Pro-amnesty Republicans Push for Amnesty in Bill to Fund Troops

Pro-amnesty Republicans are working behind the scenes to add language to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would require the Secretary of Homeland Security to give green cards to certain illegal aliens just for enlisting in the military. This language is based on H.R. 2377, a military-style DREAM Act sponsored by pro-amnesty Rep. Jeff Denham, a Republican from California.

Under the language Rep. Denham is pedaling behind the scenes, the illegal alien only has to meet two requirements in order to enlist in the military. First, they must have entered the U.S. before 2012; and second, they must have been younger than 15 when they entered the country. That’s it! After that they are on a fast-track to citizenship.

The policy implications of including such legislative language in a bill to fund our troops are severe.  In addition to encouraging a massive flow of illegal aliens into the military in order to get a green card, allowing illegal aliens to join the military poses clear national security risks. Indeed, there are no specifics in the language being pushed on the Hill regarding how an alien proves he or she came here as a child.  As they do already, illegal aliens could easily forge documentation to meet these flimsy requirements.

Though language to the NDAA has yet to be made public, media outlets report the House could vote on the bill later this month. Read more about the Republicans’ plan to push amnesty as part of the NDAA here.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Robert Fireovid on

    Every branch of the armed forces now has more qualified applicants than available positions. There are not enough jobs in the private sector, and many young people turn to the military because they have no other options. The military, in turn, is downsizing and doesn’t have enough openings to accommodate all of the qualified applicants.

    To allow illegal aliens to take positions in the U.S. military that would otherwise go to qualified, motivated U.S. citizens is criminal!

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    As a veteran of the U.S.A.F., I am adamantly opposed to illegal aliens being allowed in any branch of our military.
    Do these idiots not realize that illegal aliens have no respect or allegiance to the U.S. and allowing them, Ilegal aliens to enter our armed forces and to have access to classified material and weapons is unconscionable.

    NO to Amnesty and NO to citizenship for illegal aliens!

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    Since most of the illegals come from Mexico and Central America, will all documents and orders be given in English and Spanish. Will the services have to provide bilingual drill instructors, etc. or will we have to teach them English as our schools are trying to do?

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    This is a slap in the face to all of the 90,000 American servicemen and women who have been serving honorably, but because of Pentagon budget cuts are virtually being given pink slips, to be discharged to seek civilian jobs in the current job market.
    Illegal aliens should be sent straight up the chain of command for administrative separation or court marshal.
    False representations or concealment of facts to gain enlistment (or reenlistment) include: concealment of citizenship status by an alien, concealment of a criminal record (including juvenile record), concealment of a medical defect.
    Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, a person who has fraudulently enlisted in any branch of the military is a person who “procures his own enlistment or appointment in the armed forces by knowingly false representation or deliberate concealment as to his qualifications for that enlistment or appointment and receives pay or allowances there under,” if the information omitted would have resulted in the applicant’s rejection.
    Pro-amnesty Rep. Jeff Denham and the other Pro-amnesty Republicans should be voted out of office. They clearly do not serve in the best interests of “we the people”.

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    Jim in Virginia on

    As a retired member of the military services, I don’t think anyone, who isn’t a citizen of this country, should be able to serve in our Armed Forces. They are devoted to their own nation, not ours. Can we really expect them to support and defend a constitution that isn’t theirs. This is just a bad idea all around.

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    The names of all those traitors willing to give in to illegal invaders should be remembered when you step into the voting booth. Those who are not willing to enforce out immigration laws should never stand in a position of authority or have the ability to make new laws that disregard the will of the people.
    NO amnesty! No pathway to citizenship! No more anchor babies! Enforce our laws! E-verify! Secure the border!
    No chain migration!

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    Heaven forbid they should fight or die for our country! Let’s be clear… A Green card isn’t that important to an undocumented worker. They’re not going to be returning to their native country. They’re going to be the recipient of a much needed immigration policy that will allow them to live and work here and enter the military if they so desire.
    So all this anti immigrant rhetoric will in the end go nowhere and it’s about time.

