This Date in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: April 28, 2011

This Date in Obama's Administrative AmnestyOn this date three years ago, President Obama held a meeting in the White House’s Roosevelt Room with celebrities from the Hispanic community to discuss “comprehensive immigration reform.” Notable attendees included actresses Eva Longoria and America Ferrera, television hosts Jose Diaz-Balart of Telemundo (the brother of pro-amnesty U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)) and Maria Elena Salinas of Univision, Emilio Estefan (husband to singer Gloria Estefan), and Voto Latino Executive Director Maria Teresa Kumar.  Senior White House aides Valerie Jarrett and David Plouffe also attended the meeting.  Both the celebrity attendees and the White House confirmed that the meeting primarily focused on passing a DREAM Act. Just over a year later in June 2012, President Obama announced his own executive DREAM Act, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Now, true to form, the Obama Administration is continuing to meet with pro-amnesty stakeholders only to discuss an even broader amnesty. Just last week, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson met with several “stakeholders” on the issue of immigration, yet only pro-amnesty voices were at the meeting. Those in attendance included Executive Director, Todd Schulte; Senior Vice President for Labor, Immigration, & Employee Benefits at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Randy Johnson; and National Immigration Forum Executive Director, Ali Noorani.

FAIR’s President, Dan Stein, blasted the move as political theater. “The most important stakeholders in U.S. immigration policy are the American people, not the people who break our laws, and not the business interests that want greater access to low-wage foreign labor,” he declared. “Yet, for the past five and half years, the Obama administration has consistently refused to acknowledge the interests of struggling American workers and taxpayers who are adversely affected by excessive levels of immigration and lax enforcement.”

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    Yeah, the old broken system nonsense. And the people who broke it continue to break it even more and their further fix would just about break it completely. I have yet to hear anyone explain how any of this weakening of enforcement is going to stop further illegal entry. Instead it only encourages it. Why do Latinos insist that there is some right to ignore the law because you’re of a certain ethnicity?

    A couple weeks ago when the supposed “goal” of 8 million were signed up for the Affordable Healthcare Act, it was proof of some shining success according to the media. That merely means 8 million clicked enter. What happens when the rates for 2015 start to be revealed in the next few months and people discover they are paying large premiums that include huge deductibles that few people will benefit from. Because essentially we are forcing people to buy from the insurance companies and you have no choice.