Administration Considers Increasing Illegal Alien Scofflaw Problem

According to the New York Times , one of the illegal alien detention liberalizing policies under consideration by the administrations is providing detained illegal aliens the opportunity to post bond in order to gain release until they have a hearing on whether they should be deported. We earlier noted that this option under consideration in response to pressure from amnesty advocates is a formula for swamping the immigration court system and assuring detained illegal aliens extended periods of pre-hearing work opportunity in the U.S.

Now, an additional argument against this policy proposal has been brought into focus by a new study by the Center for Immigration Studies. Its report “Justice on the Runuses official government data to document that, “76% of those [illegal aliens]free pending trial evaded immigration court.” The obvious implication is that the more that detained illegal aliens are granted bail and turned loose, the more the problem will grow of illegal aliens ordered deported – because they failed to appear in immigration court when so ordered – left at large in the society to commit crimes or simply to undercut jobs for U.S. workers.

If the administration adopts this further abandonment of immigration enforcement, it is likely to be seen by illegal immigrants as a sign that they may ignore with impunity orders to appear in court despite a legal requirement to do so.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    I read an article online : a hispanic from south of border stated that all of them should continue to come to US because once they get an education, they can go into politics and then make laws to keep our borders open and then take our country…I would not be surprised, it is what I have said all along, except that just by the sheer numbers of them they will be able to do just that…so, when do we overthrow the government : 0 BTW, you might have heard about the US military person who accidently wandered or drove onto Mexican land and was swiftly put in prison…I really wish that our people would look at south of border people as the enemy, Obama sees them as a tool to destroy our beloved country, the senate and congress could care less

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      The Old Chip on

      Hi Sherri,
      You’re right, we have a full scale invasion of ILLEGALs, mostly from mexico; check out Over 2000 citizens are murdered by ILLEGALs each year, over 7000 more are molested, raped and injured. The very people we hire to protect us,mock and sue patriotic Americans trying to set their country right.
      HUD shows over 5 MILLION fraudulent home loans to ILLEGALs. $4.2 BILLION paid out to ILLEGALs through tax fraud. IRS refunds $46,378,040 to 23,994 ILLEGALs at JUST ONE STREET ADDRESS (June 22, 2013)
      IRS also assigned 15,796 taxpayer IDS to ‘unauthorized aliens’ at JUST A SINGLE RESIDENCE. Ah, those must be the hardworking ILLEGALS the corrupt”O”crats want to legalize. (And put in line in front of Millions of unemployed citizens?)
      Many $BILLIONs more extorted through closing emergency rooms, abusing government services, abusing social services, language barriers, anchor babies, chain migration, housing shortages, prison overcrowding, identification theft, competition for JOBS, reduced wages; also the major crime, murders, shootings, home invasions, rapes, carjacking, human smuggling, transporting drugs, drug cartels, and rampant gang problems. Just what country do these treasonous corrupt”O”crats represent??
      Stay vigilant my friend, and spread the word.

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    So this means that illegal aliens will be able to post bond and then permanently split. I realize our Country is being given away, but is there any way we can get this Country back… Yes, Americans, let’s remember the politicians that attempted to give this Country away at the Polls.

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    David Smith on

    Americans don’t seem to be aware that due to the doubling of the world’s population since 1970, it is causing a mass migration of uneducated, unskilled, poverty-stricken peasants from the Third World to First World countries. The explosion has occurred in countries who could not afford to feed their own populations in 1970.

    America is under an invasion from Central America and the Phillipines, Germany from Muslim Turks, France from Muslim Africans Austraila from Asia and Britian from Paskistan. There are not just a couple hundred, there are hundreds of millions who will swamp the boat and destroy the very destinations they seek to occupy.

    Mandatory e-verify would empty the United States of illegals within two years. No job, no money, no reason to stay. Only about 10% of American business currently participate for obvious reasons. Want to see the future, just look a a street photo from New Dehli or Bejing with wall-to-wall people and figure your chances.

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      that is going to be America…it is amazing to me that they never connect over population w/their plight…look out people here comes 3rd world America w/its millions of 3rd world uneducated, unskilled, poverty stricken illegals

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    “WHETHER they should be deported?” I’d love to see the reason why they shouldn’t. We wake up each day in a more insane world where lawbreakers are welcomed and rewarded. Where Muslims can demand that certain items be removed from restaurant menus, where “artists” can sing songs that degrade and diminish women, where states can pass laws that it’s okay to sell/use drugs, where our elected leaders will do anything to stay in office by catering to organizations who are anti-American such as La Raza and the list goes on. I think I went to sleep and woke up on another planet.