ann Coulter and the Tea Party warned us about the “Death Squads” in obamacare…this was in my local paper on sat., Jan 11, 2014. Still, congress sits on its hands, his ars should be grass and we the lawnmower, if you know what I mean

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    They will introduce bills after the risk of primary challenges has passed for Republicans who plan to betray the American people in order to collect their payoffs from business interests that expect as large an increase in legal immigration as they can get away with, as well as an amnesty that will make the illegals available to all employers. Business interests and their congressional lackeys in both parties are determined to use immigration to further drive down the real wages of American workers.

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    if illegals get amnesty, how much will it cost American tax payers????? how many will collect government
    checks????? jobs, with our military coming home , I believe their is a big push to get them jobs. what will
    be left ???? Washington has forgot who pays their wages , American tax payers not illegals. I know 1 thing
    I will be doing is collect the names of senate and house members that vote for amnesty lose their next election.
    I know I am only 1 person ,but that is a start. with the internet it will help to get the word out. with the illegals
    are frauding the American tax payer by collecting a tax credit program. the government cut veteran benefits
    because of money, if they stop the fraud of tax credit program they would have the money to pay veteran. the
    American’s that defended this county. I call Washington the red light district.

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    We already have standards and principles, and even more importantly, we already have immigration laws. The only document they need should restore power to Immigration Officers, ICE, Border Patrol and police and sheriff agencies across the country, enforce e-verify, construct a workable entry/exit system, restrict federal programs to citizens only.

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      The GOP should stop drafting and start enforcing laws already on the books. I don’t trust any new laws because the new laws work only for illegals. Yes, I am calling all of them to cut out this craziness. The gOP is once again acting w/o thinking. they will be willing to sacrifice their base for the illegals…They better get it right this time, because their arses will be out of office if they get it wrong…

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    Not that any of our duly elected politicians give a rodent’s rump, but my own personal opinion is to send all illegal immigrants back to their original country of birth, Let’s just make sure that our treasonous congress go with them.

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    This is just Boehner massaging his ankles so he can be prepared to reach down and grab them, as soon as Harry Reid is ready to deliver Amnesty to him and the RINOS in the House.

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      I still say the only thing Washington understands is vote the old guard out before they take everything away from us NOW. and set term limits on how long the can stay there. they don’t do what the people want they do who ever PAYS THEM THE MOST MONEY FOR THEIR VOTE ON THE FLOOR. We are no longer have a say so as to what the people want and need, instead they want to take from Americans and give more to illegals

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    Get back to the basics and stop pandering for votes. Enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

    The will of the American people is loud and clear. No immigration reform until our borders are secure.

    STOP skirting the issue and do the job you were elected to do.

    End of conversation.

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    Here are two principles about ‘immigration reform’ that will never be released by Speaker John Boehner’s office: 1. Ending destructive and incredibly costly illegal immigration once and for all is real immigration reform. Granting amnesty, legal status, and U.S. citizenship to millions of foreigners who are breaking our labor, tax, identity theft, and immigration laws, has nothing to do with ending our nation’s illegal immigration crisis, fixing our dysfunctional immigration system, or securing our borders. 2. It is wrong and corrupt for elected Washington politicians to take campaign cash from the cheap labor business lobby that wants to import foreign guest workers who would compete with unemployed Americans for scarce jobs and depress the wages of Americans who are working.

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      I agree all those who would grant amnesty no matter what side of the isle they are on should be removed from office and thrown into prison!!

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      There is a rumor (just a rumor mind you) that the Republicans in the house will past amnesty as long as the amnestied illegals can’t vote. That means they would gladly sell out the American worker and taxpayer while saving their own A$$e$ from being voted out of office by illegals. If this comes to be, I will punch a straight Democratic ticket because I know once the Democrats get the house those amnestied illegals will soon be able to vote. Yes I would do it all out of spite, because the Republicans have only one thing they can offer me and that is true enforcement of our immigration laws that means deportations, and throwing the legal book at employers who hire these illegals. What else have the Republicans done. Well George W signed 13 free trade deals that lost us 8 million jobs and started two unpaid wars. The Republicans have blocked anything that might create jobs from passing. Don’t get me wrong I hate the Democrats and they are the ones who really want amnesty, but if I lose my job and have to go on food stamps the Republicans would gladly cut me off or they would deny me extended unemployment benefits and all the while they try to make everyone believe that if you are on food stamps or other aid then you are just lazy and we need to cut all your benefits off so that you have to go out and find a job. HELLO IDIOTS THERE ARE NO JOBS AND THERE WILL BE EVEN LESS IF AMNESTY IS HANDED OUT.

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        They don’t know what else to do, we need a speaker of the house that is more, street wise and able to take everything the Democrats say or do that is not right and bring it to the media and expose them more for the things they do. Like they do to the Republican party on the news.

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        If you want a great graphic presentation on the futility of the current immigration policy to “help” people rise out of poverty, etc., check out the following link. It’s even good for low literate Democrats to follow. I hope!

        [full link did not come through]

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        Why would you vote straight Democratic “out of spite”? You’re against amnesty so why would you vote for the people who will not only pass amnesty but give citizenship to illegals.

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          Jim in Virginia on

          I wouldn’t go as far to vote for Democrats, but I sure won’t vote for Republicans either. For me, this amnesty deal is a line in the sand between conservatives and the republicans. Cross that line, vote for any kind of amnesty at all, and we all walk away from you. I will be an ex-voter. Will never vote again. If they pass this, we have effectively given the country away, nothing to fight for any more. If republicans believe that the only thing conservatives care about is the budget and deficits, then they are stupider then they look!!!

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          you don’t vote by parties. we have to vote all new because both parties are the same. I call them red light specials.

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          Martin L. King on

          Finally immigration reform in progress!!!! I am ashamed of all of you guys that do no even understand English…..look up amnesty……..I wonder why we r in such a bad shape……!!!

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      Here’s a simple solution and we don’t need Washington to enact it. Stop doing business with those who employ illegals or who will employ our newly minted democratic voters in waiting.