What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: Enforce Our Laws

Robustly and uniformly enforce our immigration laws.

Policies that direct law enforcement to ignore violations of our laws undermine the rule of law and are inherently unjust to law-abiding legal immigrants. We must enforce our existing immigration laws, eliminate fraud throughout the system, and prohibit the adoption of policies by state/local governments that encourage illegal immigration or provide benefits to illegal aliens.

Enforcement doesn’t require mass deportation. If we enforce our laws and remove the incentives to remain here, many illegal aliens will go home on their own.

It’s time to take back immigration reform by robustly and uniformly enforcing our immigration laws. 

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    We had an IMMIGRATION ReForm Bill under POTUS REAGAN in 1986. They gave over 2.7 million Amnesty and were to ENFORCE STRICT BORDER Controls and stop the ILLEGALS. Guess What NO POTUS SINCE REAGAN HAS ENFORCED BORDER CONTROLS…. WHY WOULD ANYONE BE STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THAT THIS POTUS WOULD ENFORCE ANY NEW LAWS HE DID NOT WANT TO ENFORCE??? Forget it. We have been screwed once. HOW Much more are we going to take?

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    I am sick to death of groups wanting money and doing absolutely nothing. I have no respect for the Mexican Illegals because they feel we OWE them. That is as bad as some blacks, and white people with the same mentality. If we don’t get decent jobs back into our Country we as a Nation will go down the tubes. We have a government that wants to destroy the America I grew up with. Good jobs keep the wheels turning. Our government needs to start arresting people who are frauduently collecting welfare and food stamps.

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    There are laws in our great country for a reason. Imagine a country without laws, pretty scarey huh. These people BROKE our laws by not using proper procedure to enter the US therefore making them “criminals”. If you let criminals run amuck, why have laws!? There are jails and prisons full of criminals, citizens and noncitizens alike because they broke the LAW and that is the price they pay after a trial which determines innocense or guilt. Our Justice System doesn’t reward any other criminals, which is what this administration wants to do concerning people coming to our country illegally which is a “criminal” offense. A murderer doesn’t get amnesty as neither a rapist, thief, or any other person that breaks the law. NO AMNESTY for ANYONE guilty of breaking the law including ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.