Amnesty Advocates Go Global

mercatormapD.C. protests and a cross-country bus tour are just not enough for amnesty activists. They’re going global. Several open borders activists are trying to influence American politics from outside U.S. borders by begging for help from the United Nations and the Holy See.  These activists, who fail to generate support from Americans for amnesty (as seen in the recent NBC News-Wall Street Journal and Washington Post-ABC polls), are now going to foreign or international bodies to try to pressure U.S. lawmakers.

Last week, the National Guestworker Alliance, a pro-amnesty group, sent a letter to the United Nations, along with other amnesty supporters such as AFL-CIO, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Immigrant Legal Resource Center and National Immigration Law Center. They complained to this international body that U.S. actions “arresting, detaining, and removing” illegal aliens who complained about working conditions constitute “serious violations” of international law.  The National Guestworker Alliance seeks to gain for illegal aliens the “right to stay in the country and continue to work while pursuing a labor or human rights complaint.”

The United Nations isn’t the only pit stop for amnesty advocates. Several family members of illegal aliens are flying to the Vatican. A group of activists and children of illegal aliens are part of a delegation supported by a Los Angeles archbishop s to seek assistance from Pope Francis  in stopping illegal alien deportations.

U.S. lawmakers already encounter international pressure on the immigration issue.  Just this past weekend, Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny lobbied for amnesty directly to President Obama at the White House.  However, Irish illegal alien’s interests, which Kenny advocated for, are not the same as the American worker’s interests, which President Obama ought to represent.

In reality, the point of U.S. immigration policy should be to serve U.S. interests.  That’s why efforts to seek foreign help for pressure on this issue are inappropriate and severely misguided.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    In reading the ridiculous comments being made in this chat, I am appalled at the ignorance and lack of education notesd in these comments. I am a nurse. I deal with every race, ethnicity and gender. I don’t care if you are rich, poor, illegal or not. I treat with dignity, compassion and empathy.
    My parents were immigrants they worked like animals in this country so I can be the nurse that wipes your a** when you are sick. Because they valued this countries values I speak 2 languages. I can spell (unlike many of you in this site) and I am open minded. My immigrant parents allowed the opportunity to raise me to appreciate the struggles they went through coming to this country. They cleaned toilets, ate dog food, they walked from state to state and slept on the street until they had good people lend a hand to them and slowly they rose up and made a life here. They learned language and paid taxes and eventually in there 60’s became citizens.
    This country allowed them the opportunity to give me a better life and in return I give back to the community.. And for those ignorant people who believe that immigrants are only Mexican, you are stupid. We have Germans, Russians, israelians, Cubans, South Americans, African ….plus plus plus. And I am proud to de a descendent of Cubans. We are ALL immigrants unless you are American Indian. So get out of your trailer park, stop chewing Tabacco and read a book or a magazine so you can learn and open your mind a little. I’m sure your “grand pappy” from Idaho was not American Indian. Trace your roots then post on here.
    People leave there countries and families and lives because conditions are deplorable In there country. They would rather eat dog food in USA. Then live in there country. So I applaud those thst are brave and seek change!

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      Not everyone that opposes amnesty is a stupid redneck. I happen to have a Master’s degree in Higher Education-much more than your little 2-year degree. My family dates back to 1679 in America. I am also a third generation Floridian, where most of the Cubans came to and ruined. Miami is now like a third world country because of the Cubans and other immigrants who don’t even want to learn the language or customs of this country. South Florida was once a paradise but is now a dump. America is full and can not take anymore immigrants, you are ruining our country.

      You also need to learn the history of this country. Very few Americans are immigrants. Most have been here for generations so that argument is invalid as is the Native American argument. If you knew anything, you would know that the Indians migrated from Asia.

      You are the ignorant one.

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      You “don’t care about illegal”? All those countries you named do. And your Cuban parents had financial assistance from the US government refugee programs when they came here. They weren’t eating dog food.

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      Are you an RN or Aide of an RN, its the latter isn’t it? since you claimed you wipe a**. Also its not there but their, not then but than. For spelling purpose its not thst but that, since you claimed you can spell, than the rest of the posters.

      America’s doors are still open for legal migration. Its the illegal aliens that were not systematically deported for decades by the feds, in particular the irresponsible POTUS have bloated 30 million illegal aliens, and growing, badly costing the USA billions of taxpayers money. The socialist politician lawmakers are all up to themselves to remain in power brainwashing the public like yourself, that the problem is the immigration law itself and not the out of control, unmanageable illegal alien invasion. The immigration laws in existence will be reformed by these lefties to legalize illegalities, its as simple as that. Its mind blowing, the feds, the POTUS all can get away with murder for not doing their jobs of deporting illegal aliens. The immigration reform that will make sense is to relieve the feds, the POTUS in enforcing the immigration laws, since they don’t do their jobs anyway, transfer the power to deport illegal aliens to the States. I bet you all these illegal aliens will be weeded out ones and for all. Yes illegal aliens are like out of control weeds just keep on popping up.