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      You need to wake up and smell the Roses. Allowing illegal aliens (who have no allegiance to our country) to enlist in our military and to have access to classified documents and weapons is crazy and is not in the best interest of our nation.

      We do not need immigration reform, we need a president and congress that honor their oaths of office to defend our constitution and enforce our laws including our existing immigration laws. As it stands, we have a bunch of DIMwits and REPublicrats pushing to open our borders to just anyone who wants to live here regardless of their allegiance to our country. NO ILLEGAL ALIENS in our military and NO AMNESTY OR CITIZENSHIP FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

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    Fort Hood Texas shooters Ivan Lopez & Nidal Hassan raise the question of increased incidence of violence against Americans among those who would fit this category. Lopez, is reported to be from Puerto Rico, an American territory, so technically Lopez could be considered a US citizen if he fits citizenship criteria, was born in PR of US citizens. Is there any data about the incidence of violence against US troops among foreign or ethnic recruits to the US military?

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    Before we undertake Immigration Reform the following questions must be asked and answered: Why are we allowing into America over 1 million immigrant a year more than the rest of the world combined? Sixty percent of those admitted based on family reunification – whereby all too often poor rejoin poor already here. Why are we allowing so many immigrants into America who have little or nothing to contribute, much less granting them green cards? Why are we importing poverty from anywhere? Twenty years after arrival 40% of all immigrants are still on welfare. Why are we adding to welfare rolls when we have a surfeit of domestic recipients and our national debt is over $17 trillion? Lar Raza, MEChA, La Reconjquista and Aztlan spell irredentism. Why are we ignoring potential future ethnic conflict like ? America is the world’s unchallenged immigration magnet, yet we are more concerned with reuniting families, supporting most of them at taxpayers’ expense, then we are in doing what’s in the national interest: welcoming the motivated, educated, highly trained people from all over clamoring to come here. Cheap votes and cheap labor must be cast aside. These questions demand answers and should be the focus for immigration reform.

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    spacecowboymi on

    We as a country need immigrants. There seems to be a disconnect between our country and loyalty to our brothers in arms. The military is a tool to conform citizens into A basic societal structure. My fear is the military is changing to conform to special interest groups. The fragmentation of society is now creeping into our military. In doing so there is no longer a respect for the institution or for what has made this country unique. The military creates teem work, loyalty, respect, independence, self reliance, the culture to win if left to win. The basics to survival if left to its core motto . It is unconscionable to think there are individuals who want desperately to come to this country to contribute, and others that seem to think America is here to distribute a free lunch. Those that believe the government should be available for personal mistakes and survivle should be first to volunteer for the military.

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      Wrong on more than one count! First, our country does not need immigrants- we have the talent to get along very well by ourselves. The only reason businesses push for immigrant visas is because they work for less money. And BTW: 300 million is enough. Second, the military is not meant to conform citizens to society. Quite the opposite: the military accepts our best and bravest to serve in defense of our nation. It is a privilege to serve and should not be degraded by being open to those who are motivated by citizenship or a regular paycheck. Rather, military service should be restricted to those who are already citizens. Then we will have a military force of people truly dedicated to serving their country and not a force of third world mercenaries.

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      hey…..most illegals and immigrants work much much harder than you and I put together WAKE UP!!!! and take a lesson in life and see what really took to built this country….get off your TV PC games……

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    Richard G.. Salo on

    This idea is a load of BS. I am married to a Hispanic she does not want illegals to gain citizenship. I don’t want to give illegals a reward for committing an illegal act. We have enough unemployed and under employed people of our own. We can’t see rewarding people for breaking the law. We feel that allowing all these illegals to enter our military is not a good idea, we can’t rely on probable gang members to protect us. There are many unexpected consequences. You all have not thought this through. The only reasons our representatives want to allow this is that they want these illegals to vote for them. They are NOT OUR COUNTRIES CITIZENS. If you want these people to vote for you, MOVE TO THEIR COUNTRY. If you want to destroy our country you are well on your way.

