What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: End Visa Overstays

Approximately 30-40 percent of illegal aliens are aliens who entered the U.S. legally but overstayed their visas. To end this practice, we must add Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and finally implement a biometric entry-exit system at all ports of entry—a system already required by law.

Visa overstayers take advantage of their temporary invitation into the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security already has a mandate from Congress to install biometric entry-exit systems to prevent visa overstays. Unfortunately, a current House bill – H.R. 3141 – would once again delay implementation of the current law.

Don’t let them forget it. Take back immigration reform to prevent future abuse of immigration laws.

What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: End Visa Overstays

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Dorothy m goodman on

    I was 15 teen when i came to yakima washington i never seen a mexcian before ,i was raised around blacks we all spoke english and got the same pay but here when we started picking furit it was ok for awhile i came out in 1964 byy 75 the illegal started rolling in we had a job for the next day but when we got there ealy they hired the illigeals because they picked for lower money to hell with people that is legal it was all over fighting to get jobs before they do then this press 1 for english is bull **** to i think if you want to be here leigal speak english speak your spanish at home .My mother is french and german and my father family came from england and german what if we wanted to speak it it would be no but the mecxican do so as i see it if you break the law swim across to be amercia it is not a crime there breaking one of the UNITED STATES laws .I am just tired of all the illigeal take over the UNITED STATESlet them go threw what are ancestry had to go threw my great great grandmother scurbbed floors to buy 3 houses in her time the houses was not the greatest but they fixed them up and sold them and bought more to fix in Yakima they all live together in one house so each one of the family can get a car and the gangs and killingsi left moved over to a small town Granite Fall,s it use to be bad on meth here they cleaned it up i live in the country just to get away from all the Mexcians but they will be here soon there like *********……

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    Veronica M reimann on

    As I Have said before you can thank Ted Kennedy for the start of this mess we are in. We need to go back to pre-1960’s law plus add a $10,000.00 fine to every business who hires a illegal immigrant, If you hire 5 people that’s $50,000.00 and that hurts. the money to be used only for deportation and border security that means all borders.
    Eliminate anchor babies and chain immigration except for immediate family( Spouse and children under age of eighteen. Only allowing people to immigrate who have training skills and education that this country needs. at that time. Back to reporting where you reside every January, carry your immigration card at all times and present if required. That will solve future problem , But we still need to return the illegal immigrants to country of origin, and send the bill to their governments

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    sounds to me like the country doesn’t need “immigration reform”, read amnesty…. all we need is for the people in charge to allow and require enforcement of the laws already in place.

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    How many of These Overstay IAs

    Still work at their old green card jobs, instead of real unemployed Americans?

    And why did we bring them here to work with valid green cards in the first place with America’s stagnant total labor force and chronic unemployment, underemployment and giveups? Hades, the Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma area’s total labor force spiked way down in the last half of 2013 [per BLS] and its been basically flat since the economic collapse [depression] of 2008….and open border pundits allege the American economy is improving [and allege the Seattle area is the best of America’s economy, i.e., Cramer]….LOL.

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      Capt John Johnson on

      AS per the law if you have an expired green card you still can renew it………wha do you really mean? do yo uknow what you are talking about?…i wonder and wander/////…..