House GOP Immigration Principles Omit the Most Important Principle: Protecting the Interests of the American People

In response to today’s release by the Republican House leadership of their principles for immigration reform, the following statement was issued by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR):

“Instead of standing up for Americans, House Republicans have unfortunately offered nothing more than a vague set of principles in a seeming effort to satisfy special interests, while wholesale ignoring the American People.”

Read the full statement here.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Millions of illegal aliens are here to conquer America, them getting amnesty or legalization is a easy way for them to succeed, also another way for them to succeed, is by the weakness of our own America politicians, These same politicians do nothing but feed us a lot of bull crap. by telling us that America have a broken immigration system, guess what they are the very one that broke it, and now Americans are force to suffer because of it! Now our own America politicians feel that in order to fix our immigration broken system, is to reward 11 million or more illegal aliens with an amnesty or legalization! Our republicans think that there immigration bill is better then the Democrats, when in reality it is the same, they say they want to grant illegal alien children but not their parents, how stupid is this, they do not know once they give their children any kind of amnesty or legalization, that will be nothing but strong anchor to pull their parents in, Their parent eventually will get amnesty, their children are not going to leave their parents behind, also they are going start crying stronger and louder about stopping families from be separated, that is their excuses and their strategy they been using all alone! All of illegal aliens wrongdoing is being very well sugarcoated, ignored to help them succeed in America!!

    What republican want to give illegal aliens in America, will still leave America corrupted, Why would are politicians allow millions of illegal aliens to over populate America though pass amnesties, and another one, an over population from another country, is nothing but a big sellout, they are actually giving America way to millions of another country poor, over Americans heads, like we do not exist in America at all! How can our own politicians allow illegal aliens to just live off of our American tax dollars like they do?????? It is not about being racist, it just happen that the majority of our illegal aliens are coming from Mexico and yes their skin happens to be brown, it is about fairness, our laws, rules, and of course regulation , that spells laws, our American Constitution! We can no longer vote for our America president with out illegal aliens involvement, and the over population of the Hispanic race that taken over America, what is the use of even voting??? If any one running for president, and they want to stop illegal immigration, and use our immigration laws that is already on the books, they will not win because of legal and illegal aliens in America, our American votes do not count any more!!!! America is being run by illegal aliens and all of their advocates, businesses! Americans are left voiceless, We are not being listen too, And what most Americans want is no amnesty or legalization for illegal aliens or their children, they want stronger immigration enforcements, stronger deportations with them taking all their children with them, sure their children come to America at no fault of their own, it is their parents fault, they tend to throw this quilt on Americans, they want to see some one stop illegal aliens from using our American birthright law! Americans would like to see a stronger law, that would have workplace enforcements that would get million of illegal aliens out of our jobs now, and see that their jobs are replace with million of jobless Americans who have legal status to this country America! THIS IS THE REAL AMERICAN WAY!!!!!!

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    For the last election, there was a guy named Gary Johnson who ran for President. He tried to get the Republican party to at least let him participate in the debates. He was coldly ignored; so, he became the Libertarian candidate. He had some credentials, more than our current President. He was the former two-term (8-year) Governor of NM. In the 2006 election, we, also, had the current (at the time) Governor of New Mexico who had been a former Ambassador to the UN, the former Energy Secretary to Bill Clinton, a former member of the US House of Representatives, and had won international acclaim in his successes of negotiating with several rogue nations in getting hostages back. He was trying on the Democratic ticket with no success, similarly ignored by the moderators during the debates.

    As I see it, starting a third party is not the solution, but retaking control of both the major parties is the way out of this dilemma. First of all, we must change the way the profiteering media participate in intruding on our electoral process. It should not cost millions of dollars ( ultimately paid to the media) to run for any post in the good old USA. The airways really belong to the American people and there should be strong laws and regulations in place to see that the American people get full, correct information. The American people must be taught to discern the truth from claims that what is being presented is the truth. If the American people would not swallow, whole hog, what is being presented to them, then there would be no use for these canny, blatantly untruthful ads. The media would then be prevented from accepting known false advertising because those executives would know that the American people would not accept that kind of presentation. Of course, this will never happen. The internet is our last chance for the American people to get the unbiased, truthful information, but, unfortunately, it is rapidly being sold out from the populations of the world by those who would turn it into another mechanism for pandering their views, truthful or not.

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    How is amnesty GOOD for businesses? The whole point of hiring ILLEGALS is to avoid paying minimum wage & benefits, so WHY would big business want them amnestied? MOST billionaires & millionaires in this country are LEFTISTS/DEMOCRATS, their CORRUPTION is EPIC. Their goals are Obama’s goals, they hand picked him for the presidency. They want a voter base that will keep Democrats firmly in power, when polled ILLEGALS couldn’t care less about amnesty their #1 concern was getting ENTITLEMENTS. Who hands out the entitlements to minorities to buy their votes, DEMOCRATS. Their amnesty will serve a double purpose because it will not only give Democrats permanent power it will overwhelm an already overwhelmed entitlement system. The Cloward, Piven model, the leftist Bible, is all about getting as many people on entitlements as possible so as to overwhelm & collapse the system, opening the door to a Socialist dictatorship.