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    CLOSE boarders, ENFORCE existing immigration laws and DEPORT ALL illegals FIRST.

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      close borders, Enforce laws. yes! deport them all!! the only reason they are wanted is for their vote! they are also a health risk.

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    Illegal aliens should not be getting a free pass to live here illegally, even if they were brought here by parents before they were 15; the parents should be deported back to where they came from, along with the children they brought here. When Obama has cut back our military to pre WW 11 levels, how could we possibly need illegal aliens to enlist in the military?

    Any Republican or Democrat that votes to give these illegal aliens amnesty, should be voted our of office, ASAP.

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      a very good point, ” …Obama cut back our military…how could we possibly need illegals to enlist.” I think they should all be voted out, they are too eager to be such sell outs. I am not happy with the new rule for the military that allows muslims to wear beards and turbans,…this is the American military! I think allowing beards and turbans empowers muslims, we need to have control of OUR military, and muslims should have to conform to our rules and standards…It is always the Americans who give up something when we have 2 groups come into our country, illegals south of border, we give up our sovereignty and immigration laws and culture and language; for muslims, that and everything else!..,

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    Looks like some GOP politicians want “cheap labor” for the military, just as they do for the work force. An additional “benefit” would be that those illegal aliens who signed up would have to “toe the line” in order to maintain legal status; if they messed up they could be subject to deportation. And, of course, the administration and other Democrat politicians would be happy to go along with this scheme.

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    Thomas Proctor on

    This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. Owe-bama is trying to shut down the military, and Denham wants to turn it into a branch of the Mexican Army!!!! Denham has no idea of what his plan will do to the military, and obviously has no idea how bad conditions are in the country regarding ILLEGAL ALIENS. Boehner needs to shut this down now.

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    Is Congress crazy? WHAT ABOUT SECURITY? These people came in with no identification or nationality proof or if they had documentation it was probably fake. How do you do a security clearance and background check on these people? This is an open invitation for people to enter our military and wreak havoc — and how do you prevent them from moving up to influential positions in the military, where they can indoctrinate our young soldiers?



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    NO, NO, NO !!!!! We don’t want the NDAA !!! Get rid of it !!! Most of our towns and states are not following it !! We reject it !! IT GOES AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION !!! DO ANY OF YOU PEOPLE REMEMBER OUR CONSTITUTION ?!?!?!?!?!?! SORRY, BUT WE DO !! WE ARE FOLLOWING IT !!!

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    Rep Denham was to spread the disaster that is the amnesty in California around the country. This stupidity WILL cost the Republicans the Senate. I will NOT support any Republican that sides with criminal aliens (I don’t give a rats *** what excuse of logic they trot out) over citizens. Its just that dam simple.

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    Steven Ingram on

    With this LIAR in CHIEF running things around our constitution and not holding any one or thing to the letter of the law all we are doing is giving criminals free rane . This president is trying to flush the USA down the tolite for good neither the House or Congress have the balls to STOP HIM NOW! If you lead from behind then your always LAST just look at USSR and the NUCK RACE hes starting in the middle east! WE ARE ALL FOOLS and for those who elected him my GOD have mercuy on there souls.

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    Nobody who has ever came to the US illegally, should ever be able to become a citizen.

    That’s like signing your house over to a burglar who broke in. Stupid!

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      Then everybody is an illegal, since our ancestors came illegally and the system was built based on this,,,,

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        Since when did this country have borders and laws when our ancestors came ashore at Plymouth Rock.
        Did the native Americans have laws forbidding people to land here. Grow UP!

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    Sure, put the Al Quida or Taliban in our Military. Our Government is sooooooooooo stupid anymore. We need to get these RINO idiots out of office. Please vote all of them out that you possibly can. Stop the corruption and then we can make term limits on them.

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      If our gov is stupid as you said…what does that make you?…..a r,,,,L…..M…n!

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    Leslie Elkins on

    If they follow through with this then every stinking one of them that vote for it needs to be removed from office. Enforce our present immigration laws! NO EXCEPTIONS!