      All the focus are securing the borders which are just fine to control the out of control 60% illegal alien border crossers. But the 40% illegal aliens via planes entering with non-immigrant visas such as visitors or tourists, students, etc knowingly, willfully breach their temporary visas to become as documented illegal aliens. These documented with expired visas illegal aliens are all over freely engaging on illegal activities, like illegal job hiring of unlawful employers. The States will be in a much better position in monitoring these documented illegal aliens and the unlawful employers in enforcing deportation.

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      Robert Campbell on

      Well your a fool! You condemn people for not wanting illegal aliens here then you call them names for doing it! So its ok for you but not for anyone else! TYPICAL LIB-TURD HYPOCRIT!

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      Nancy Cuddeback on

      The problem with immigration GLOBALLY , and it is a global problem is that the world is over populated. It is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, especially the powers that be. Even Europe is having it’s citizens angry about immigrants. And a lot of their immigrants are from other European countries. So, lighten up. And people don’t have a right to come to America and settle here. It’s a privilege!

      Yeah, your parents came here and it wasn’t easy. Just think what your life would’ve been had they stayed in their home country. Get over it and stop acting like you’re a saint the rest of us who don’t want to see our quality of life go down are devils. Americans don’t want America to be the dumping ground for the THIRD WORLD!!!

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    Barbara Griffith on

    One thing that needs to be done is bring our military back from protecting Europe, put them on our border with Mexico to protect OUR COUNTRY. If even that was done it would send a message to Mexico to keep their people at home we don’t want them they are costing billions of tax dollars while our roads and buildings are falling
    apart. There are US families that are living in homeless shelters because of no jobs and no prospects of one, while the Obama family takes a plane load of their relatives and friends to China supposedly on a Peace mission that is costing tax payers millions. This man needs to be impeached and his cronies in his administration need to be arrested as traitors.

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    Illegal aliens and all of their advocates, are so nastily rude and bold, It not just about their American dream, it all about them conquering our America for their own purpose! Once they get their way, they are going to want more from America and they are going to really run America for their own purpose, and continue to blame America for a lot of their faults, Americans will be stuck with illegal aliens getting their way most of the time in America, they are going to turn America up side down!

    Now illegal aliens and all of their advocates have the nerve to demand our politicians to stop deportations, all the illegal aliens that are in America now, no one know who they really are, even those who are working in our jobs illegally, this is suddenly alright with our immigration laws, our president, and many people in congress, massive immigration in America is running this country America! And there seems to be no law in America to stop them! Also massive illegal immigration in America is being strongly forced on Americans, Americans are being force to kiss illegal aliens butts in America, what ever illegal aliens want, they get in America! They are being allow to just spit and walk all over Americans in this country like they do not exist at all!

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    The Vatican, a sovereign entity have police arresting people hanging around with no business. These illegal alien sympathizers are going to convince the Pope to side with illegalities?, is like the RCC got possessed by the demons. Obama created this mess with his executive order of the DACA, experts say its unconstitutional. Obama have cooked up the immigration book that he deported more illegal aliens than his predecessors are outright lies. Obama have directed ICE to look the other way, not arrest and deport illegal aliens. The job of Obama is under federal to work for the American people, not to be pro-illegal aliens. The federal government is the only one legally who can deport illegal aliens, but Obama refused to perform his job to deport illegal aliens. So why is it the American people are not firing Obama from his poor job performance?. Obama is simply laughing at the American people with all the illegal actions he has done, get away without getting impeach. The political immigration reform is ******** need to be trashed and burned. The INS laws in existence were not followed by the federal government for decades accumulating 30 million illegal aliens. Obama and his democRAT cronies are in full force to re-write the immigration laws legalizing illegalities, to widen their voting power base should anger level headed Americans with this in your face screw you ALL.

