What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: Implement a System Based on Merit

Implement a merit-based immigration system:

Our immigration system should choose immigrants based on an objective assessment of who is most likely to benefit the economic and social interests of our nation.

The United States has a responsibility to protect the economic interests of all of its citizens, yet the immigration system, which adds hundreds of thousands to the labor force each year, is bringing in workers faster than jobs are being created through both legal and illegal immigration.

Congress can take responsibility for this problem and help the economy by making the U.S. immigration system limited and merit-based. Legal immigration should be based on an objective assessment of the likelihood of an immigrant succeeding using clearly defined numerical limits as well as factors such like educational attainment and jobs skills.

In December, Dan Stein, president of FAIR, wrote about this issue in an op-ed for The Hill. In it, he warned:

Our policies will not succeed until our political leaders recognize that immigration must be selective and limited to protect the economic, social and security interests of the American people, and that our laws must be humanely, but firmly, enforced.

The current immigration system is dysfunctional because it is not responsive to the socioeconomic conditions of the country.

True Immigration Reform puts the economic interests of its citizens first and admits immigrants based on merit—including job skills, education and responding to what the economy needs.

What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: Implement a Merit-Based Immigration System

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    The US Chamber of Commerce needs unprotected workers to exploit for low wages, no benefits and no worker protections and who are unable to file any claims with the US Department of Labor due to their illegal status.

    Obama is feeding a “fire” from over-populated, uneducated poverty-stricken countries to get a “free” welfare pass at the local US County welfare office rather than face starvation in their own corrupt trashed out countries. The number of minor children skipping the border has skyrocked since Obama’s election year “Dreamers” stunt and people are packing their bags in South America in anticipation of amnesty.

    Obama has publically stated he will ignore current laws but somehow thinks that people will feel that he has any intention of enforceing any new laws and it will all be different next time. Bunk. Obama is a criminal who needs to be impeached.

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    This is common sense, but that is lacking in our politicians. We do not need the middle-aged parents of recent immigrants who have no jobs skills in our country.

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    Sometimes people say the damnedest things: I overheard this man say: He had a dream that two non-white races were going to burn down California. In this same dream he said one non-white race was happy because they felt betrayed by white races and they feel like white races will be getting what they deserve and not everything that they deserve.

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    Why do we need anyone else as long as millions of Americans remain unemployed? One group no one ever mentions as far as a drain on the low-skilled jobs market are the hoards brought in by various church organizations. They are from the third world and many do not even know how to function in this society. They must be taught to use a stove, a bathroom, cleaning tools, etc. If they don’t find employment, they go on welfare. Is this what the churches want? To either take jobs or to forever be a burden to the middle class? Our nation sends billions to other countries. Why must we take their people too? How about bringing back the Peace Corp…teach these people to fend for themselves. We cannot continue to babysit every third world person who walks in, or is brought here. When we go down, the whole world does too. Our “funding” to any country should be based on the premise that their leaders will create an economy that will allow them to stay home. We have become the dumping ground of the world!

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      HA!…many of us do not know how to write or read of that let alone……………..mobilebay I know many 3rd World Country citizens in the corporations that are highly sophisticated than you for example the Motorola CEO from India,,,,,,he has a PhD and made million DO YOU?,,,,,,,,,the same way there are 3rd W Country citizens here…….may be you?

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    Roy Buchanan on

    Addriene many immigrants and illegals do fit your staetment………..we fail on the following”our laws must be humanely, but firmly, enforced.”……………………………not humanly REALLY!……..