Mexican President “Indignant”

Presidente_Enrique_Pena_NietoMexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is “indignant.”

He should be.

He should be indignant about the fact that millions of his citizens have fled the country in search of a better life elsewhere (most often in the U.S.), and continue to do so. He should be indignant that many in his resource rich nation are living off of remittances from relatives working abroad. He should be indignant that significant portions of his country have effectively fallen under the rule of criminal cartels, wreaking carnage upon anyone who crosses them. He should be indignant that the wealth of his country has been systematically looted by a small elite for decades, leaving millions of the country’s citizens in abject poverty.

But that is not what President Peña Nieto is indignant about. What he is indignant about is that the United States Congress has not passed (another) amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, many of whom are Mexican citizens. He is indignant that the United States deports a tiny fraction of the illegal aliens who are living in this country – mostly criminals, these days. Peña Nieto calls this “a lack of conscience, which shouldn’t only alert and worry Mexicans, [but]should also worry the American government.”

Perhaps, if Peña Nieto (or others in his country’s ruling elite) worried half as much about poor Mexicans living in Mexico as they do about Mexicans living illegally in the United States, maybe he’d have less to be indignant about.

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    America’s immigration laws are not broken. The thing that is broken is the hand-tying of the Immigration and border patrol in enforcing these current laws.

    Also, remember the two border patrol officers who killed a criminal border jumper. They are rotting in a U.S. prison instead of being hailed as heroes. Dubya should have given them full pardons and the highest award he could give.

    Also, ask the families of people who have been killed by illegal aliens, especially young women who have been raped and then killed. Ask those families how they feel about the ways immigration laws are being administered.

    At the risk of being called a racist, ask the President to check with black organizations to see how they believe their members feel about the free flow of illegal aliens to this country. Poll after poll has shown how deeply disturbed the poor people of this country are over border-jumpers taking the jobs they once held. I believe that NAACP has not been as easily and deeply swayed as LA RAZA and other groups.

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    the American on

    who cares what he is indignant about …..he is contributing to the Demise of the United States of America….just as corrupt and evil as American politicians willing to sell out their own people to foreign criminal aliens. …. idiot.

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      The American101 on

      You are the idiot……..many AMericans are wealthy THANKS TO THESE ILLEGAL MEXICANS

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        Concerned Citizen on

        Naive of you, American101.

        Illegal immigrants are helping to make large corporations and owners of capital wealthier at the expense of the American middle class and poor. It’s a large transfer of wealth to a small share of the population — done on the backs of poor immigrants, who work at near-slave wages.

        Democrats should loathe this modern form of American slavery, but they generally don’t because they want cheap votes…and to get that, they need more cheap laborers. And the business lobby wants cheap labor, because by the time the masses of poor workers elect a dictator to take the wealth and redistribute it away from the corporations and down to the workers, they will be either dead or in St. Moritz.

        You can understand the problem perfectly if you think of America as run by self-centered gangsters on the take. But why is human trafficking hurting the middle class? Witness the infrastructure burden on hospitals, schools, etc., for one thing.

        One more quick thing, American101: you spelled Americans “AMericans.”

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        No joke. But it’s not the working class. It’s the wealthy, who already have more than their share. The wealthy love that cheap labor at the expense of American workers.

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    This windbag perfectly portrays the sense of entitlement that is part of this issue. He and his fellow countrymen think US immigration policy is supposed to revolve around them. Polls have shown that Mexicans in that country overwhelmingly believe that not only do Mexican born individuals here owe more loyalty to Mexico, they think their US born children should do the same.

    What we have done is allowed this situation to develop because we have spent decades dismantling enforcement procedures and many people in this country are scared to death they might get called a racist if they demand we enforce the law. So essentially, La Raza runs our policies.

    We have saddled ourselves with a massive underclass of poor people who continue in poverty and subpar education levels even after a couple generations in this country. The majority of them will take far more in government assistance and handouts than they will ever make up for in taxes paid, which for most of them are little or none. But they do have billions to send back to their relatives in Mexico.

    What should “alert and worry” Mexicans is the corruption and violence they themselves tolerate.

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    It is a shame how any politicians in Mexico have the nerve to help push their poor people across the borders to America to get help, and it always about how illegal aliens have this American dreams, These same politicians think that America is suppose to take care of millions of their country’s poor on Americans tax dollars! They tend to forget that poor and middle class American citizens, also have their American dream, Now Americans dreams are put on the back burner because of illegal aliens and all of their advocates are literately running America for their own purpose, and none of our law makers do not know how to stop them, our American lawmakers tend to be afraid of millions of illegal aliens and their advocates, this is why illegal aliens and their advocates are able to run America they way they do!

    The biggest mistake our lawmaker made is allowing illegal aliens to have their way in America, allowing them to work in America on their illegal status, especially at the time America have millions of jobless Americans! To make everything worse our president that America has now, believe in giving millions of these illegal aliens just about everything that they want in America, he refuse to correct them, and push them to abide our American laws, this president wants to change our whole country Constitution, our laws, rules, and regulations for millions of another country’s poor and he is doing, it by hurting his own Americans, he doesn’t even care! He is not going to stop until he turn America into a total disaster, until he just give all of America to Mexico! The way illegal aliens are multiplying or over populating, and are becoming the majority race in America, you might as well say that America is be given to Mexico on a silver platter! Our president is allowing all illegal aliens schemes and scams to work, they have been sneakily trying to get America back in their own way!

    Our president and other people in congress strongly believe that in order to fix our American broken immigration system is to give America to Mexico, This president believe that millions of illegal aliens are going to help our America economy, not once have he thought that giving millions of lawbreakers their way in America will actually hurt America and all of it citizens, and just turn our America into a total disaster! Once millions of illegal aliens get what they want in America, America will be lost to their own Americans, Americans will be force to endure in illegal aliens big mess, force to kiss their butts, and there will be no way to turn this back around, they are strongly going to take over, Americans are going to find them selves under all of their commands and demands!!!! All of their Mexico politicians are going to involve them selves in all of American business, they them self will take over America with all of what they think is good for all their illegal immigrants that force them selves on Americans!