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    yes we shouild take care of our country, because our government is not . who is going to do it ? if not for the patirot. we the people got to stand up to this comunist muslim government. and take our country back . one way or the other .we got to do what it takes, like take care of our border. thank you. support the CONSTITUTION and our FREEDOM

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    You all are right, on your comments!! AND it is all the fault of our self serving weak, greedy politicians. Including
    our President!. They have put themselves on a pedestal looking down on us, the very people they are supposed
    to be working for instead of against!! We DO need to do something to let them know we are FED UP with their
    abuse of us ,our laws and our country. They are the problem! We have laws and they refuse to enforce them!!
    They are leaving us no choice but to come together and stand up for OUR RIGHTS!! Guess we will have to write, phone, fax and or march and make more noise than the illegals and the ones who back them do. The pro amnesty
    groups such as LARAZA and others, also some of the big companies that want cheap labor are the ones backing them , and paying for bussing them around the country for their demonstrations. Mark Zuckerberg I understand
    is spending lots of money on T V ads backing amnesty and getting more foreign workers!! I’m sure there are
    other big companies that are backing amnesty and cheaper foreign labor.
    We cannot be silent anymore!! It will take many millions of us working together to convince them. Vote the ones
    out of office that work against us. I joined Numbers USA, they inform us by email when to make phone calls or
    send faxes to the different politicians, which is so easy as most of us don’t have the time or know how to keep informed on everything. If you would like to join go to and join! It is free!!
    Of course we can also write ,fax, email, or phone any of them anytime we want.

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    Maybe some of these other countries won’t mind the influx of ILLEGALS into their country! When the US border patrol picks up ILLEGALS, they can immediately take them to the nearest airport and send them off to one of these other countries that think the US don’t allow enough into our country!

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    Who is paying for the bus and other travel expenses, how much of our tax money is being used by this administration to either out right break our laws or use the money to push legal action down the road into a forgotten black hole?

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    Once again,I believe illegal aliens do have one right. That right is the right to be deported back to wherever the hell they came from.

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    Our government in the US is the problem. They let in millions of “refugees” from all over the world, because they are such nice guys.. I don’t care what the UN thinks, this country is not the dumping ground for the overpopulation of the world, overpopulation in that their resources are stretched to the breaking point, so they head for another country to get resources, pirates that will just take what they want. To hell with the population to whom the resources belong. They need birth control, not refugee status.

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    If the church wants to get involved start taxing them, The Catholic Church has never paid its fair share anyway. As for the UN, The U.S. should get out of the U.N. and stop being the worlds police force, pull them back and put our armed forces on the borders to enforce our immigration laws since Border patrol, ICE and homoland security ain’t cuttin’ it.

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      The UN has no say in our immigration policy, or anything else in America. They hate our Republic just as much as obama does, and would like to see it destroyed. If people weren’t so clueless, we would have been out of this terrorist organization many years ago. They are no less a threat than al Qaeda, as they are a threat to our national sovereignty. If you look at the wars, that wasn’t called wars, but police actions, being controlled by the UN, like Korea and Vietnam; these wars could not be fought to victory, because they were about reducing population and spending money, weakening America. So many don’t even want to hear about the evil on the East bank, they are clueless; what they know about the UN, you could put on the head of a pin.

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      Most of the illegals are from former Spanish Empire countries who are mostly Catholic and do not believe in birth control. They have overpopulated and trashed their own countries and now want to head for the refrigerators of America.

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    well lets stop talking and take our country back by closeing the border one way or the other. like i said support the CONSTITUTION and FREEDOM

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    no dam amneisty. it is we the people that made this country, i said i was going to the border but something came up but it wii be this summer. i will help them clean up the border. people got to stand up for the U.S.A. it is time to start . their are people out their that are ball babys.they want to let it go it is ok .every thing will be fine. not. you STUPID *** people that think its fine . why dont you stand up and support the CONSTITUTION and our FREEDOM thank you. im a vet and i know what to do.

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      Elizabeth Schad on

      So, you mean like the early Patriots? We should volunteer as an armed militia to uphold the laws that Obama is unwilling to uphold? Instead of a Tea Party, we could have a Tortilla Party?! How many people do we need? How many miles do we need to protect? How many arms do we have? Surely, we could be as driven as the early Americans.
      This is OUR country and OUR laws. Can we legally protect our own border from illegal entry?
      The illegals are zapping our public funds: Welfare, Food Stamps, Utility and Rent Assistance, Disability etc..
      Are you the leader we need? Army Trained and Army Strong?
      Let us know …

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        John Madlock on

        ELizabeth wake up…..the Tea Party is the Tortilla Party of the future….they belong o the Flinstones’ time.

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    I have a great idea. Why not have Ireland open its borders to all of these illegals they are concerned about here in the US.

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      Ireland CHANGED ITS CONSTITUTION a few years ago to do away with birthright citizenship. Too many illegal aliens trying to game the system.

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    Ireland lobbying for amnesty? I guess because they have some of their citizens here as illegals, and no doubt many send money back home. Just like Mexico. These people have a self interest in amnesty. Not to mention that Ireland outlawed birthright citizenship in 2004 by a popular vote of 79% of it’s citizens. Just like we need to do, but if you bring it up in this country you’re called a racist. Another case of some saying do as I say, but don’t do what I do.

