John Boehner’s New BFF

In recent months, Speaker John Boehner has, shall we say, exasperated a significant portion of his caucus in the House with his repeated flirtations with the pro-amnesty crowd.

Speaker Boehner can take comfort, however, that while some of his recent statements have touched off something of a revolt among many House Republicans, he has the support of at least one prominent member of the Congress. That member of Congress just so happens to be the person who would most like to succeed him as Speaker: Nancy Pelosi.

According to Pelosi, the Democrats have his back. “I have always said I believe that the speaker, in all sincerity, wants to pass a comprehensive immigration reform,” Pelosi said during a recent press conference. “When he put forth the principles, he ran it up the flagpole, we saluted; his caucus chopped down the flagpole.”

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Dennis Carey on

    It’s seems few in Congress understand the consequences of massive and uncontrolled illegal entry into U S A of Mexican and Central Americans..

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    So Nancy and John are buddies – isn’t that nice. They probably go out drinking together (John’s favorite pastime). She has John Boehner’s back? What is unfortunate is that no one except fair, numbers USA, and other illegal alien watch dog groups has the back of the American worker and taxpayer.

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    Once more the Dems salute illegal activity and turning a blind eye while ignoring the Constitution which is the Law of the Land.

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      And once more we have our Republicans behaving like democrats which makes this whole matter even worse. IMO

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        We need new leadership, I would move for a no confidence vote in Boneheads ability to function, as he won’t listen to what are we at 73 % of the people who say no to amnesty, kick the traitorous pos out and doushie cantor as well they are both pathetic

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    We would get arrested trying to illegally enter Mexico. What is wrong with us having a deportation plan to return people to their own country who have not legally applied to become American citizens?

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    Phil Rains on

    Pelosi is like the rest of the REGIME…..C L U E L E S S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have no faith in the speaker. It appears, from his actions, that he would willingly allow Obama to become a dictator.

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    So, Ms. Pelosi, does that also include murderous islamic “immigrants” as well as the rest of the third world who break in daily? This open-door policy is the most insane thing this country has ever done. These people care nothing about their fellow citizens, their country, or even the world they’re making for their own grandchildren. I can’t forget a shot of you talking to a group of illegals in a church, telling them how “patriotic” they were, all the time knowing how they disregard our laws, drain our social and natural resources, cost taxpayers a fortune, crowd our schools and hospitals, refuse to learn the language and all the while demanding that we cater to them. And we know you and the rest of Washington will do just that.

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    I have had it with every last RINO and in my book I will never be a Republican again and I will never give another dime to the Republicans. I am now a Conservative and I will stand behind the Tea Party all the way and they have not swayed off course to have a Conservative true to the America people at all and they are doing everything in their power to make sure we get the politicians we need to take these evil crrupt morons out of the WH. Never again will I ever trust these RINO’S to help us with anything. This Illegal Immigrants amnesty crap is just another way for these morons to get votes. They could care less about the people themselves. They hate the American people so they will do anything to them to even deport them to other countries or have an American Holocaust. They want to line their pockets with our money and let these Immigrants have our jobs, money, food stamps, inusrance, Medicaid, Social Security, and everything else they can get from us. We need to rise up and throw everyone of these evil corrupt morons out of the WH and it includes the RINO’S. They are the wishy washy evil does in the WH. So America rise up and overtake these evils and do what we need to do to throw them out of office w/heavy fines to take our money back and throw them in jail immediately.

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    Ira Boehner as well as Schumer like to just talk….thy r all just talk………if you censor or not this message Immigration Reform will happen this year…………

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    Its Nice to See Our Sovereign Nation Tax Payer Dollars ar Work?

    Sucking up Legal American scarce jobs with pro-foreign slave labor, outside of America.

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    Does Boehner believe this? Pelosi told Telemundo in 2013 that “Our view of the law is that if somebody is here without sufficient documentation, that is not reason for deportation.”

    What other way is there to take that other than saying we essentially have open borders. Avoid the border patrol at the border or overstay a visa with a leave date you agreed to leave by, and you are here to stay. For good. And stick around long enough and we will make you a citizen. Pelosi doesn’t explain how working or driving with fraudulent documentation is not a crime either.

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      Let’s face it, the Democrats apparently believe that our laws should not interfere with anyone who may vote for Democrats, be they non-citizens, aliens, in prison, or even dead. Poll workers who vote SIX times for Obama are considered heroes.

      The biggest problem Republicans have are with our own “leaders.” Boehner is a RINO at best, and he wants to compromise everything with Obama, but he suffers from periodic spasms of constraint. WE NEED NEW LEADERS!