Rep. Ellmers Has Heated Exchange With Amnesty Opponents

Rep. Ellmers Has Heated Exchange With Amnesty Opponents

“In a constituent meeting gone awry that was captured on shaky, amateur video, embattled Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) berated a group of local activists who oppose amnesty legislation, suggesting they were racist and saying they didn’t have ‘any damn facts,'” Breitbart News reports.

“‘You’re telling me what people have told you? You don’t have any damn facts!’ Ellmers exploded at one of the activists when he said that employers – who often claim a labor shortage to argue for amnesty – frequently don’t post job openings in that region.”

Diploma Mill Head Convicted in Visa Case

“In a case that highlighted the growing problem of so-called “visa mills,” a federal jury on Monday convicted the founder and president of Tri-Valley University of dozens of fraud charges related to a multimillion dollar scheme to illegally provide immigration status to foreign nationals,” the San Jose Mercury News writes.

“After two days of deliberations, the jury convicted Susan Su of 31 counts, ranging from conspiracy to commit visa fraud to money laundering to alien harboring in connection with allegations she ran a scam school in Pleasanton from 2008 until her arrest in 2011.”

Refugee Program Doesn’t Serve America’s Interests

“Refugee resettlement was once the calling of true sacrificial charity and the work of private sponsors who invested their own resources. Today, it is the work of federal contractors who have no responsibility a mere 3-4 months after the refugee has arrived,” says Don Barnett in the Wyoming Star Tribune.

“Traditional sponsor duties have been replaced by access to all forms of welfare upon arrival for refugees and an opaque stream of grant money from seemingly every government agency except NASA.”

Chavez Movie Another Attempt to Push Amnesty

“An advocacy group co-founded by Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is using the story of labor organizer Cesar Chavez to help revive momentum behind an immigration overhaul in Congress,” says

“The advocacy group is teaming up with the United Farmworkers of America (UFW), which Chavez founded in the 1960s, to hold screenings of a new film about his life this week in four cities across the U.S.”

“Organizers said they hope the screenings show that a broad coalition from different backgrounds remains united behind an urging Congress to pass a major immigration overhaul. Such a stance could be necessary at a time when the push for legislation has become stalled and some activists have shifted their focus toward pressuring President Obama to act.”


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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    First Off

    That open border Republican needs to wash his mouth out with soap….using “da_n” in a public record news report not only weakens his pro-amnesty stand it reflects on his anomalous integrity/character too.

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      Concerned Citizen on

      Good point, software. Ellmers sounds hotheaded and insufficiently circumspect in his public statement. As such, he does not reflect well on the open borders position, which as many of us have noted repeatedly, is often presented in emotionally charged terms with lots of finger-pointing and name-calling. We need to continue presenting the facts and offer better, wiser public policy alternatives.

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    The refugee settlement program is a joke. It’s another one of these programs that are on autopilot. We commit to taking in thousands from each individual group and it never stops. The Boston bombers were here as refugees and had gotten welfare. As the link notes, refugees have extremely high levels of government welfare. Those who were here five years or less had an unemployment rate of 21%, 26% were getting cash assistance, 63% were on food stamps, and 11% were getting SSI, which is essentially lifetime government payments. How stupid can a country be to keep taking in masses of poor uneducated people who will use government money for decades?

    Sounds like Rep Elmers has absolutely no respect for her voters. She is apparently trying to portray herself as some enforcement hardliner when she’s not. Maybe next she’ll be talking about those “record” deportations rates of this administration which have been proven 50 times over to be fake.

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      That is actually true……………… regulations….however this is not amnesty guys……………………….

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Rep. Elmers certainly lacks a constructive tone. But I will help him.

    To the point of the activists, if the Federal Government is serious about expanding immigrant visas in any way, including guest worker visas, it would logically first need to identify which jobs are at stake, then offer the country a transparent labor market to match existing, legal workers (usually citizens, but not always) already in the country with those jobs. The GOP should be all over this “market” idea, but isn’t. The Democrats should love a transparent market — they created the health exchanges, after all — because it would help ensure that no one “lives in the shadows,” wherein “no one” INCLUDES American voters and citizens.

    The stock market is highly regulated largely because it needed transparency for investors and because unfettered fraud and chaos led to giant social costs. Where’s the transparency in the public labor market, Rep. Elmers? American citizens bear the social costs of immigration, so they rightly want some say in who we grant legal status.