The Double Standard on Teaching Immigration Law in Public Schools

Maryland Schools Ban Immigration Skit for Being Politically Incorrect

Amidst complaints, a Prince George’s County, Maryland, teacher’s lesson plan for third and fourth graders that had a skit called The Uninvited Guest was rejected by the school district. However, this skit has true educational value and accurately teaches current U.S. immigration law in a simplified fashion appropriate for elementary school students.  Apparently, some people don’t like the fact that illegal aliens are deportable under current law so they act to censor it from public schools. Meanwhile, however, no effort is underway to remove pro-amnesty curricula.

The Uninvited Guest is a short skit about three invited guests, including one on a nonimmigrant visa, in Uncle Sam’s house. Those invited guests are allegorical symbols for different categories of those who are legally present in the country. However, when an uninvited guest tries to sneak in the window, Uncle Sam catches him and orders him to leave. The uninvited guest is a metaphor for an illegal alien.

The skit offers a creative way to explain the meaning of Section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which provides for classes of aliens ineligible for visas or admission to the country. Section 212(a) is a lengthy and complicated provision of federal law that explains ways that aliens are inadmissible.  Uncle Sam appropriately explains that “Outsiders who may pose a threat to the health or safety of my family aren’t welcome here. I don’t want any drug addicts or drug traffickers to come in, either. No criminals.”  Section 212(a)(2) is about inadmissibility for conviction of certain crimes, like drug trafficking. There are also Sections 212(a)(6) and 212(a)(7) which provide that aliens who enter without admission or parole, and those without documentation are inadmissible.

The skit also teaches children the importance of following the law. Uncle Sam tells the illegal alien, “But it’s not your country. You have to follow Uncle Sam’s Country Haven rules. You should have gotten a visa. I don’t like it when people sneak into my Country Haven.”  The consequence of illegal entry is deportation (See Section 237 of the Immigration and Nationality Act) as Uncle Sam explains: “You are going back to where you came from. For the health and safety of my people, that’s the way it’s got to be.”

There are many different types of visas and complicated application procedures involved. To cut through the complexity, this skit offers a simple introduction. Uncle Sam explains that “A visa lets in people who don’t live here. People who want to come for a visit need to get my approval. If I like them and I have the space, I welcome them in. I tell them how long they can stay, and if they want to stay longer, I’ll think it over.” This definition is in accord with the description on the State Department website.

While the leader of the pro-amnesty group Casa de Maryland denounced the skit as “horrible” and “horrendous,” this skit actually praises immigrants who enter legally. Uncle Sam declares, “I do appreciate guests who have a visa! Enjoy your visit!” One of the invited guests at Uncle Sam’s house says, “I got a visa, and Uncle Sam made me feel welcome!”

What’s really horrible and horrendous is the fact that a Maryland teacher was stopped from using a lesson plan that fairly teaches immigration law. But intervention in teaching immigration is not limited to just one instance. In Virginia, Senator Warner coordinated a public school program advocating for amnesty. How come teachers can teach amnesty (not currently the law), but can’t instruct students on what a deportation is (which is current law)? If amnesty advocates can’t convince adults on the force of their arguments, is the next step trying to indoctrinate the next generation by influencing the curriculum in public schools?

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    Mass Legalization Is Unsustainable on

    While the leader of the pro-amnesty group Casa de Maryland denounced the skit as “horrible” and “horrendous,”

    They think immigration law itself is horrible and horrendous.

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    Stuart A Smetters on

    How dare they. If I caught any teacher teaching pro-amnesty to my children.. now or ever, I would be the first to have teacher/board etc., in front of a court under conspiracy charges. I have a right to my own opinion and first and foremost is obedience to all laws (by Jove) . Parents of the children involved should each (not a class act) file separate and individual charges against Casa de Maryland, their members who endorsed the actions, etc. with adding to the delinquency of a child, interfering with Freedom of Speech, Censorship, and conspiracy to undermine the Constitution and Laws of the United States with intent thereby disqualifying each and every member of Citizenship to the United States, damages paid actual and punitive, and disqualifying to compete for any purpose withing the boarders of the United States. Also, any and all who gained citizenship and/or visa need to be charged for intentionally and with conspiracy perjuring themselves to gain entrance and profit from their activities,

