Arrested at the Capitol… then Invited to the State of the Union?

Rep. Joe Garcia (D-Fla.) proudly announces that his guest to the State of the Union is Mayra Rubio Limon.  In the glowing biography of this woman featured on the U.S. government website, he fails to mention: (1) she’s an illegal alien; and (2) she was arrested last November at the Capitol Hill office of another Member of Congress.

Rep. Garcia is not the only one who has invited illegal aliens.  Sitting with Michelle Obama is illegal alien Cristian Avila.  Illinois delegation members Reps. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.) and Bill Foster (D- Ill.), invited Estefania Garcia and Maria Torres, while Lucas Codognolla is the guest of Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.). All five have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which allows certain illegal aliens to stay and work in the United States for two years, with eligibility for extension.

This is yet another year in which illegal aliens are sitting in seats that should have been filled by American citizens.  Being a constituent is apparently not a prerequisite for guests of lawmakers at the State of the Union address.  Neither, evidently is respect for the law.

Watch below as Mayra Rubio Limon and ten other illegal alien activists being arrested by Capitol Police and escorted out of Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office.

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    these politicians hold the country in contempt and this action shows just how they feel about the country.

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    I really used to have great pride in being an American. Used to have great respect for our President and Government. But now these institutions have become self serving, concerned more about retaining power at any cost, rather than serving our country. I feel great sadness in what is becoming of our great United States of America.

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    This action makes one shake with rage. Rather than inviting Americans who’ve excelled in some field, they honor people who’ve broken our immigration laws. When did the world turn upside down? Our elected officials have thrown in their lot with criminals. They are out to destroy this country as we know it. And it looks as if they’re succeeding.

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    It really make me sick all this pampering to illegal aliens. These people, regardless of their reason came to this country illegally. They broke the laws. We are rewarding them for breaking the law. Nothing else. Ok the children that came with the illegal parents should be given a break, they don’t even know their country of origin but the parents NO. You came illegal you should be deported. This is the only country where illegal aliens have RIGHTS.
    If you are in any other country, you are found and you are out. What about the people that are trying to emigrate legally? They have to go thru real painful process and this law breakers get everything?

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      I agree but see why Dems go down and poll number low, plus many Dems start go away from a black evil, who real no have any power. Time to time, wait to November election time.

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    Any politician who goes against the American citizens and votes for amnesty for illegal aliens must be run out of office.
    Vote them out!

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    Truly what rational response do these low life degenerates expect from legal American citizens, after brown nosing and parading these illegal alien lawbreakers with a “in your face ” fashion. Just like at the DNC, these parasitic and spineless Dems have exhibited just how low they will go to achieve their goals. An utterly disgraceful party to be sure!

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    This is a travesty. One of the few responsibilities our government has is to protect this country from invasion, yet there are completely derelict in their duty and are, in fact, aiding and abetting this crime. If they want to invite anyone, it shoul d be the citizens whose jobs or identities were stolen by these illegals or those who have lost family members to criminal aliens. Sickening

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      I have to wonder if these congressmen and statesmen are doing this on their own or do they have a gun pointed at their head—do this or else !!!
      Have to go back to our constitution, the first 13 words tells us what we have to do, our freedom is in our hands, “WE THE PEOPLE ” have to take back our freedom ! We have to start by calling D.C. everyday, all day and night…until the phones get so over loaded they melt. Send as many letters are we can so it ties up their boxes ! STOP paying our taxes, NO MORE MOVIES, boycott all their products, buy house brand everything ! This IS for both sides because they are ALL THE SAME !! Just in it for the money. They have become all fat cats, lining their pockets NOT OURS ! GIVING ALL OF OUR MONEY TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE BUT US !!!