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While recent polls* report that immigration is not a top priority for the majority of Americans, President Obama is expected to renew his push for a mass amnesty of illegal aliens in his 2014 State of the Union address tonight. 

FAIR will cover the speech live tonight on Twitter, and you can follow us right here at starting at 9 p.m. eastern.

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FAIR covers the 2014 SOTU

*An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released today found that 42% believe “passing new immigration legislation” can be delayed until next year, and 17% believe it shouldn’t be pursued at all (see page 13 for details).

Earlier this month, Gallup reported that only 3% of U.S. adults believe immigration is a priority.

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    You guys are caught up in the nonsene of “AMNESTY” yet the Cubans basically got a free card and nobody says anything…the somalis are being brought here with welfare and places to live…….last I hear muslims are being brought to Maine but nobody say a thing…YET kick out the mexicans…..the one that actually work hard …are Cuban Adrienne?…..

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      Tom, Are You an IA From Mexico?

      Perhaps an employer of IAs from Mexico?

      You sure sound like it, but assuming you aren’t….your job should be the first to be replaced by 1/2 wage foreigners, after all you support it and most real Americans don’t.

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    Bush or Obama, Two Peas in a Pod

    I remember during the 2004 Bush State of the Union when Bush declared Social Security’s retirees in trouble [i.e., we need foreigners overpopulating America to pay for our elderly] and we’re living longer lives was alleged as the “indirect” excuse for amnesty/overpopulation by the Republicans.

    What a lie….the Census Bureau documented then that not only were Americans living shorter lives, it was as bad as the 60s…that CB report mysteriously disappearred BTW.

    The CDC report on Americans livibng longer contradicted the CB report….which is right? I’d bet a million dollars the CB report was right on.

    BTW, Social Security should CLEARLY not be in trouble and we don’t need overpopulation to fund it….the Baby Boomers paid more in to Social Security than they’ll ever take out. Even the Republicans admit this fact, but still **** on to the Bush obtuse lie, that we’re living longer lives.