    Now explain to me how supposedly intelligent, educated Republicans can’t see that amnesty means permanent power for the opposing party? What are THEY, about 75% of the Republican party, getting out of it? Are they really STUPID enough to think that handing majority power to uneducated, low skilled, low information, entitlement sucking, racist, third world mentality ILLEGAL Hispanics is going to benefit them in the long run? Do they think the public school/leftist brainwashing camp educated Hispanic children will vote Republican in the future? Can ANYONE be THAT STUPID?

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    This country is finished! It’s past time to try and divide it up now as peacefully as possible or deal with the hell that’s coming.

    There is NO WAY this country can last folks, no possible way no matter what kind of communist Homeland Security hell they continue to erect to keep us in line. The police state will fail and is all being used as nothing but a tool to keep us in line while they transform our republic into some hellish nightmare against our will.

    I hate communists and note that Trotsky coined the word “racist” so don’t use that commie clap-trap when I say we need a white homeland. If it’s OK for Israel and other nations to do, it’s OK for us to do.

    Nationalism is not “racist”, it is sanity.

    Let’s figure out a complete plan to make this happen now.

    The Northwest Front already has a complete plan, you all should check it out now. If you don’t like their plan, use their template and come up with a better plan or STFU.

    If you curl up like wimps and refuse to deal with this reality coldly now you are dooming the white race to extinction because that is definitely the aim of some behind what is going on right in front of your eyes.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    All of this has been in the works since the late Ted Kennedy pushed through the changes to our immigration laws in
    1960’s. The organizations that existed at that time were only a few that could be identified. I looked a lot of this up a few years ago. La Raza was out there but didn’t have any where near the political power they have picked up the past 20 years with the help of politicians hungry for power. Now its totally out of control, I agree there needs to be a third party but it would take so much money to even try to get one going that I’m not sure it would succeed. Look what if happening with the Tea Party, every thing that happens in DC is blamed on them and I don’t care what it is. There are many Latino politicians especially in California that keep offices in Mexico that keep the Mexican government informed as to just what is going on in that state and in other states. Whole counties in California now look like Mexico from what I understand. That state is gone as far as I’m concerned. When the
    voting majority is all Hispanic La Raza and all of their followers will have won the war they have been quietly fighting for the past 50 years.

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    We now have 7% or more current unemployment. So now give legal status to 11 million illegals to enter our labor market! They too will then be eligible for food stamps & all other welfare benefits, and will vote Democrat. Spell out in detail exactly what is broken in our immigration system other than No enforcement of the law! Spell out in detail what comprehensive immigration reform will consist of. Our government is giving our country away. At least 3 BILLION others in 3rd world countries will enter the U.S. if they can get here. At what point will we finally say, in Spanish, the door is closed?

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    To further the attack and destroy the working middle class in America, the Wall Street elite has already passed NAFTA, the WTO and Trade Agreements to close about 120,000 American companies and offshore off over 5 million middle income manufacturing jobs, arranged for investment tax credits to pay for robots who work for $3 per hour to run workers off the factory floor and costs them nothing (about the same as the Chinese), and flooded the labor market with cheap illegal labor from Central America and the Phillipines to drive down wages and bankrupt the social safety net.

    The entrenched elite perfers “peaceful demonstrations” marching in the street, etc, like the OWS movement, while they themselves use violence in pepper spray, clubbings and bulldozers to mow down tents in City parks under the guize of public sanitation.

    While Protestant United States and Europe have tried to control overpopulation, Third World countries of the former Spanish colonies under Catholics have not and seek to expand into areas where they know food is in the refrigerator. They saw re-runs of “I Love Lucy” where there are couches and refrigerators and would like it too but don’t have the money to pay for it.

    There are “legal” immigraants who are able fill out an application form, and there are “Illegal” aliens who can’t read or write in Spanish or English and depend on government workers at the welfare office to fill out their applications for them, all paid for by local and State county property owners. While business might advantage from cheap labor, their cost is just shifted to local county property owners who make up the difference.

    Meanwhile, the Feds, who claim jurisdiction to write the rules and pay nothing – not even the cost of enforcement of their own rules – immediately sue any State which tries to protect its own property owners from the rape. Guillotines are the only workable solution and anything less won’t be understood..

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    our self serving polititions are sending us down the same road that doomed the roman empire.
    we will be destroyed from within by a population that will sap the strenth of our nation. they come here to grab our wealth and leave nothing in return. we are being overrun by gangs that spring from asians and hispanic illegals and there parents who are getting all those benifits that our senators say they are not getting.
    think of how many jobs would be available if all the illegals were deported.

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      I am a union plumber in Omaha NE I am sick of illegals speaking Spanish language and we have no Idea what is being said I think this is a safety issue,but if we say something about them speaking Spanish the General contractor sends us to sensitivity training Its a bunch of bull!

