All Silent and Calm… Before the Amnesty Storm?

storm_photoIn early January, a policy brief from the open borders group National Foundation for American Policy asserted that House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) seems to have a proposal for mass amnesty for 4.4 to 6.5 million illegal aliens.  Major newspapers, like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, reported on this policy brief.  Yet the Congressman identified as being behind the proposal has said nothing.

The important question to ask is: why is Congressman Bob Goodlatte silent about this report?

If the report inaccurately makes conclusions about the House Judiciary Chairman’s intentions, wouldn’t Rep. Goodlatte want to reassure the American public that is not what he is asserting when he works on immigration reform?

Rep. Goodlatte should be concerned that his constituents do not know where he stands today on immigration.  Last year, Goodlatte’s position on amnesty was deleted from his government website.  Only after this deletion was noticed by some eagle eyed observers at National Review recently did a stance claiming the Congressman is opposed to amnesty promptly re-appear.  Staffers claimed it was “inadvertently deleted” during an update to the website.

Meanwhile, a vocal proponent of amnesty unveils himself on Spanish-language media.  Rep. Goodlatte spoke candidly about amnesty on Telemundo last Sunday. He said that immigration reform should involve “finding the appropriate legal status for people who are not lawfully here.”

If Goodlatte is working on finding legal status for illegal aliens, why won’t he be upfront about how many he wants amnestied?  Or has the National Foundation for American Policy revealed it already?

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    The ONLY way to put a stop to the constant debate on immigration is to remove illegal aliens from the country completly. If this effort doesn’t pass, they will just be back again, and again and again. Six years ago under Bush amnesty was pushed and widely announced about 12 million who are still here six years later!

    Two ways, one humane and the other not. Pass mandatory e-verify as, according to Pew Research Center, only 10% of American business participate for obvious reasons which means no job, no money, no reason to stay – Romney’s self-deport, or the only other way to empty the country of unwanted trespassers who refuse to leave would be to kill them all (including small cute children who will only grown up to be ugly adults). A fence with a “No Trespassing” sign at the southern border is not a “Welcome” mat. According to the Hertiage Foundation, the average illegal in the US receives about $14,000 more in government services than they pay in taxes and just multiply that by 12 million.

    The US Congress caused the problem with its lack of enforcement of its own rules and now wants to offer solutions? No confidence there.

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    I am totally against these law breakers and our idiot leaders are giving them everything.What a joke to the people that played by the rules and did it right. No Amesty send them back and start all over with the due process Angry American

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    News Coverage of Amnesty Topics

    Reminds me of Sherman Super Ball Sensationalist Sports News, coverage of unimportant topics that hurt and don’t do any good.

    Maybe we can wake up some day from alleging/proposing that the “endless overpopulation increases in America” don’t matter assumptions; that hold water like a very leaky bucket.

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      pass amnesty this will boost the economy.when these immigrants are deported this is your money think about it if they deport millions of people this is your money to pay to get them home on planes .

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    How many times have I said this the past few decades: Illegal immigration is a symptom of massive LEGAL immigration.

    Unless and until we have reasonable, common-sense-driven LEGAL immigration framework (no chain migration; no birthright citizenship; significantly lower overall numbers), well, we can expect plenty of illegal immigration as well.

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      concerned you come from that massive legal or illegal immigration..what a hypocrite…..

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    ronald stratton on

    are we going to give race cars to people that get speeding tickets?going to supply guns to bank robbers?going to supply alcohol to drunk drivers?

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    Goodlatte is a sinister fraud . Why dose not the mainstream media alert people to his plans? Vote him out !

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    I don’t believe we should pampering people who chose to come to this country illegally. I do however believe we should be enforcing our laws and strengthening our borders. They have bending over backwards for these people and I have wondered why, I have a friend who came here from overseas and she took English Classes and educated herself so she could earn a decent job. She obtained her citizenship the right way and has nothing but pride for this country and her accomplishments. They talk about giving this and that to the Mexicans and it makes me angry. The only ones anxious for these folks to be given amnesty are the corporates. they look forward to cheap labor. The American people would have to “settle” for the salary they want to pay us or go without a job. That is why they want this to happen. The illegals will jump at a job, regardless of what it pays and then promptly send the money home to family. The whole idea angers me.

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    Richard Dennis on

    I keeps seeing 3 to 4 Million and that is what they know. It is more like 20 + million and it will take this country down if they are given amnesty. Enforce the law 100% and sent them back to where they come from. American should be your #1 concern and protecting this country,

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    Rep. Goodlatte should be concerned that his constituents might find out and actually understand where he stands today on immigration. He makes claims that contradict what he proposes. But at least he can be comforted that he won’t face any critical analysis of his logical contradictions from a news media that share his agenda.

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    I think the “appropriate legal status for people who are not lawfully here” is what the law says it should be. Deportation.

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      It appears your old age will not be that bright……….and it is not whether or not immigration reform will happen but the fact you will be surrounded by people you discriminate….but karma will catch up with you…..

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        All your trolling under different names doesn’t change the fact that you just spout a lot of happy talk and no facts. Those amnestied will be a burden on taxpayers like me in the future because they will pay few actual taxes and use federal programs at a higher rate than native born. Look at all the welfare money going to families of illegals in California.

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        Really, Jim. So expecting the laws of this country to be enforced and enforced even handedly is “discrimination”?! I’d say it’s discriminatory to tell some people that they have to follow the law, and then to let others not only ignore it but be rewarded for it. And I’d say it’s discriminatory to claim that some ethnic/racial groups don’t have to follow the law (and not only immigration law, but our labor, fraud, and tax laws) but that others do. That’s what illegal immigration and it’s supporters are about, discrimination.

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    Apparently Bob, and the rest of the low life representatives forget they’re supposed to serve the legal citizens of this country, and not the parasites that want to sponge off us!

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      The problem is that illegals are counted in the US Census and therefore it is making illegals quasi-constituents that representatives respond to. Then of course like others have said, business owners are looking for cheap labor. We need to force a serious debate in ths country about what the heck we are doing before Central America becomes part of USA. Mexico has togher Laws than we do and theu enforce them. – Gene

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        Gene you said something extremely important nobody here understand s:

        “Mexico has tougher Laws than we do and they enforce them.”

        So that is the reason we are not Mexico….we are the US….use your brains for the first time it appears:…….just like in Russia…the gov enforces it