This Date in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: February 13, 2012

This Date in Obama's Administrative AmnestyOn February 13, 2012, President Obama introduced his 2013 budget, proposing to slash immigration enforcement programs. In addition to cutting funding for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by 4 percent, the White House proposal sought reducing the 287(g) federal-local law enforcement program by $17 million—a whopping 25 percent.

Despite Congress refusing to enact President Obama’s budget, he nonetheless got his way when buried in the bottom of an ICE press release ten months later, his Administration declared it would not be renewing any 287(g) task force model agreements in 2013. The release stated, “ICE has [] decided not to renew any of its agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies that operate task forces under the 287(g) program.” In effect, Obama’s move was more significant than the $17 million cut initially sought, effectively cutting the state and local law enforcement program in half.

Despite the effectiveness and popularity of the 287(g) program, the Obama Administration has from the beginning been working to dismantle it.  Just months after taking office, President Obama restricted the 287(g) program to ensure participating law enforcement agencies enforced immigration laws only against “dangerous criminal aliens.”

For more information, see FAIR’s record of President Obama’s Dismantling of Immigration Enforcement.

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    It is an insult for this administration to even suggest that Americans could spend more time with their families with a 2.5 mill job loss…They are masters at spin & lies & scandals! I am always concerned when I hear something like that, because not all illegals are working, but most of them are getting welfare, so this creates even greater hardship on our economy and us!

    The govts favorite phrase is “bring them out of the shadows”…yea, bring them out & deport them…they only want to bring them out to give them legalization of any kind! They are not going to do background checks; they don’t even prosecute criminal illegals to the fullest extent of the law, Americans are more likely to get harsher sentences.

    Illegals know they are here illegally! They send their children, bring their children, and have more children while in our country. Our govt has to stop protecting these children who are nothing more than insurance policies for adult illegals to stay in this country & benefit financially from us.

    I want to know the reason that our govt, other than Obama, gives laraza $513 mill thru the year 2018, I guess that is money to cover their rallies and whatever else they do to get illegals to become amnestied.

    These illegals are shrewd and in effect using every opportunity to persuade our govt to give them amnesty and change our laws to protect them. These people from south of the border are our enemies!

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    None of this should be any surprise when you have the fox guarding the hen house. Cecilia Munoz is director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. For those who may not know, Munoz is a former VP at La Raza, an organization that is more dedicated to the supposed “rights” of Latinos to stay here illegally than the right of this country to say who should and should not be here. Read their web site, it’s all there.

    La Raza has also consistently called for more visas for those who want to work here. Of course, it’s all a big coincidence that big business contributes almost all of the money to fund La Raza, those same businesses that want more visas so they can pay less in wages. La Raza gives lip service to the idea that this country should be able to enforce it’s laws, but there is virtually no enforcement action that they have not condemned and sought to undermine.

    Why anyone would trust this administration on this issue is beyond belief. We have seen one postponement after another on the healthcare plan requirements for business, which have been known since 2010, and the only reason why is because they want to postpone the bad news about job losses until after this fall’s elections. When the CBO said it would cost 2.5 million in job losses, the spin was you can spend more time with your family. Maybe not enough food on the table, but you’ll be together.