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    You are correct the jig is up. We knew it the minute John Boehner hired Rebecca Tallent, amnesty advocate.
    Boehner has been a RINO from the beginning,
    Was it not OH that had alot of voter fraud. Now I would not want that egg on my face, I would have had that
    Investigated but no not Boehner. He failed to enforce the election laws. If he continues to support amnesty, he
    Has lost respect of the republicans. We know that it is harmful to the American people.

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    Jim in Virginia on

    Unfortunately, I think this is the final stand. If these losers in the House pass this bill, it’s over. Our children and grandchildren will compete with millions of legalized immigrants for the few jobs that are available in this country. These young people will actually be the first generation that will not be better off than their parents. We have been slowly losing this country and now the invasion has exploded to the point where it will be difficult to stop. I really fear for my grandchildren, how could we have let this happen? For years now I have realized that illegal immigration was the most pressing problem we faced. We have one last line of defense, the Republican controlled house. Will they do what is PC or stand up for Americans?

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    I am a Conservative and proud. It seems the republicans are turning liberal on the American people with a slap in the face. They should be fighting for our ideals not this communist presidents. Its just more votes for liberals.If you came illegal that means you are illegal. It seems too me that this GOP is going too far up this so called presidents ***. Lets VOTE them OUT.

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      Republicans are in bed with the Chamber of Commerce. Who needs a middle class? Bringing in Illegals helps break unions, and holds down wages. Look at the Texas GOP and Maryland GOP Congressmen who pass laws so nurses and seafood workers are paid less, when brought in with special visas. Yes, the SEIU has also supported illegals, but most unions are wiser. Remeber, Cesar Chavez was anti-illegal immigration and AFL leader Trumbo believes the BS he’s hearing from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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    You know just when I think the Democrats couldn’t get my vote I read this garbage. If I get sold out by the Republicans in the house on this immigration issue, I will punch a straight Democratic ticket for years to come (just to despise the Republicans). The only thing the GOP had to offer me was enforcement on the immigration issue. They have failed me everywhere else. Let’s get rid of all these traders from both parties, we must get serious about empowering a third party. At least if we had a third party the corporate and special interests would have to pay off three parties instead of just two.

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    Guess which country just announced an all time record low unemployment rate of 4.3? That would be the industrial giant of South America, Brazil. And did it with very small amounts of immigration and a birth rate that has declined greatly since the high rates of the 1960s. Their present population is 201 million and expected to grow to 228 million by 2042. Meanwhile we will add that 27 million increase in only one decade, and immigration has pushed our population by that amount for each of the last three decades. So where does this idea come from that immigration is needed to “stimulate our economy”? 4.3 unemployment sounds pretty good to me compared to our rates, which are far higher than the official government figures.

    The headlines are filled with stories about the extreme drought in California. As groups like FAIR have pointed out for decades, our spiraling population, driven by immigration, only makes the situation more extreme. Meanwhile, immigration “advocates” insist that limiting immigration is racism. And the Sierra Club labels even the discussion as “the greening of hate”. Some friends of the environment.

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      Just to add a point, California can build desalinization plants, but the water from that is far more expensive.

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        Maybe we can build the water plants with cheap immigration labor… Like all the other labor jobs being filled over the last 2 decades! Market forces are driving this illegal to legal immigration!

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      Don’t forget that many from South America have made the trek to America in order to take advantage of our illegal job market and free safety net. If you get caught in Mexico living illegally they will put you in prison for 3 years, but if you are coming from South America and you can convince the Mexican boarder authorities that you just want to pass through Mexico on your way to invade America Mexico will give you passage and their blessing.

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        Rob they actually do more than give their blessing ;they actually drive you to the border in their army trucks.The democrats advocate amnesty with no border security ;the GOP says secure the border first but heavy pressure by Carl Rove who is owned by the US Chamber of Commerce; and they want cheap labor.We must put pressure on our Congressmen call,fax,contribute but keep fighting

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    Most of America Has Already Woke Up, They’re Fooling Almost No One Anymore

    Even this blog has only a few “troll” supporters of open border overpopulation in America.

    The jig is up: we know most of the Dem/Reps are funded/picked by corporists [much of this group is foreign too] to, IMO, flood America with foreigtners during a stagnant labor pool and replace legal Americans with 1/2 wage world overpopulation unemployment.

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      Unfortunately we are being sold out for cheaper labor. The illegals don’t care what they are paid, any amount employers offer is a lot more than they would earn in Mexico. It is time the legal citizens of this country to start getting a lot more vocal about this situation. We as citizens have become complacent with our views about government. Lots of people say “what can we do”. Well I for one have contacted all of the men in office who represent my state”Missouri” and I suggest the rest of you do the same. Hopefully if enough of us let them know how we feel, they will have second thoughts. If nothing is done what we have now is the best it will be. It will go down hill from here. It is time to stand up for our selves and our children’s futures!!