American Legion: No Amnesty in NDAA

American Legion: No Amnesty in NDAAThe American Legion, our country’s largest wartime veterans service organization, urged House Republicans to drop their plan of sneaking amnesty into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The announcement came just one day after Breitbart News reported that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) threw his support behind Rep. Jeff Denham’s (R-Cal.) attempt to add his ENLIST Act (H.R. 2377), a military-based DREAM Act, to the NDAA. H.R. 2377 requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to issue green cards just for enlisting in the military with the only conditions being that the illegal aliens: (1) entered the U.S. before 2012; and (2) were younger than 15 when they entered the country.

The American Legion, whose mission includes “advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow servicemembers and veterans” blasted the move. “The NDAA needs to stand alone, and I think attaching an issue as contentious and complex as immigration and recruitment policy would only stall the NDAA,” John Stovall, director of the Legion’s national security division told The Washington Times, “The legion’s long-standing policy remains that we are opposed to any policy, any legislative action that amounts to amnesty, and I think that would fall under that definition.”

The House Armed Services Committee (HASC) has jurisdiction over the NDAA and is set to amend the bill, a process known as “markup,” on May 7th. Because Rep. Denham is not on the committee, he needs an HASC member to introduce the ENLIST Act as an amendment. Currently, 11 of the ENLIST Act’s co-sponsors are HASC members, including Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Cal.)

One would think that the voice of a respected veterans’ organization should stop this amnesty push in its tracks, but unfortunately Cantor, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), and other pro-amnesty Members of Congress appear more determined than ever to jam amnesty down the throats of the American worker, and now even the American military.

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    Bravo to the American Legion for this stand against amnesty to illegals. Politicians have forgotten who pays their salaries and whose interests they are supposed to protect and serve.

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    The solution is so easy yet no one in either party dares to speak about it. Start throwing jail time and huge fines against those who hire illegals. Once the illegals can not get jobs or welfare they will leave on their own saving the taxpayer trillions and opening up around 12 million more jobs to Americans.

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    We have given more than enough to people who have crossed our borders or have over stayed on their visas. Now is the time to return our nation to law and order and enforce our immigration laws as they were intended. No deals when it comes to immigration. Sure, it is reported that some 11 to 12 illegals are now living in the US. As far as living in the shadows goes, that is a bunch of bunk, most are working, and not in our strawberry fields, but in construction, and other jobs that Americans have been pushed out off. We do not need politicians rolling over and playing dead when it comes to this issue. Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush recently stated something to the effect that illegals crossing are only showing love for their families? Well, I am only one vote but Mr. Bush does not represent what most Americans want and that is respect and enforcement for our immigration laws and securing our border number one priority.

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    Read our lips: NO AMNESTY IN AMERICA!!! Got it? You congress-people had better listen to the will of the citizens instead of having such misplaced concern for non-citizens. Or is it the big money fat cats that want this so badly? Then they can continue to make horrendous profits on the backs of disadvantaged illegals and poorer American citizens that would have to share the meager job market with non-citizens?

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    We should have got rid of anyone who promotes or promoted any type of amnesty to people who break our laws, period. Yes, this includes our president, past and present, congress, etc. Enough of these elected officials who think they are above the laws that we already have! They work for US, the citizens of the United States of America, NOT border-crossers from foreign countries who are abusing the American taxpayers by using benefits that are meant for our own citizens , and the Big Businesses who hire these people! We should all be totally outraged…where is the so-called Media on this issue of great importance to the security of this country? Grrrr

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    Floyd Benjamin on

    Illegal immigration is against the law, we cannot choose which laws to enforce and which laws we should overlook.
    If people want to become American citizens there are legal ways to do it. Do not come into the country hoping for the next amnesty. Our politicians are guilty of holding amnesty as a carrot to entice people to break the law.

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      You must be referring to Harry Reid, the guy who says we can’t let that Nevada rancher thumb his nose at the rule of law, and then he turns around and tries to grant amnesty to every illegal he can and these illegals broke at least one law getting into America. I think Harry Reid is only concerned about the rule of law when it benefits him.

