FAIR Alert: Does Your Congressman Support Illegal Aliens Joining our Military?

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Call Your House Representative Now!

Pro-amnesty House Republicans are quietly devising a plan to include amnesty in a bill meant to fund our troops. California Republican Rep. Jeff Denham is leading the effort to get his ENLIST Act (H.R. 2377), a military-style DREAM Act, added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Call your U.S. Representative NOW! The NDAA is about national security, NOT a vehicle for amnesty. Tell him or her to OPPOSE allowing illegal aliens to join the military!

The language Denham is pedaling behind the scenes requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to issue green cards (legal permanent resident status) to certain illegal aliens just for enlisting in the military. The only conditions are that the illegal aliens:

  1. Entered the U.S. before 2012; and
  2. Were younger than 15 when they entered the country.

That’s it! As written, illegal aliens could conceivably enlist in the military and get a green card the same day. After that they are on the fast-track to citizenship.

The policy implications of including this language in a bill to fund our troops are severe. In addition to encouraging a massive flow of illegal aliens into the military in order to get a green card, the national security risks are clear. There are no specifics in the language regarding how an alien proves he/she came here as a child. As they do already, illegal aliens could easily forge documentation to meet the weak requirements of this language.

If this sounds familiar it should, Denham tried to include his amnesty bill as an amendment to last year’s NDAA. But thanks to your efforts, Denham withdrew his amnesty amendment before it could even receive a vote on the House floor!

Now is the time to act in order to prevent Rep. Denham and his pro-amnesty friends in the House from trying to slip this into the NDAA for the second year in a row! Indeed, media outlets report the House could vote on the bill later this month.

Our national security is AT RISK! Call your House Representative immediately.

Tell him or her to OPPOSE allowing illegal aliens to join the military.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    william canosa on

    the republican party is the party that have all the crazy people in it that want to take a way the peoples rights. the right to health care, the right to jobs the right to a decent pay standard. People like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, what happens when 12 million more come in do we stand and let them come in because we have no one in Washington to do the right thing. no one who is not an American should have the right to work in this country we do not have the government that cares about its people. the people that come here by just breaking our laws are not the people we want. here.

  2. avatar

    Illegals join the military to infiltrate, some to gain citizenship AND bring EVERY member of their family…We will never have sovereignty if our govt keeps coming up with ways to let the world reside in our country. I do not like that his highness in the WH allows muslims to wear a beard & turbin…the message that I see is once again America is kissing muslims A$$e$…that is a lose,lose situation for Americans. But, he is a muslim himself, so what do you expect from mr. muslim brotherhood

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  4. avatar

    Don’t You Feel Secure from Terrorism Today

    Knowing uncaring foreigners are replacing real Americans being phased out due to DOD reductions of troops.

  5. avatar
    Wanda Weatherford on

    There is no way of proving when these people came to our country. This is a way of corrupting our military. I’m completely against this latest ploy to give citizenship to illegal aliens….they broke our laws.

  6. avatar

    Giving into these things will cost you your job just as millions of us are now out of work so will you all This is not what WE THE PEOPLE WANT!!!!!!

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      Did you ever think that this is obamas way of giving our country to latin America…I put nothing past him, he absolutely hates this country and as we all are witnesses to his destruction and regulations and taxes that spend us into infinity…as I hear him “threaten” putin one more time with empty words, I would like to throw up on him…

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    I was in the Service with a few fellow soldiers who were using this venue to obtain their citizenship, and they were upstanding Soldiers. They embraced the American ideals, so that after their 4 years they were able to obtain their citizenship. Of course that was 1965 – 1967 and times have changed but if this holds true to the same ideals I see no problems as long as they fulfill the Military Obligation..

  8. avatar
    Thomas Autry on

    I am totally against any means that any illegal alien that came into this country improperly without doing through the proper paper work EVER being allowed into this country under ANY kind of circumstances.

    • avatar

      when I see them here in our country w/their 50 million kids EACH, I think of how they got here “the old fashion-way” of hopping the fence, demanding benefits, demanding citizenship, demanding instate tuition for their kids, this is after we have given them every social welfare program under the sun, in other words – from birth to grave, refuse to leave, protest in front of our Congress, Senate Judiciary Committee, and us…they become emboldened and in front of our politicians WE, THE AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE BECOME INVISIBLE, IRRELEVANT!