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    Elizabeth Schad on

    The Immigrations and Naturalization Adjudicating Officers of Homeland Security have received “Presidential Directives” to fast track and prioritize non-paying illegal immigrants over fee paying and law abiding immigrants!!!
    The Adjudicators are breaking United States Law with every person processed … no rules to guide actions.
    Legal Immigrants paying THOUSANDS of dollars In fees are being bumped in favor of food stamp and other Federal monetary benefits LEECHES by “President Obama’s Directives”.

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    It’s totally mind-boggling that schools are now banning a depiction of the law concerning immigration. HOW CAN THIS BE ? When a country ceases to enforce the laws of the land…then bans teaching those laws in schools, something is terribly wrong. It CAN be addressed…ACCORDING TO THE LAW. Why all the pussy-footing around the issue of millions of citizens of other countries remaining past their visas, or simply entering WITHOUT documentation ? What good are laws if not enforced ? Other countries enforce them.

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    If this trend continues, the first amendment will exist only as a piece of paper in a locked case in a museum where it can be viewed by properly vetted scholars with an interest in archaic curiosities. Once the first article of the Bill of Rights is put on the shelf, the others will follow – and very quickly, too.

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    So it seems in Maryland and I’m sure in many other states it’s now more important to be politically correct and not offend someone than it is to teach the truth to our youngsters.

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      Cpt.John JOhnson on

      what truth? the lies from the GOP……….and politicians…………the youngsters know more than you,,,,,,,,,

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    this is what happens when you put people in power that don’t want people to be free when you let some one tell you must buy some thing or you will be fined you are know longer living in a free country and the only way to change that is change the people in power .

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    The truth supercedes politically correct which is stupid! Teach the truth at all costs! Only stupidity
    favors politically correct teaching!

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    When our police and law makers refuse to honor our laws why should we the people honor our laws let us pick and choose when and where we will follow the laws on our books.We are living in a political anarchy it is just not being reported because the government runs the media just like the KGB ran Pravda when the Soviet Union was in power!

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    Immediate deportation for every single one. Hire a few thousand soldiers that have recently returned to private. They should all be assigned to their home states where possible. Return the illegals to the border after getting: photos, fingerprints and a ADNA sample. Ban them permanently from entering the country, and make their crime a felony with a 10K fine.

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    He also said he might even join them. Marry one of them then he is in for sure. I was shocked to hear this man speak this way. I am still unsure why I was shocked.

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    Interesting story. I met a guy in passing. He said at first he was against illegal immigration and amnesty. Now, he said he does not care. He said he does not care if illegal aliens come in and burn the place down. I can only speculate by what he meant as the place (California? The USA? Northern/ Southern Califrnia? I don’t know.). He said let it be a lesson to those who should have charged them with felonies the second they r efused to obey the law but instead let them take over parts of America. Let them all come in! Frig it! Frig it all.

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    Another Good Example of Too Much Overpopulation Immigration in America

    Is the stagnant total labor force in the BLS website. Its like putting out a delicious apple pie on the dinner table with 6 regular size pieces for each American family member…..then 6 IAs with their chain migration break into your house with folding chairs, crams their chairs at the table too and demands their pieces… everyone gets only a half a piece of the pie.

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    The results of demented liberal AH’s running state governments into the ground, while brown nosing these one-way asinine organizations like Casa de MD and their ilk! All the while, these same state governments bend over backwards in every way imaginable, to allow illegal aliens to sponge off U.S. taxpayers without any remorse. Just buying votes as usual, at our expense!!

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      Capt John johnson on

      Our expense???? not really………….look at the voting population every election…………………………….then you will realize there isn’t such a thing as our expense……….if we all NOT vote…….OR the majority………….just like the revolutionary War only a third fought…………………….

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        LOL What a Joke Capt John

        You think we have real candidates American voted for????

        The open border pundits [like you] paid for and picked most all the HORRIFYING Dem/Reps on the American voter ballets, then falsely allege we wanted ’em….