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    the illegals cost the us $388 billion a year now that we can’t afford Need to put a stop to anymore entries into the US and deport the ones already here

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    If our leaders (Republicans and Democrats) really want to stop illegals from crossing our boarders looking for work. They should fine the business that hire illegals big bucks. If there are know jobs available for them here. Then they will stop coming here, plain and simple. Wakeup America, our politicians that are running for public office are willing to give them amnesty, with a green card, for their vote.

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      To Bill Fish: You are right. The GOP could stop need for amnesty simply by passing mandatory e-Verify and making it illegal for them to receive entitlements paid for by taxpayers. It’s time to stop “birthright” citizenship (anchor babies), chain immigration of illegals, and Congress to require the POTUS enforce U.S. Immigration laws on the books. If illegals could not get employment, free health care, free education for their children, food stamps or know that they would get amnesty eventually, the influx of illegals would stop–they would leave on their own, we wouldn’t have to deport them. Both the Democrats and GOP are playing games with their constituents and it appears the politicians have already made the deals on how to manipulate the situation to bring about full amnesty for illegals while appearing to be against amnesty. Our borders are not secure and this is an issue of national security for the country. For the first time in my life I believe that our government—executive as well as legislative branches are corrupt. Politics and the games played in Washington corrupt elected as well as appointed politicians to our country’s detriment.

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    Michael J. Marsalek on

    If the sanctimonious American Legion wants to oppose any provision of the NDAA, let them protest the indefinite detention of American Citizens without charge. This extraordinary authority is unConstitutional and it is of questionable legality. Normally the Congress must authorize the suspension of Habeas Corpus. Whereas the Congress seldom accepts responsibility for any of its actions, the NDAA purports to cede the unrestricted and indefinite power to suspend Habeas Corpus to the president without a formal declaration of Martial Law. This policy defeats the separation of powers and system of checks and balances. It is just plain wrong and unacceptable on many different levels. That said, if illegal aliens commit to fight & die to protect the American people, American civil liberties and they complete enlisted service honorably; they rightfully deserve an expedited path to citizenship.

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      Excuse me, Michael J. Marsalek? Our so-called president is handing out amnesty to illegals without Congress – do you think that is Ok? The American Legion wants the NDAA to stand alone with no attachments. They also do not want amnesty handed to people who may be a threat to our national security. Who knows, these new recruits could be part of Islamists trying to infiltrate our military which could be disastrous. Your views are wrong and unacceptable on many different levels.

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      Michael J. Marsalek, you are totally wrong. Who is to say these Illegals joining our military aren’t Islamist terrorists! Why would we reward these lawbreakers with citizenship all the while enjoying the benefits our military personel receive? There would be an endless stream of people coming from every direction of the world! Thank goodness we have these brave veterans from the American Legion who are willing to take a stand against this traavesty! Yousir do Not deserve citizenship in our glorious country.

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    So, to be clear, we are reducing our military forces by turning out trained experienced personnel and making it possible for illegals to gain citizenship by enlisting. Has this administration gone completely over the edge????

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      You’re right about amnesty forever. We didn’t learn our lesson in 1986. The promises of “enforcement” were just that, promises. And here we are again.

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      To ilovearmy: If someone can enter the U.S. illegally in order to better the lives for themselves and their families, then other aliens can enter at the same places to commit terrorist acts whether then or after years as “sleepers”. Immigration laws protect the U.S. since they screen potential immigrants for communicable diseases, criminal records, mental illness, insure that they have character references and can demonstrate the ability to support themselves if allowed to immigrate and not merely be dependent on U.S. taxpayers for their support. It is not fair to the many people who have waited years to legally immigrate to have the illegals go to the head of the line without being screened and to cut down on the numbers of legal immigrants allowed in. Violation of U.S. Immigration laws are criminal acts and the countries the illegals emigrate from have much tougher penalties for illegal immigration than the U.S.

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    Giving amnesty is a true way to make sure Republican & Democrats lose their jobs in their next election!

    Don’t listen to citizens, but listen to illegals??

    No, we will no longer need your services, get ready to get in the unemployment line, be prepared to wait, it’s. a long line!!

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      dareisay you hit the nail on the head. if they give amnesty it is going to cost all true Americans more money. So I am like you all partys should lose their job.

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      “”get ready to get in the unemployment line”” !??! i don’t think so…..they belong in prison….ALL OF THEM !!