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      Leland, Back when Bush 2 was in office the prime minister of Ireland came to Bush and asked him to “go easy” on his countrymen that had overstayed their visas, some for as much as two and three years. As far as I’m concerned they are just like the illegals from south of the border and should be deported! Anyone that can’t come here LEGALLY shouldn’t come here at all!!!

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        I don’t hate them but I do hate what is happening in America and I do have mixed emotions on the behalf of these people because of what has happened to the little jobs we had left was taken from African Americans…we will not pick cotton, work in fields and other parts of the agriculture field, stop buying the lie bush said is not true,,, we held construction jobs, office jobs, factory worked in healthcare, have the lowest amount of people on welfare, drugs, and do not import drugs or have the cartels in our life helping us succeed….and lie about the whiteman is allowing us to do this…they did not pay you to come here they chose you as cheaper labor and we still have to come back and fix the things you done wrong and make it right….we have enough problems in our communities as it is/was and did not need any added pressure from outsiders saying they have a right… using the 14th amnendment to justify it which was an amendment meant for African American who were brought here as slaves to make them a citizen of a country they stole from the Indians through lies and force….you should have come here legally and did what the others did….YOU PEOPLE ON THIS LINE NEED TO KNOW THAT OUR IMMIGRATION SYSTEM IS NOT BROKE…..THAT IS A LIE FROM HELL…READ IT…. there are various ways you can become a citizen without having the government giving you amnesty because most of you came here with babies in your bellies….or brought them here when they were small…you work and or on welfare which tax payers pay for….you others get social security that pays up to $2400.00 2 and 1/2 times more than the citizens who put money in….no way you could have put that kind of money into our SS system and get wheel chairs walkers housing before Americans …you do not rent to blacks and say you pay taxes on what the dog food you buy for your dog…please…the taxes they are talking about is the ones you pay when you own your own home…..Ireland and othe countries need to mind their own businesses especially when you do not have the same amnesty programs in your own countries….borders were designed for a reason and that is to keep people out who does not belong here… cannot go to Ireland if you don’t have a passport to enter their country, Mexico, China, Africa, Europe, and other countries they do not change their laws to make it easier for Americans to come so why should we….these are facts not lies….how do a person come to American and get a place to stay in a couple 1 or 2 days after they arrive from another country where they can walk into…PLEASE…. if we are so unhappy then what is taking us so long to take a stand and continue to stand until OUR VOICES are heard ….like they started a movement to get amnesty then WE MUST COUNTER IT……it is wrong and our constitution says it is wrong and does not need to be amended…..

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          Here is the problem I have, instead of staying in Mexico and trying to bring it up from being a 3rd world country, illegal aliens invade our Republic, and then instead of wanting to become Americans, they want to turn America into Mexico.

          We need to follow an immigration policy like Senator Barbara Jordan put forth when she was Chairman of the Immigration Reform committee. She believed our immigration policy should be based on what was good for America; we should be selective and only let people come here that there was a need for. That would eliminate those that want to live off American taxpayers.

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          You could not have been more on point with your comments, and I could not agree more. Besides deportation, we need to stop allowing non-citizens to own property or businesses in our country. If people from other countries want to do business in our country, they do so at their own expense. No tax breaks or ownership of property or buildings, and must employ at least 90% of their work force with U.S. citizens.

          If we do allow a guest worker program, then employers must offer all openings to U.S citizens first. These jobs
          must be advertise in a manner that would reach the most people in that region, and for a designated period of time. Only after these conditions have been met should they be allowed to employ “others”, but not to exceed 6 months before they have to check in with INS. Each and every “guest” worker must possess an id issued by only one source, the INS and valid for 6 months, and will not be issued to any pregnant person or minors. It would be the sole responsibility of the employer to report any infractions or laws that have been broken.

          There is strength in numbers, this issue needs to be brought to the attention of every citizen in the country. We also should move and speak as one, these people are organized and so should we. Remember we are the 99%er’s, (big money wants them here to boost profit) let’s get it done. Talk Loud and carry a Big Stick!

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      software, it used to be a blending pot where people from foreign nationals came here to become citizens of this country. hey took classes in US history, the constitution and most importantly, they learned to speak ENGLISH! Now they aren’t being required to learn English and the whole “melting pot” is going down the tubes!

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        John Madlock on

        5alive5 r u really alive??…..get out of your house……it is the same as before you are precisely the people I find myself ashamed to be an American……..there are such courses…..people want to become US citizen,…….and they are going to clasess……;et me guess….you smoke pot, play games and have a $8 dollar per hour job……..typical……