Illegal Alien In-State Tuition Bills Fail in Tennessee

In-state Tuition Bills for Illegal Aliens Stopped in TNLegislation that would make illegal alien students eligible for in-state tuition at Tennessee’s public colleges and universities failed this session because of its lack of support among constituents and within the Tennessee legislature. Last week, Representative Richard Floyd, sponsor of House Bill 1992, withdrew his bill from consideration, while Senate Bill 1951, an identical bill, was retired by the Senate’s Education Committee to a general sub-committee, where it is not expected to move again this year. Both H.B. 1992 and S.B. 1951 would have provided in-state tuition to illegal aliens who reside in Tennessee and have attended Tennessee secondary schools for five years.

The defeat of H.B. 1992 and S.B. 1951 marks another victory for immigration reform activists and taxpayers concerned with the exorbitant costs of illegal immigration. Taxpayers in Tennessee already pay an estimated $547 million a year to provide public benefits and services to illegal aliens residing in the state. H.B. 1992 and S.B. 1951 would have increased this burden by additional millions and further drained Tennessee’s higher education system, which has already been suffering a budget crisis due to the weakened economy.

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    Who was that person on here that said they should put all illegal aliens in jail because they are currently breaking the law?

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      The person said they should be rounded up and put into jail NOW, or given the chance to go back to Mexico.

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    God bless you Tennessee, I hope that the state government down here in Florida has the balls to follow suit with you…

    But I will not hold my breath, it would seen that my legislators have another “dream” in mind…
    I am going to miss living down here…

    oh well, I can learn to live in cold country… I guess…

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    I would like to see the issue of illegal immigration resolved.
    Illegal immigrants have a right to know what their destiny is here in North America, don’t they?

    Some people think its a crime to deny someone healthcare services who has paid taxes and instead give it to an illegal alien.

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    Amazing, isn’t it? Some Americans wanting to reward those that have illegally invaded our country… Perhaps next they will want to reward bank robbers instead of arresting and prosecuting them?? Anyone violating our immigration laws, either by sneaking across our borders or violating the terms of a visa, should not be rewarded, but should be removed from our country. If those violators really want to immigrate into our country, they can apply and get in line along with those waiting to gain entry legally.

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      Many would agree with you that an INVASION is right. I have even heard terms like hijacking, extortion, punked and the list goes on.

      An associate asked does allowing this invasion make the American political system seem weak or unstable? Even penetrable? I had no answer to this…..

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      You are right on Tom!! As far as I’m concerned Our President and our politicians are violating our laws!!
      Isn’t it illegal to knowingly aid and abet criminals (Illegals)?? That is what they are doing!!!!! Just because some people want it doesn’t mean that our government has to go against the will of the American people and make it

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    Throughout All This Open Border Fanfare for IA In-State Tuition

    What is the numbers of students it really impacts? What percentage of the college enrollment? I ask these questions because this morning I’m wonderring if this whole issue is a distraction from the real money maker for our open border slanted colleges…..replacing real Americans paying in-state tuition with green carded foreigners paying double tuition [and some with falsified enrollment papers too].

    Are our colleges really American anymore?

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      Your question is interesting. Thought provoking.
      Some people may be wondering what other costs there are to Americans, such as how many Americans will be denied a service like healthcare because it goes to illegal aliens instead.
      How many American students’ needs will go unmet because of illegal aliens?