New from the FAIR Archives – the Previously Unheard Audio of Dick Lamm’s Famous “My Secret Plan to Destroy America”

Gov. Dick Lamm

When I asked former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm, then Chairman of our National Board of Advisors, to be a commentator at our Advisors dinner in October 2003, little did I expect that his pithy, three minute talk would have such enduring fame.

I had asked the Governor and Otis Graham to be commentators on Victor Davis Hanson’s presentation on his then new book Mexifornia. Victor Davis Hanson and Otis Graham both gave wonderful presentations and both had much to recommend them. But over the years, Governor Lamm’s “My Secret Plan to Destroy America” has taken on a life of its own, and has achieved nearly legendary status at this point.

The reason? Proving once again the strength of brevity and organization, Dick Lamm has powerfully revealed the manner in which a short-sighted immigration policy can tear at the core fabric of the national civil framework. He does it in a brutally brief, but highly organized way.  The effect is powerful. Although he later expanded the written version that appears all over the Internet, until this week, few could enjoy the experience of the original audio of this presentation.


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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    It is so clear that this Governor does not understand our country and how it become to be. It is a fact he belongs to the old mentality from the past away for the real American mentality which embraces all races and work together for a common goal. His points regarding multiculturalism and dual citizen as a down fall only shoes his ignorance as a basically red neck…….he points out facts such as the finances, etc etc which indeed is no different from if it rains and you are are outside you will get wet………………poor intellect, fear to the future and it appears to be a bigot on his very essence as a human being.

    The US went through all this in the past with the Irish, italians, black, Chinese, and others, and WE MADE IT AND WE WILL MAKE IT. This man most likekly will eventually die like all of us but:alone and a bad life of hate…so unamerican…….

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      You Live in the Early 1900s Industrial Revolution Mother Goose Book for Open Border Liars

      Wake up, its a HORRIBLY overpopulated planet today and there’s no jobs in America. There won’t be hope in America until we DRASTICALLY depopulate, like demography science today states.

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      You are full of it. European immigrants did make this country but they are very different from what is coming into this country now. Get your facts straight-You don’t understand the cultures that made this country great. Not the low-life, uneducated immigrants that are pouring into this country now. They, and people like you will be the downfall of this once great country.

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    Dems KKK is destroy his self, from a Civil War was change many times a name, but is a some group of enemys, yes flood with illegals are one way to destroy, but in a end Dems will not win, and this times can loose much more can imaginate.

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    Whatever Lamm said back then is and has been taking place right now. I have to wonder whether our Congress was and still is aware of the dangerous words spoken by this man. Perhaps we should all send copies of his entire
    writing to our senators and reps in D.C.

    As I read this, I think of the term “useful idiots,” and while I was in college many years back, being required to read Marx’s entire Communist Manifesto. My professor told us that after we finished reading it, we should have a very clear picture of why the “real form” of communism could never exist, only what we see as socialism in countries.
    How right he was ! The idea that a “utopia” could exist by sharing wealth equally, etc.etc., and that in the end,
    not even a military or police force would be necessary—because everyone is on some sort of equal footing is
    the utopian lie. Because of our sin natures, we are not capable of living with each other in total peace and without violence in one form or another. We have
    police, law courts, and military in place so that people can live with each other in a civil manner. That’s the reality.

    I can see how Lamm wants to play on the undereducated, creating strifes and hatreds among the many, and slowly take the rights of citizens away, make them dependent upon some form of a tyrannical government, and so forth.
    He just about sounds like the “devil incarnate.”

    We need to pray that all Americans wake up and that members of Congress begin to see the big, disastrous picture ahead of us.

    I thank God for lobbies like F.A.I.R.. Keep up the great work and spread the word! And, we, as readers, must do all we can to alert Congress in writing and on the phone as to our concerns.


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      I see. he was trying to demonstrate to us how it can be done. Nevertheless, it is what is happening now. He makes his points.

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    This was 10 years ago !!!!!!!!! We still haven’t woken up !??!? Because of the media !! It doesn’t pay to be nice !
    We have to do what Egypt did when they got Morsi out of office, who just happened to be friends with b.o., our enemy in office ! The worst part of this….is that….he is not working alone….he has A LOT of backers….even on the republican side ! We have been set up for a very long time….even before 1913 when they started the FED !!
    The U.S.A. would be a lot better off OUT of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.A. NO to New World Order ! NO to Global anything !!! We want to be and stay as the U.S.A. We want to keep what we made !!!

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    The president at the White House meeting with Hispanic journalists, Sept. 2011:

    “Number one is, is that there was a much greater emphasis on criminals rather than noncriminals. And there’s been a huge shift in terms of enforcement, and that began as soon as I came into office.”

    “Secondly, the statistics are actually a little deceptive because what we’ve been doing is with the stronger border enforcement we’ve been apprehending folks at the border and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours, sent back, that’s counted as a deportation.”

    So the truth is out there, it has been for years, that all the “record” deportations numbers are fake, aka “deceptive”.
    The fact is that those border turnarounds were never counted as deportations before, and if they had been, the numbers of previous administrations would be far higher than the “record” numbers of this administration. It’s simply a talking point by his supporters to make him look tough on enforcement. He is anything but.

    AND, read the first two sentences. Simply being here illegally is not a crime of any sort, and there was a “huge shift in terms of enforcement” with this administration. And say what you will about the border turnarounds, about half the people here illegally entered on a visa and then failed to leave when they were supposed to. Which means, this administration says there is virtually NO penalty for that, and there’s NO penalty if you manage to slip past the border, which many do.

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      If you do not like it you can move out of the US,,,,,really so what if hispanics have a meeting with the president r u a racist>

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    I remember hearing about this speech 10 years ago, and it is troubling. I myself wrote a book that foretold the destruction that illegal immigration is doing to our country in 2009 called, “American Tyrant the Bush Legacy.”…Everyone must admit that it isn’t just the Democrats that want to flood this country with illegals, many Republicans do as well.

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    The Governor’s presentation needs to be on every desk in Washington as well as read by every citizen of this country. His words were prophetic and are being played out every day in all corners of this nation.

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      prophetic!!???…more like paranoia and a bigot…………………read Roy’s feedback above and educate yourself…..