What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: No More Amnesties

We can create clever euphemisms, but the only people we will be fooling are ourselves. Any policy that legalizes illegal aliens is amnesty and will lead to even more illegal immigration. This includes any “pathways to citizenship” or legalization programs that grant green cards or work visas.

President Reagan’s 1986 amnesty was a disaster. After extending legal status and citizenship to 3 million illegal aliens, promises of border security and worksite enforcement went unfulfilled.

Now some of the same politicians are using the same arguments to push another amnesty. We need to stop them by taking back immigration reform and pushing proposals that put Americans first.

True Immigration Reform: No More Amnesties


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    Amnesty for 11+million ILLEGAL ALIENS is insane. Amnesty has not worked before, it will not work now. One does not reward lawbreakers with citizenship (especially immediate – and those that have other criminal records besides being illegal in this country). Does anybody believe that a new immigration law will be enforced?? Illegal aliens enjoy dozens of government benefits to which they are not entitled, showing that our politicians, incl. the president, and law enforcement are ignoring, breaking, disregarding, go against, don’t obey and don’t enforce existing laws.

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    lllegal aliens became illegal on thier own merit: THEY CHOSE to sneak across the border ILLEGALLY in the middle of the night. They already have a “pathway to citizenship”: Step 1: Go home. Step 2: Apply. No more “living in the shadows.” Wow. What a concept. Personal responsibility.

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    Virginia Ellisor on

    If the Republicans jump on Speaker Boehner’s amnesty bandwagon, and it appears that they have, amnesty will split and destroy the Republican Party and the two party system in America. Amnesty for illegal aliens will destroy the American Republic that our fore fathers fought and died to establish. If the Republicans in Washington vote for amnesty for the 30 to 50 million illegal aliens who are presently in America (not 11 million as we are being told) there will never be another free and fair election this country. There will be one party liberal control of our government forever.. America will be just another dictatorship and not a place that I will desire to live. I have tried for most of my life to teach Americans about freedom and liberty and what is required of our citizens to preserve liberty, but I am afraid that most citizens just do not know and do not care to know what they need to do to save our Republic. Freedom is not free, it requires eternal viligance. God save America, if it be thy will.


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    this amnesty crap is just that, crap. I don’t think that the real Americans in our country are for amnesty for those that have and are violating the countries laws, any laws. It’s way past time to secure those borders and start weeding out those that have trespassed their way into our country. Perhaps, I hope, the American people have had enough and will now demand an end to the madness being pushed onto us by the socialist now in charge. The USA is got to be the only country that allows criminals from other countries to push their way in and then be given amnesty and “entitlements”. These liberals that are so happy to try to emulate the failed policies of Europe should also try out some of the emigration policies of other countries, such as Mexico.

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      I agree. We should enforce the immigration laws that we have now and adopt a policy of “Attrition through Enforcement,” which is the policy that Mitt Romney endorsed. Of course, libs in the MSM labeled this policy as far right. No, it is a sensible policy that all patriotic Americans can endorse.

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    softwareengineer nailes it.

    Big business and “we are the world” liberals (who obviously feel their own job/pension is safe) just want more more more people in America.

    When will it stop? At 450 million people? At 600 million? And how poor will the average American be by then? How much will the middle class shrink?

    And where the h@ll are the environmentalists on this?!

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    So True FAIR

    I’d add too, since its only a minority portion of the Dem/Rep party base supporting amnesty and green carded workers [degreed and not degreed] insourcing/replacing legal unemployed [or soon to be unemployed] Americans during a stagnant job market; this call for more overpopulation by the open border pundits means one thing. Replace their jobs with foreign insourcing first [professional and unskilled alike], after all, they support it. Why should the rest of us lose our jobs first for like 1/2 paid replacement workers, when we clearly don’t support amnesty?